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Death Note: Chapter Zero. Chapter Eleven: Meeting.

I do not own Death Note. I hope you all enjoy this chapter; it's my longest chapter yet. 8.558 words, not counting this and the ending Author's Note. I'm not gonna lie; I had some writer's block for a few days, but I finally got found a way around it. I could've blasted my way through it, but that seemed dangerous. Please remember to Read & Review!

Chapter Eleven: Meeting
Chief Soichuro Yagami opened the door to his home and entered. It had been days since he had last been home early, and he desperately wanted to spend some time with his family.
When he entered, he smelled food cooking. "Honey," he announced, "I'm home."
"Oh, Soichuro!" He saw his wife, Sachiko, look over from the kitchen area. "You haven't been home this early in weeks!"
"Yes, I'm sorry about that." He took off his coat and hung it on the coat rack. "My job has been quite a handful as of late."
"Well, I'm glad you're home. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes." She went back to cooking. "Why don't you go and check on the kids? I know Sayu's missed you a lot."
"Yes, I will. I've been meaning to catch up with them." Soichuro went to the staircase and began to walk up. He reached the top floor of his house and looked at the door to Light's room; could his son really Kira? He raised him to have a great sense of justice, and yet he was the main suspect in The Kira Investigation.
"Oh, Light," Soichuro muttered.
He walked passed Light's room to check on his daughter. He got to the door and stood there for a while. L already suspected his son of being Kira; could his own daughter have something to do with Kira as well?
He knocked on the door. He could hear Sayu's bed creaking as she got off of it. She opened the door, and she stared at her father. "DAD!" she yelled, hugging him as hard as she could. "It's been forever since you've been home this early!"
"I know, your mother said the same thing. Listen, I need to talk to you about something important."
"What is it, Dadsd?" Sayu asked.
"Let's talk in your room." Soichuro gestured for her to go in, and he followed her in. He looked around the room; he saw posters of boy bands and stuffed animals strewn about. He sat down on Sayu's bed and pat the spot next to him.
Sayu sat down next to her father. "What do you want to talk about, Dad?" she asked.
"Sayu, you're thirteen now, and I understand that you are becoming a woman."
"Dad, we don't have to have this talk!"
"Listen to me Sayu. I know yyou have a lot of friends, and I've noticed that several of them are boys."
"Oohh, this is soo embarrassing."
"Anyway," he continued, ignoring her groans, "I just want you to know that it's okay if you have a boyfriend. You are at that age where you want to start dating, and I just don't want you thinking that I'd disapprove if there's a boy that you liked."
"Thanks, Dad," she said, still embarrassed. "Why are you bringing this up anyway?"
"Like I said, I've noticed that you are quite popular with the boys, and I want you to know that it's okay if you like one of them back."
"Oh. Umm, thanks." They sat in silence until they heard Sachiko's voice.
"Everyone!" Soichuro heard her yell. "Dinner's ready."
"You heard your mother. Let's go eat."
Soichuro stood and went to the door, followed by Sayu. He was about to open the door when he felt Sayu's hand on his as he grabbed the door knob. "Dad, there is something I should tell you," she said. "I sorta do have a boyfriend."
Soichuro looked at his daughter. He figured as much. "Thank you for telling me," he said. "Do I by any chance know who this boy is?"
"His name is Taro," she said, blushing. "He's in my class. I actually have a date with on the twenty-eighth."
'The twenty-eighth?' Soichuro thought. 'That's one of the days mentioned in The Second Kira's message.'
"Is that so?" he asked. He needed to know where this date was; if it was at Ao-Yama, then this Taro must be The Boy that L is searching for. "Where are you going?"
"Oh, just the movies," she said, shrugging. "Not much else we can do."
He wanted to know more, but decided to leave it; he didn't want to press her for information. "Well, let's hurry to dinner. I haven't eaten your mother's cooking in a while."
"Alright." The two of them left Sayu's room and headed for the dinner table.

L sat in his new apartment looking over the files from the school. He knew that The Boy was a friend of Sayu Yagami's, he had to be. He read the file of another boy, one named Reito Kanzaki. He was the smartest student in the class, never getting less than a ninety on all of his tests. He was also seated next to Sayu Yagami. However, whenever he had to do a project in pairs, he always chose to pair with another girl, one named Nao Yuuki.
L put the file down on his pile, and picked up the next one. It had the name Taro Kagami on it. He opened the file and began reading it's contents. Taro Kagami was an average student, usually getting a C as his highest grade. He wasn't anything special. As L read the file, he noticed something peculiar; Taro Kagami's grades went from average C's and D's, to spectacular A's and B's in a few months. He wouldn't have found this too odd if it weren't for the timing of his increase in grades; his grades shot up during The Kira Killings.
