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Death Note: Chapter Zero. Chapter Ten: Questions.

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Chapter Ten: Questions
Taro sat in his room watching the new message from The Second Kira. His message was never aired; he suspected that L was afraid that airing two different messages from people claiming to be Kira would anger The Second Kira. He didn't want the message aired anyway; he wanted L to know about Naomi Misora's death. If L was as good as he seemed, then he should be able to find Taro. That was why Taro asked for L to watch the message alone; should Kira have somehow gotten near L, then he would most likely find him too.
"I don't think you have the eyes," the voice said. "But you don't have to worry; I would never do anything to harm you."
''The Eyes?'' Taro thought. 'What does that mean?'
Taro thought about what these eyes could be; a way to see Shinigami? No, all you had to do was touch a Death Note and you could see them. Taro quickly wrote down this new information, and returned to watching the message. Everything was basic; The Second Kira promised to obey everything Kira said, which Taro wasn't sure was good or bad. This would stop any killings by The Second Kira, but it also meant that the two of them would probably meet.
"We can confirm our identities by showing our Shinigami to each other." Taro looked at the television until the message ended. How dumb was this guy? He just mentioned Shinigami, the one thing L most likely didn't even think about.
"This guy's an idiot," Taro said to himself.
"We have also been told to show the viewers this paper by The Second KIra," one of the news anchors said. "We shall show you now."
An image of a what seemed like a journal entry appeared on the screen. Taro read it over, and saw the last entry. 'Confirmed Shinigami at the stadium today,' Taro read in his head. "Maybe this guy's not as dumb as I thought. Mentioning the Shinigami would make most people focuson the stadium entry.' Taro reread the paper, until he saw another entry, one for the twenty-eight. 'Traded notebooks with a friend in Ao-Yama at noon. That probably means the Death Note. This guy's definitely smarter than I thought.'
Taro wrote everything that was on the paper down. He went to his computer and searched for Ao-Yama. He wanted to find out how to get there, and what kind of reason he could have for going. He couldn't very well just go. Ao-Yama was too far away for him to walk, and the subway would be too hectic to take. While he was going through his computer, he noticed an event that was on for the twenty-eighth; Note-Blue.
"Note-Blue," Taro read aloud. "The Second Kira must be using this as a cover for going. Smart. Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to insult them after all." Taro had his cover, but if he went alone he would certainly attract attention. He thought of his previous date with Sayu, and came up with an idea.
Taro took his cell phone out of his pocket and looked through his contacts. He scrolled down until he saw Sayu's name. 'I don't want our first, well second, date to be about catching Kira, but I don't have any other choice.' Taro pressed the call button, put his phone to his ear, and waited for Sayu to answer.
"Hello?" her voice came through. "Taro?"
"Hey Sayu," Taro said. "How you feeling?"
"About our date? I'm feeling better. I still can't believe that happened."
"Me either." Taro took a deep breath. "Listen, I was thinking, maybe we could try another date. Say, on the twenty-eighth at noon?"
"REALLY?" Taro winced and pulled the phone from his ear. She was very excited about this. "SURE! Where do you wanna go?"
"I was thinking Ao-Yama," Taro said, putting the pone back to his ear. His ear still hurt a little. "There's an event there that's happening called 'Note-Blue'. I figured we could go."
"Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! But wait," she said. "I don't think my parents would want me going there."
"What, why?" Taro asked, though he had a good idea. of why.
"You didn't watch the news? It just aired; The Second Kira released a message, and Ao-Yama was mentioned."
"Oh." Taro tried to think of a way to get around this. "Well, uh, just don't tell them; it'll only worry them. And it's not Kira's do anything to two kids on a date.
"Well..." Sayu said. "Alright. It'll be so romantic; two lovers, meeting in a forbidden place!"
"Uh, yeah." 'Sayu always did love those romantic stories.' " Anyways, I figured I would ask my mom; she's bound to drive us if I tell her it's for a date with a girl."
"Your mom'll take us to Ao-Yama? What about the news?"
"Oh, she doesn't watch the news anymore; this whole Kira thing scares her, so she switches channels when anything about Kira comes on."
"Alright then! I'll see you then!"
"See you then Sayu." Taro hung up the phone and out it on his desk. He was a little nervous over his date/covert mission, and tried to think of what they could at Ao-Yama. Taro got on his floor and looked under his bed. He pulled out his safe-box and placed it on his bed. He opened it and grabbed his second wallet; he had been putting away money from his weekly allowance for the past few years, and decided that the money would best be used for his date.
Taro counted the money he had accumulated over the years; he had about four hundred dollars, which was more than enough for his date. Taro switched wallets, then left his room. He went to the living room, where his mother was reading a book. "Hey Mom?"
"Yes honey?" she replied, looking away from her book. "What is it?"
"Could you drive me somewhere on the twenty-eighth?"
"What? Where?"
"To Ao-Yama."
"Ao-Yama? Taro, that's a bit far, don't you think? Why Ao-Yama, anyway?"
"For a ... a date." Taro rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment, blushing all the while.
"A date? You mean with a GIRL?" Taro's mother dropped her book and stood up.
"Yeah. I said I would take her to Ao-Yama for The Note-Blue. So can you drive us?" Taro's mother didn't like hearing about this Kira business after the first broadcast, so he didn't have to worry about her knowing.
"Oh, my Taro is growing up!" Taro's mother ran and hugged him hard. "Of course I'll drive you sweetie!"
"Thanks mom," Taro said, though he was muffled by his mother's body. "Can you let go of me now? It's getting hard to breath."
"Oh, of course, I'm so sorry." She released him, grabbed him by the shoulders, and looked at him with a smile. "So who's the lucky girl my baby boy is taking out?"
"It's Sayu Yagami," Taro told her. "She's in my class."
"Yagami? I know that name! Yagami is the name of the chief of the NPA! And you're dating his daughter? Oh, that's wonderful!" She clapped her hands together. "Wait. Isn't there a son, too? He's supposed to be the best and brightest in all of Japan!"
"Yeah," Taro told her. "That's Sayu's older brother, Light. He entered university a few months ago. Sayu told me he got perfect scores on every test. As did someone else."
"Oh, my son is dating one of the greatest families in all of Japan! I can't believe how lucky we are!"
"Thanks mom."
"What time do you need me to drive you?"
"Noon. I want to spend the entire day with her."
"Alright then, noon it is. I can't believe my son's going on his first date!"
Taro went back to his room to avoid his mother's hugs. He went to his computer and tried to turn it back on. It seemed that downloading that voice filter gave his computer a virus. "Mmmmnnnn." Taro tried to get rid of the virus, but couldn't figure how to do it. "Screw this; I'll just reformat it."