'Most students don't make this kind of advancement unless something happens to cause it,' he thought. He looked through the file more, and noticed that his mother had complained several times about him being bullied by the same students who bullied Miura Asahi. 'Taro Kagami,' L thought. 'Are you The Boy I'm looking for?" L put the folder down and decided to look through the rest of the files.
L sat eating a bowl of ice-cream, waiting for the others to arrive. He had decided to inform the others about his suspicion of Sayu Yagami's involvement in The Kira Case, whether she was aware of it or not. He decided to keep Light out of the loop, as he was the main suspect.
"Ryuzaki." L turned his head to look at Watari, who held a cell phone to his ear. "The others have arrived. Light Yagami is not present, like you requested. They will be up shortly."
"Thank you, Watari," L said. He went back to looking through the rest of the files, waiting for the others to show up.
L looked behind him when he heard the door open. He saw Chief Yagami, followed by the rest of the task force. "Ryuzaki," Chief Yagami said, "we're here. What is it you wanted to talk about so urgently?"
"I'm glad you're all here." L stood up and grabbed the files that were on the desk in front of him. "Chief Yagami and I have been following a lead on The Boy, and I feel it is time we shared it with all of you."
"A lead involving The Boy?" Aizawa repeated. "Why didn't you tell us about this earlier?"
"Yeah Ryuzaki," Matsuda said. "We're supposed to be working on this together."
"I am aware of that," L replied. "However, ths information was quite sensitive, and I felt that only Chief Yagami should be informed, considering what this information is."
The task force looked at L, then at their chief. They wondered what kind of information could be connected their chief; his only son was already their prime suspect, what else could there be?
The Chief looked at his team. "L found something that indicates my daughter in The Kira Case."
"What?" they all said at once.
"You mean Sayu?" Matsuda asked. "But she's just a kid!"
"Kids can kill as well, Matsuda," The Chief told him. "I don't like it, but if Ryuzaki believes my children are suspects, then we must follow through."
"Actually, I don't think Sayu has anything to do with Kira." L picked up a shishkebab with several candies and sweets pierced through it. He took off the top sweet, a large marshmallow, an put it in his mouth. "I've gone over her file the most out of the students from the class, and I came to the conclusion that she is not involved, at least directly."
The Chief looked at him with wide eyes. "You're saying my daughter's not involved?"
"Exactly. However, I still think she knows The Boy."
"Wait, what are you talking about?" Aizawa asked. "What class? Have you narrowed down the search?"
"Yes, we have." L picked up a file in a red folder. He handed it to Aizawa. "Look through this and you'll see what I mean."
Aizawa took and the file and opened it. He read it quickly, while the others surrounded him, trying to read over his shoulders. Aizawa's eyes widened. "Several unexplained deaths occurred at an elementary school," he read aloud. "The victims were all children in the same class, and appear to have died from severe heart attacks. Officials believe the children were exposed to an environmental toxin that caused the heart attacks, though there is no indication of this."
"What?" Matsude asked. He grabbed the file from Aizawa, who was too stunned to react. Matsuda quickly read the file as well. "It says here that the children died then came back! I remember this! I thought it was a prank!"
"I remember that as well," Mogi said, taking the file from Matsuda. "That was a few months before Kira started killing people. The children came back to life, making everyone think it was just a prank."
"You think they were resurrected?" Matsuda asked. "How is that possible? I mean, killing from knowing a person's name and face is one thing, even just by seeing their face, but bringing the dead back to life? I mean, I don't know."
"Ryuzaki believes that a child, The Boy were looking for, had come across Kira's power before Kira himself," The Chief explained. "We believe The Boy somehow lost his power, or gave it up, and it somehow it got to Kira."
"Precisely," L said. "The children who died often got trouble for bullying other students, and I believe that The Boy was a victim of these children."
"So he killed them?" Matsuda asked. "That's kind of extreme, don't you think?"
"I don't think he did it intentionally," L told him, his mouth full of sweets from his shishkebab. "As you know, the children were soon resurrected somehow, and I think The Boy is the one who brought them back."
"Do you think Kira has this power as well, Ryuzaki?" Aizawa asked. "I mean, we've never seen anything like happening."
"I don't think so. If he did, he wouldn't use it; Kira only wishes to kill people, not save them. If he had that power, then he could use it to bring back the people who have fought him back, but he hasn't. Saying that, I don't believe he has this resurrection power."
"My daughter, Sayu, was in the same class as the children who died," Chief Yagami told the others. "That's why Ryuzaki wanted to know about daughter's closest friends." He turned to L. "Ryuzaki, I forgot to tell you; I talked to my daughter, to see if she has any close friends, or even a boyfriend."
L looked at him. "Does she have a boyfriend?"
"Yes. She said his name was Taro."
"Taro? Taro Kagami?"
"I don't know," The Chief said. "I didn't get a last name."
L looked back at the files on his desk and walked over to them. He looked through them and found the one he was looking for. "I was just reading about a student named Taro Kagami. His mother had complained to the school several times for his being bullied." He held the file out to The Chief.
"What?" The Chief walked over and took the file. He read through it. "Yes, now I remember him. Sayu went to him for tutoring."
"Yes, I saw his grades. That's another thing I would like to point out." He looked at the rest of the task force. "Taro Kagami is a fantastic student, getting nothing but A's and the occasional B."
"What does that prove?" Matsuda asked.
"Mister Yagami, please hand the file to Matsuda."
"Alright." The Chief handed Matsuda the file. "Take a look at his grades."
"Okay." Matsuda looked through the file, looking mainly at his grades. The only thing he noticed about the grades was the improvement of them. Matsuda was about to ask what it was he looking for when he noticed the time they started improving. "His grades started improving when Kira began killing!"
"Yes." L walked to his couch and sat down. "Taro Kagami is most likely The Boy from the video tapes."
"Ryuzaki, what is the probability of this?" The Chief asked.
"I'd say about eighty percent. Maybe eighty-five."
"Then out of all the students, we'll focus him the most."
"Mister Yagami, did you set up those surveillance camera's?" L asked.
"No, I never got a chance to have them installed. The house's were never empty, so I couldn't have them installed."
"Hmm. Oh well, it doesn't matter. I would like to focus all our efforts on Taro Kagami, so installing all those cameras would have been a waste of resources."
"How should we investigate him?" Matsuda asked. "We can't exactly follow him around; people would notice grown men following a little boy, and would probably call the police."
"Or outright attack us," Aizawa said.
"Yes, Chief Yagami and I came to the same conclusion. I'm having trouble coming up with a solution to that. Mister Yagami, you said that all the houses were never empty?"
"Yes. It was usually the mothers who stayed home, to take care of the houses while the children went to school and the husbands went to work."
"Maybe we can draw Mrs. Kagami out of the house while her son and husband are away? Search the place for anything relating to Kira?" Matsuda suggested.
"There is no husband," L told him. "Taro Kagami's file says his father passed away some years ago. But that does sound like a good idea."
"Wait," Mogi said, "if there's no husband, then where does she get her money from?"
"I don't know," L said, surprised he hadn't thought of that. "Watari, please look into that." He looked at Watari, who was on a computer.
"Right away, Ryuzaki," he replied. He began typing.
"As Watari is looking for the answer to our question, I should tell you all that we are not informing Light Yagami about this new development."
"You mean still suspect him?" Matsuda asked.
"Yes, I do. Everything we've found points to Light. Even his sister seems to be involved, as well as her boyfriend. That's reminds me." L turned to Chief Yagami. "Mister Yagami, do you by any chance know if they are having another date? If so, I would like for you follow them; no one would blame a father for wanting to follow his daughter on a date with a boy."
"Yes, I do. My daughter told me that she has a date with him on the twenty-eighth."
"One of the days mentioned in The Second Kira's journal entry," L said. "Your son volunteered for that day, didn't he?"
The Chief sighed. "Yes, he did."
L looked at Matsuda. "Matsuda, I want you to keep an eye out for Sayu Yagami. If you see her, you must keep Light away from her at all costs. As I said before, I don't want him knowing anything about this new development."
"Alright," Matsuda said. "If you say so."
"Ryuzaki." L and the others turned to look at Watari. "I've found more information on Taro Kagami's family."
"What is it?"
"Mrs. Kagami filed a lawsuit several years ago after her husband's death. He was killed after a building he was working in collapsed due to not being up to code on it's inspection. It says here that he actually died saving another worker."
"That's a shame. How much did she get?"
"1.2 million to be paid over ten years. It seems that Mrs. Kagami had a nervous breakdown after her husband's death, leading to her being unable to work."
L thought about this, then remembered something important; The Boy who was with Naomi Misora ran off in a hurry. "Watari, did anything happen to The Kagami's on the day Naomi Misora was last seen."
"Let me see." Watari read through the contents, and saw a hospital bill. "Yes, something did happen. Mrs. Kagami suffered a minor heart attack on the day Miss Misora was last seen."
"Then that confirms it," Aizawa said. "Taro Kagami is The Boy from the surveillance tapes."
"Yes, it does seem that way."
"Should we approach him?" Matsuda asked.
"No, not yet. There is still the chance that Taro Kagami is not The Boy, and that this is all a coincidence, though I highly doubt that. We'll wait until the end of the month, on the thirty-first; if Taro Kagami is at Ao-Yama on the twenty-eighth, then it will all but confirm it."
"But what if Kira finds him at Ao-Yama?" Mogi asked. "Kira would probably be counting on The Boy being there."
"Yes, he would. Matsuda." L looked at the young detective. "If you see Taro Kagami at Ao-Yama, keep Light away from him at all costs."
"Yeah, sure."
"Then all we have to do is wait," L said. He brought his shishkebab up to his mouth and brought the next sweet into his mouth; a chocolate munchkin with white swirls.