Light sat in his room looking at the computer monitor. On the twenty eighth was an event called 'The Note-Blue', and Light thought that The Second Kira was using this as a way to talk to him. "It seems that this Second Kira is smarter than I had originally thought," Light said.
"What do you mean?" Ryuk asked. He was sitting on Light's bed, contemplating the twenty eighth day of the month.
"There's an event called 'The Note-Blue' on the twenty-eighth. Note-Blue, Death Note. It has to be a message. There's no other explanation" Light stood up and sat on his bed. "All I have to do is watch the entrance for people entering 'The Note-Blue', and I'll find The Second Kira."
"Can't wait till then. Now, why don't you play some video games?"
"I can't, I have to study ." Light picked his school bag, and rifled through it. He took out one of his books.
Light studied intensely for the next hour, until he heard someone rapidly knocking at his door. "LIGHT! LIGHT! OPEN UP!" he heard a female voice say. It was his sister.
"Alright," Light said, "one second." Light stood and went to his door. He unlocked it and let his sister in; she seemed over-excited. She ran to his bed and jumped on it. Light saw Ryuk jump off the bed in surprise. "What's gotten into you?"
"I've got a date, Light!" she said happily. "He just called me and asked me out! Can you believe it?!"
"Another date? With Taro?"
"Yeah!" She stopped jumping-sitting and looked at Light. "What do you mean another? And how did you know it was Taro?"
"Oh." Light sat down next to her. "I saw you with Taro a few days ago at some cafe." Light laughed.
"You saw us?"
"Yeah. But I didn't want to interrupt your date, so I just left."
"How long were you there?"
"Just a few seconds. I had a date myself to get to, so I couldn't stay long."
"Oh. Well. Never mind." Light wondered what she was going to say, though he had a good idea. She probably wanted to talk about the 'accident' at the cafe.
"What's the matter, Sayu?" Light asked, putting a hand on his sister's shoulder. "You seem upset."
"Something happened at the cafe, something horrible."
"What happened?" Light asked, salse concern in his voice. "Did he do something to you?" He knew what happened, but he had to play the role of the protective, older brother.
"No, no! It's just ... after I kissed him, a man stopped breathing."
"That's horrible."
"It was. But the waitress we had, Mai, saved the guy's life using CPR. After he came back, he ran into the street. Mai ran after him, then..."
"Then what?" Light asked. He was glad his experiment had worked out so well, though he was saddened by his sister's witnessing it.
"A car hit them!" Sayu cried. She clenched onto her brother's shirt and cried into it. "It was horrible Light! That car just hit them out of nowhere!"
"Oh my God, Sayu. I'm so sorry you had to see something like that," Light told her softly. "No one should ever have to see that. Especially someone your age."
They sat in silence for a short while, until Sayu spoke up again. "Taro was so brave, though," she said. "He brought me home the second after it happened."
"I'll have to thank Taro next time I see him then. Listen Sayu." Light grabbed his sister by her shoulders and looked her in the eye. "What happened was just an accident, horrible as it may be. You're just gonna have to forget about it. Okay?"
Sayu sniffed. "Yeah." She hugged her big brother as hard as he could. "You're the best big brother in the world Light. I hope you know that."
"Well, I've gotta be. I've got you to compete with." Sayu laughed, as did Light. Sayu kissed Light on the cheek, stood, and walked to the door. Before she opened it, she turned to Light.
"Thanks again, Light." She opened the door and left Light's room.
"No problem," Light said after she left. Light rubbed where his sister kissed him. He felt strange. He shook off this feeling and returned to his desk. He began to study.