Taro checked himself in his bathroom mirror, wanting to look nice for his date with Sayu. His mother nagged him about looking his best for this date, and it really annoyed him. "A date and a covert op," he said to his reflection. "This should be fun."
He walked out of the bathroom and went to his room. He grabbed his wallet off his dresser and put it in his pocket; he didn't want Sayu paying for their date. "I wonder how much a date costs," he said to himself.
"It depends on the girl." Taro turned around to see his smiling mother at his door, car keys in hand. "Are you ready?"
"Yeah, I just needed my wallet." Taro showed her his wallet. "Don't want her paying for a date I asked her to," he laughed.
"No, you don't. That would be in poor taste. C'mon, you don't want to be late."
"Yeah, let's go." Taro grabbed his coat and followed his mother to the car.
Taro and his mother neared The Yagami household. "I can't wait to see what she looks like," Taro's mother said. "You never told me what she looks like."
"You'll find out in a few minutes," he told her. The car stopped in front of the house, and Taro got out of the car. He bent down to look through the open door. "I'm gonna go get her. Please don't do anything to embarrass me."
"Oh, honey, I won't embarrass you!" She smiled.
Taro closed the door and headed for the house. "I hope not," he muttered. He reached the door and knocked on it. Taro paled a bit when he saw Sayu's father answer the door. He gulped. "Hi Mister Yagami," he said nervously. "I-I'm for Sayu. H-here for Sayu. We have a date?"
"Yes, she told me. You're name is Taro Kagami, yes?"
"Yes sir."
"Alright then." He turned around, and Taro saw Sayu's mother, Sachiko, about to go up the stairs. "Sachiko, please tell Sayu her date is here."
"Of course." Taro saw her walk up the stairs to get Sayu, and waited with Sayu's father.
"So, where are you taking my daughter?" he asked.
"Oh, uh, just to the movies. And something to eat after."
"And just how are you going to get there?" he asked.
"Uh, m-my mom's gonna drive us," Taro told him. He was a little afraid of him. "I wouldn't make Sayu walk all the way to the movies!"
"Hmm." They stood in silence for a short while, waiting for Sayu.
"Taro!" Taro heard from behind the large man. "You're here already!" Taro saw Sayu come up from behind her father. She was beautiful.
'Whoa,' Taro thought. "Sayu, you look .. wow," Taro said. He couldn't find the right words to describe his date.
Sayu blushed and giggled. "Thank you," she said. She turned to her dad. "Dad, we're gonna go now." She jumped up and kissed him on the cheek. She grabbed Taro's arm and began running for Taro's mother's car. "Bye!" she yelled, waving her hand.
Taro and Sayu got into the back seat of the car. Taro's mother looked at the two of them. "Oh, Taro, she's so beautiful!" she said.
"Mom!" Taro groaned.
Sayu laughed, blushing once again. "Thank you Mrs. Kagami."
"You shouldn't thank me; it's the truth. You look absolutely beautiful." She turned to look at the road once more, leaving the two pre-teens to their own devices.
They drove in silence until they arrived at Ao-Yama. Taro wanted to talk to Sayu on the way there, but he didn't want his mom embarrassing him. The two of them got out of the car and looked at Taro's mother. "I'll be back at about five, okay? You two have fun on your date!"
"We will Mrs. Kagami," Sayu told her enthusiastically. "I'll take good care of your son!"
"Thank you very much Sayu. Bye!" She droved off, leaving the two to their date.
Taro turned to Sayu. "So, uh, what do you want to do first?" he asked. He had three hours to kill until The Second Kira's scheduled appearance, and he wanted to spend that time with Sayu.
"I was thinking we could get something to eat first," she said. "I haven't eaten breakfast yet."
"Oh, yeah. I haven't either," Taro said. He looked around for a place to get something to eat, and saw a small diner. "We can go there," he said, pointing at the diner.
"Yeah, okay." Sayu grabbed Taro's hand and began running to the diner, dragging Taro behind her.
The two arrived at the diner and sat down at a table, sitting side by side. Taro grabbed a menu from a small rack and opened it so the two of them could see the food the diner prepared. "What do you want?" Taro asked. He wasn't sure what Sayu would like for breakfast. An omelet? Cereal? Eggs and bacon?
"I don't know," Sayu said. She scanned the menu, then perked up and pointed at something on the menu. "How about this?" she asked. "We can share it!"
Taro looked at the item she pointed at; it was home fries. Taro had never eaten home fries, and wondered if they would taste good. "Yeah, sure. I love home fries," he lied. He felt funny for lying about such a small thing, but he figured it wasn't entirely a lie if it turned out that he liked them. Besides, he liked french fried; maybe these were similar.
"Oh, yum,' Sayu said.
"Are you two ready to order?" Taro looked to see a man, a waiter, standing by the table; he hadn't noticed him. The waiter had brown skin, and spoke with an accent that told Taro their language wasn't the one he was used to speaking.
'How long was he standing there?' Taro thought to himself.
"Yeah, we're ready," Sayu told him. "We would like one order of home fries, please." She handed the menu to the waiter.
"Very good, little madam." The waiter took the menu and walked off. Taro noticed he walked with little, to no, noise, as if he wasn't wearing shoes.
"Did you notice him standing there when we arrived?" Taro asked Sayu. "Cause I didn't even notice him."
"Yeah, me neither. And the way he walked off. Very..."
"Soft," Taro finished.
The two talked about the quiet walking waiter, wondering what nationality he was. Taro guessed Spanish, while Sayu said Peruvian. While the two were talking, Taro all of a sudden felt the wind shift. He looked at the table and saw a plate of food. He looked up and saw the waiter. 'How'd he do that?' Taro thought. 'I didn't even hear him.'
"Your food. When you are done, please just signal for me." The waiter then walked off again, just as silent as before.
"How'd he do that?" Taro asked, though it wasn't directed at anyone.
"I don't know, but it sure was cool," Sayu laughed. "Let's eat." Taro saw Sayu take a fork off the plate and break off a piece of the food in front of them.
"How is it?" Taro asked.
"Mmm, it's good," Sayu said with food in her mouth. She stabbed the fork into the food again, and brought the piece to Taro's mouth. "Here, try it."
Taro opened his mouth to let Sayu feed him. It was a little embarrassing, his date feeding him like this, but he didn't want to say that. He felt Sayu's left hand on his chin as she brought the fork to his mouth.
Taro chewed the food, trying to figure out if he like it. He found the taste to be good, though he would have preferred bacon and eggs. "It's good," he said.
"I know."
The two of them sat there eating the home fries. Sayu would feed Taro from time to time, and Taro would return the favor; he figured she wanted everyone to know that they were together, and that he was hers.
After the two finished eating, Taro signaled for the waiter, only to see him already there. 'That's just creepy,' Taro thought.
"I see that you're done," the waiter said.
"Yeah," Taro said. "Here's the money." He took out his wallet and took out a twenty.
"Thank you very much, young sir." The waiter took the money and handed Taro back his change. Taro gave the man a four dollar tip; he didn't know how much he was supposed to leave, but he figured five would be too much.
"Let's get going Sayu," Taro said, grabbing Sayu's hand. The two of them left, leaving the waiter to pick up his tip.
Taro and Sayu sat on a bench in Ao-Yama drinking from two bottles of soda. They hadn't gotten anything to drink from the diner, and decided to get some drinks.
Taro looked at his watch, to see what time it was; 10:33. The Second Kira was supposed to be at Ao-Yama at noon, which meant Taro still a couple hours to go, assuming The Second Kira would be there for a couple hours.
"What do you want to do next?" Sayu asked. "I was thinking we could go see a movie."
"A movie sounds good," Taro said without looking up from his watch. "But when do they start?"
"I don't know. What time is it?"
"Half passed ten," Taro told her.
"Hold on a sec.." Taro saw Sayu stand from the bench and go into a convenience store. He then saw her coming out, a newspaper in hand. She walked back to Taro and opened the paper, looking for the times when movies started. "Here's a movie," Sayu said, pointing at the paper.
"'The Chronicles of Narnia'," Taro read aloud. "Sure. I've seen the trailers; looks interesting."
"Yeah, me too. It starts at 11:15, so we won't have to wait long."
"Yeah." Taro looked around for a movie theatre. He saw it, and pointed at the building. "It's over there."
"Okay, let's go." Sayu ran, once again dragging Taro behind. Taro was sure his arm would pop out of it's socket if Sayu kept doing that.
The two made it to the movie theatre, and Taro bought two tickets for 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe'. The two of them got on the line for snacks; Taro hated buying snacks at movie theatres; everything was overpriced.
Sayu insisted on paying for the popcorn and sodas, seeing as Taro paid for everything else so far. Taro wondered what happened to the bottles of soda they had earlier, then remembered they had put them down when they read the paper, leaving them on the bench.
The two of them entered the room where the movie was to be shown; the trailers for other upcoming movies were still being showed on the big screen. Sayu guided Taro to a pair of seats against the wall. He couldn't see the screen very well.
"Great seats, huh?" Sayu asked in a strange voice. Taro wanted to disagree, but was afraid of upsetting Sayu.
"Yeah. Nice and private so we can-" Taro stopped talking. He realized why Sayu had chosen these seats.
"Can what?" Sayu asked innocently.
"Uhhh." Taro was trying to find the right words. "Uhh." He didn't find them.
"I'll answer the question." Taro watched as Sayu came closer. "'This.'"
Taro felt Sayu's lips on his own, and he could feel his face redden; he still wasn't used to this. He then felt something wet and slimy pushing on his lips, and he opened them instinctively. He then felt it in his mouth, massaging his tongue. He realized it was Sayu's tongue.