L sat in his apartment with the other members of the task force, going over what they were going to do during the days mentioned in The Second Kira's journal. L looked at Matsuda, who was going over with Aizawa as to where their surveillance cameras should be; they needed to double, if not triple, the amount of surveillance cameras in each place the journal mentioned. L had asked Matsuda to keep an eye on Light at all times while the two of them were at Ao-Yama; Matsuda still believed Light was innocent, but agreed to do so.
"Ryuzaki." L turned around to see Watari. He was holding a piece of cake on a plate. He handed the plate to L, then leaned in close to his ear. "Chief Yagami has the information you requested," he whispered. "He's just outside the door."
"Thank you, Watari," L said, holding the plate. L had asked the Chief to find out the names of his daughters closest friends, and it seemed he had come through. L stood up and began his walk to the door.
"Huh? Where are you going Ryuzaki?" L turned around at hearing Matsuda's voice.
"I'm off to investigate something," he said. "The rest of you stay here; Chief Yagami will come with me."
"What are you checking on?" Aizawa asked.
"Something involving The Boy," L told him. "I want the rest of you to keep working on the surveillance cameras. We'll be back soon."
"Alright," Matsuda said, waving his hand at L. "See you then!"
L went to the door and opened it. He saw Chief Yagami standing in the hallway, holding a folder. "Ryuzaki, I got what you asked for."
"Good. Follow me to another room; I don't want the others overhearing." L walked off ahead of Chief Yagami. Watari followed behind them.
"Of course."
L and Chief Yagami walked to one of the many apartments reserved for The Kira Task Force; L had previously paid for all of the apartments on the top three floors in order to both accommodate The Task Force, as well as to prevent other residents from overhearing anything.
L, Chief Yagami, and Watari entered the apartment and sat down on the couch. "Let me see your findings." L said, putting his hand out. The Chief handed him the folder, and L opened it up.
L looked through the contents; there was information on Sayu Yagami's closest friends, as well as school friends, kids she really only spoke to in school, as well as Sayu Yagami herself. "You're sure this is everyone?" L asked.
"Yes, Ryuzaki," Chief Yagami told him. The Chief removed his glasses and wiped them with a cloth; he was nervous, afraid that his daughter had something to do with Kira. His son was already a suspect, the prime suspect in fact, and he didn't know if he could handle his daughter also being involved. "I gathered as much as I could; I was able to get their school files, but that's about it."
"Your daughter is quite popular," L said, looking through the multitude of files. "How many files are there?"
"Eighteen. Six are girls, twelve are boys."
"She quite popular with the boys, isn't she?"
"Yes, though I don't like it," The Chief said. "But forget about that for now. How should we proceed, Ryuzaki? They are only children, and we can't have grown men following them around."
"No, we can't; people these days are very protective of children. If they saw someone following them, they would most likely call the police, or even attack them, fearing the worst. Personally, I wouldn't blame them."
"Then how do we investigate these kids?"
"Hmmm." L took a bite of the cake he had brought with him. He spoke with his mouth full. "I suppose we could place surveillance cameras in their houses, like we did before. But that didn't work out so well."
"Are you sure there's nothing else we can do, Ryuzaki?"
"Not that I can think of, no. But we'll put the camera's in anyway." He took another bite of cake and resumed talking, his mouth full. "I highly doubt thirteen year old children will be as intelligent as Kira; they shouldn't be able to find the cameras."
"Very well." The Chief put his glasses back on; he had been wiping them the entire time they'd been talking. He stood. "I'll have the cameras put in the same as before; no blind spots, even the bathroom." The Chief walked for the door.
L just nodded his head. He was thinking of The Boy's message; how did he filter the voice? He would have had to obtain the proper equipment in order to make his message. "Mister Yagami," L said, stopping the chief when he had his hand on the door knob. "When you install the cameras, I want you to look for some equipment."
"What kind of equipment?" The Chief asked.
"The message The Boy sent to us requires certain equipment. Most children won't have this equipment. If you find anything like that, concentrate them."
"I didn't think about that. Very well, I'll look for anything like that as well." The Chief opened the door, about to leave, when he stopped. "Ryuzaki," he said without turning around, "what will happen if Light is Kira."
L was about to eat another piece of cake when The Chief asked his question. The fork was inches from his mouth when he stopped. L closed his mouth and let the cake fall off the fork. "We'll serve justice," he said. "There's nothing else we can do."
Chief Yagami stayed silent , then left the room without another word. 'I can't even imagine how he must be feeling,' L thought. 'I wonder how Watari would feel if our roles were reversed.' L stood and walked to the door; he had to get back to the others. He left his cake on the table, leaving Watari to clean it up.

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  1. So, yeah, it looks like there could be a showdown in Aoyama. Can't wait for that :)

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