Taro followed Sayu's lead, extending his tongue into her mouth. He didn't think Sayu was this provactive. He always thought making out was kind of disgusting; spit mingling with spit didn't sound very nice to him. But he found he was wrong. Pleasantly so.
Sayu leaned back from Taro. He looked at her. She was holding her lips, blushing and giggling. "Did you like it?"
"Uhhhh." Taro once again couldn't find the words he needed. "Not what I expected?"
"I figured you wouldn't, so I thought I would start," Sayu said. "You're kinda clueless to this kind of stuff, aren't you?"
"I guess?" Taro rubbed the back of his head. He wondered if they were even going to watch the movie.
"Well, let's watch the movie," Sayu said, looking at the screen. Taro looked to see the movie had started. It seemed they were going to watch it.
'How long were we making out?' he asked himself. 'Wierd.'
Taro and Sayu watched the movie, occasionally eating some popcorn. Taro wondered if Sayu would go for another make out session with him; he liked it a lot, but didn't want to prevent her from watching the movie. Taro looked at his watch to see the time, and felt his gut tighten when he saw the time; it was 12:48. The Second Kira was supposed to have shown up almost an hour ago.
Taro stood on reflex, then looked down at Sayu. She looked confused. Taro tried to think. "I've gotta use the bathroom," he said. He grabbed his stomach to feign stomach pains. "Now."
"Alright, just-" He didn't let Sayu finish her sentence, running for the door as quickly as he could. He wanted to make it seem as he was really in pain; he might be gone for a while, and he didn't want her thinking he ditched her.
Taro ran around Ao-Yama, looking for The Note Blue. He saw the building and walked towards it, trying to act nonchalant. He went to the door and opened it, looking around for anyone or anything suspicious.

Misa Amane looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror of The Note Blue. She played with her black 'hair', making it look as good as she could. She saw a piece of blonde hair stick out from underneath, and she tried to put it back under the wig. Unable to do so, she pulled the hair out of her skull.
She found that her glasses were bit askew, and she decided to fix them. She may be in disguise, but that didn't mean should still couldn't look her best.
She left the bathroom and looked at the clock on the wall; it was 12:12, and that Kira should be there soon. She sat back down at her seat. Misa loved Kira more than anything; that was why she began her killings. She was so happy when he replied to her message.
"Misa, are you sure Kira will come?" Misa heard. It was Rem. Rem was a Shinigami, the one who gave her her Death Note in the first place.
"I'm sure of it," Misa whispered. "I can feel it."
"Remember Misa, you must be careful; there's no telling if Kira will try and kill you."
"You don't have to worry, Rem. Kira's out for justice, not for blood. And besides, he won't know my name. But I'll know his thanks to The Shinigami Eyes!" Misa looked around to make sure she didn't attract any attention; she would be only one to hear Rem when she talked, but Misa didn't have the same luxury.
"Remember Misa, all you need to do is find him, and you'll know who he is. The Shinigami Eyes will tell you Kira's real name the moment you see his face, but will not show his life-span, so it will be easy to find him."
"I remember." She went back to looking out the large window of The Note Blue. She was positive Kira would show up. He had to.
Several minutes passed, and Misa still couldn't find him. At 12:28, a large group of people passed by. She looked at there names, looking for one without a life-span; but she found all them. She looked at the boy in front; Light Yagami. 'Wow, he's cute," Misa thought. 'Too bad I'm here in diguise."
She looked at the window after the group passed them, then heard Rem shuffling. "Misa, did you not find him?" Rem asked.
"No, not yet," she told her, speaking a little louder than she intended. She lowered her voice to a whisper. "Maybe I should walk around, see if I can find him?"
"No, you stay here. I'll will go outside, see if I can find Ryuk."
"Oh, really?" She kept her whispering voice. "Thank you, Rem!"
"You're welcome, Misa." Misa heard Rem's wings begin to spread out. "Just wait here; I'll be back soon."
The pop star looked on as Rem left to go look for Kira, or rather, Ryuk.
Misa waited for Kira to show up, but found that everyone's life-span's were visible. She began to feel disappointed when she heard the door to The Note Blue open. She looked to see who is it was, and saw a young boy, maybe twelve or thirteen. Her eyes widened when she saw his name; Taro Kagami. And right below his name was nothing; the boy had no numbers above his head, no life-span of his own. Could this little boy be Kira?
"No way," Misa muttered. She wasn't sure of what to do; her plan was to go to Ao-Yama, find out Kira's name, then look him up on the internet. But how could she do that with a child? "Is he-?"
Misa sat in her place, waiting for Rem to come back. She didn't think Kira would be so young. And so cute. She had planned on asking Kira if she could be his girlfriend, to be by his side forever as his queen; but she couldn't very well date a little boy. Could she? Maybe in a few years, when he's older, but certainly not now.
The boy, Taro Kagami, had his hands in his pockets. He looked as if he was on a date. 'Probably a cover,' Misa thought. 'So he could be here with a reason.' Taro looked around, quickly scanning the room. Misa picked up the book she had brought with her as part of her cover, her journal, and put it to her face. She didn't want Kira knowing who she was, not just yet.
"Misa." Misa jerked a little at the unexpected voice. "Did you find Kira?" It was Rem. She hadn't realized that the Shinigami had come back.
"Yeah, I did," Misa told her quietly. "It's that little boy!"
Rem stayed quiet, then resumed speaking. "Then can we go? I have something I need to talk to you about."
"Yeah, okay." Misa stood up from her seat, grabbed her purse, and made her way toward the door.

Light looked at himself in the car's rear view mirror, making sure he looked presentable. He and Matsuda were heading for Ao-Yama to see if they could find anything relating to The Second Kira. While the situation with The Second Kira was important, he was more focused on the situation with The Boy; The Boy had the Death Note before Light did, and he wanted to eliminate him before he could get to L. If The Boy told L about the Death Note, then L would most likely find it soon after, and he couldn't let that happen.
"So, Light, your friends are gonna meet us there, right?" Matsuda asked, keeping his eyes on the road.
"Yeah. It'd be suspicious if we were by ourselves, so I called up a few of them to meet me there."
"You're going to introduce me as your cousin, right?"
"Yeah. You may look young enough to hang out with teenagers, but just to be safe, I thought it'd be a good idea to make them think you're family."
"Yeah, that is a good idea." Light felt the car slow down. "We're here."
Light opened his door and got out of the car. He could hear Ryuk's laughter; he was clearly excited over today.
"This way," Light said, gesturing to a group of teens near a fountain. "The others are over there."
"Got it." The two of them walked to the group of teens.
"Hey Light," Light heard one of them, Yamamoto, say. Yamamoto was one of the more intelligent people Light knew, and was, in fact, at one point, considered a rival to Light. However, Light always beat him, no matter what. ""Bout time you made it."
"Hey Yamamoto." Light waved at the group, then gestured to Matsuda. "This is my cousin, Suichi Asahi. I invited him to come with me."
"Hi everybody!" Matsuda said nervously. "Nice to meet you all."
"So, shall we go?" Light asked. The group then began to walk.
Light had asked Ryuk earlier if the other Shingami could see him, and he told him they could. Ryuk said there was no rule against a Shinigami informing the human they were with about other Shinigami, so he had to take precautions. This was the main reason he wanted to be in large group; if the other Shinigami did decide to tell The Second Kira about Ryuk, then they still wouldn't know who he was with, since there were so many people.
Light and the others talked for a while they were walking. They had passed The Note Blue, and Light decided to keep an eye on it. He needed a reason to stay near it, and soon found one. He saw a diner, and headed for it, leading the others. "Come on, let's get something to eat. Sit down and chat."
"Yeah, sure," Yamamoto said, heading over to Light. "Come on, guys."
Light guided the group to the diner, sitting down at the perfect seat to keep an eye on The Note Blue. Light and the others conversed for a while, when he noticed Ryuk had flown off. Light looked at him as he left; he saw the Shinigami heading for a small convenience store; a tray of fruits and vegetables lay in the front of the store. 'Oh. His apples again,' Light thought. He saw the Shinigami quickly grab a few apples and fly away so he could eat them without alerting people.
"So, Light, you still with that Yumi girl?" Light looked to see who had asked him a question, and realized it was Yamamoto. "Last I heard, you went to Space Mountain."
"Yeah, we did," Light replied. He wanted to keep his eye on The Note Blue, but he also had to talk talk to the others if he wanted to maintain his cover.
"So?" Yamamoto pushed. Light knew what he wanted; he wanted to know if he had any physical contact with her. He looked at him.
"I'm not going to brag about my sexual endeavors, Yamamoto. I don't kiss n' tell like you."
"Alright, alright. Just asking. You know, most teenagers brag about these kind of things."
"Well, I'm not like most teenagers," Light told him. "I respect the women I date."
Light was forced to converse with the others, making him unable to keep a good eye on The Note Blue. He was hoping to find The Second Kira, possibly even The Boy, though he was having no luck.
"Hey, Light." Light heard a voice from behind. It was Ryuk. "Have you found that kid yet? Or The Second Kira?"
'Why does he insist on asking me questions when he knows I can't answer him?' Light thought. 'I know it's entertainment for him, but you'd think he'd get tired of it.'
"Cause you know, he's here." Light almost responded to the Shinigami, about to ask where The Boy was, but stopped himself from doing so. He couldn't ask a question like that out of no where. And besides; Ryuk wouldn't tell him where he was even if he did ask. "Just thought I'd tell you that, be nice for a change."
'Thanks, Ryuk,' Light thought sarcastically. 'But that doesn't help me unless I know what he looks like.'

Rem watched with Misa Amane as a group of people walked passed The Note Blue. Misa was desperate to find Kira, a vigilante serial killer who was given a Death Note by a Shinigami named Ryuk. She didn't know why Misa loved this person so much; Rem could tell that Kira, whoever he was, was a heartless murderer who would kill anyone who found out his identity.
But Rem loved Misa; she promised she would help Misa in finding Kira, and also help her in her becoming her lover. Misa believed that the two of them were soul-mates, which frightened the Shinigami.
Rem watched as the group of people passed, and saw Ryuk, the Shinigami who gave his Death Note away in the first place. Being a Shinigami, she could see the name's and life-span's of all humans she saw. She had given Misa Shinigami Eyes after she requested them, though she was strongly against it; for a human to gain Shinigami Eyes, they must first trade half their remaining lifespan in order to acquire.
Rem thought Misa would run to Kira the moment she saw Ryuk, but she didn't. She just watched. She asked the human girl if she had found Kira yet, and she told her no. Rem wondered why she didn't find Kira. Misa wondered if she should wander around outside, to get a better view, but Rem told her to stay; she told her she would look for Ryuk, and thus find Kira.
Rem left The Note Blue and looked to her left, where the group of humans had passed. She could see Ryuk hovering over them; no doubt it was an attempt to hide from Rem, who could see other Shinigami. She flew over to Ryuk.
Her shadow cast over Ryuk, and the dark Shinigami looked up at Rem. "Ryuk, I wish to talk to you," Rem said. "Over there." She pointed to a building further away. She flew off, heading for the building. She could hear Ryuk following her.
Rem made it to the roof of the building and waited for Ryuk. Ryuk showed up, carrying several apples with him. "Want an apple?" Ryuk asked, holding out one of the red fruits to the female Shinigami. "Nice and juicy!"
"No thank you." Rem looked Ryuk in the eye. "I want to know the name of the human who has your Death Note."
"Why should I tell you?" Ryuk bit into one of his apples. "Maybe if you tell me yours, I'll tell you mine."
"I will not tell you her name," Rem told him. "But you will tell me his."
"And if I don't?"
"I know you are with that group of humans over there." Rem pointed to Light and his friends eating at a cafe. "If you don't tell me, I will kill them all." Rem new Kira would be among them, and wasn't really going to kill them; Misa worshiped Kira, and she would do nothing to hinder her chances of meeting him. But Ryuk didn't know that.
"What do I care?" Ryuk asked, his mouth full of apple.
"If I kill them all, then your entertainment goes away. Everyone in The Shinigami Realm knows why you did this,; if I kill Kira, then you lose your entertainment."
"Alright, alright." Ryuk ate another apple. "It's Light Yagami."
"If it is Light Yagami, then why has Misa not found him yet?"
"Misa? That your owner's name?" Rem mentally hit herself for saying Misa's name.
"Disregard that. I want to know why she can see his lifespan."
"She has The Shinigami Eyes, doesn't she? She can see everyone's-"
"No," Rem interrupted. "Human who have Shinigami Eyes cannot see the lifespans of other Death Note owners, so she shouldn't have been able to see his."
"Really?" Ryuk asked. "Huh. I didn't know that."
"I am not surprised. Now answer my question."
"Okay, okay. If you must know, Light wasn't the first person to touch the Death Note I dropped here. Someone else touched it first, so they would technically be the first owner, not Light."
"Then it is still considered owned by that person. At least until 490 days pass after he first touched it."
"490 days?" Ryuk asked. "What do you mean?"
"Of course you wouldn't know. There are many rules of The Death Note, Ryuk. But I am not going to waste my time explaining them to you. Farewell." Rem left, flying back to Misa at The Note Blue. She would tell her about Light Yagami when they arrived at Misa's home. She wanted to ask Ryuk about the first owner, but there was guarantee that the person even knew about the Death Note; for all she knew, they just happened to touch it in passing. But something told Rem that that wasn't the case.

Taro looked around The Note Blue, looking for anyone suspicious. He had been so caught up in his date with Sayu that he had almost forgotten about his main reason for coming to Ao-Yama; to find The Second Kira, and hopefully the original Kira. He looked at the people as quickly as he could; Sayu would be expecting him to return soon, so all he could do was take a quick note. 'I did NOT think this through at all!' Taro thought to himself. 'I can't believe I thought this would easy.'
Taro looked at the people, seeing only seven people. He expected The Second Kira to be alone, seeing as having companions would distract them finding Kira. Taro saw three girls, together, reading at a booth. The girls seemed to be studying. They would occasionally look at each others notes, and Taro deduced none of them were involved; The Second Kira would need to keep an eye on the area, and these girls were absorbed in their books.
Taro then looked at a man typing away at a laptop; he was haggard, and looked as though he was under a lot of pressure. Taro wondered if he could be The Second Kira; the stress of being The Second Kira would certainly explain his appearance. The young man, who Taro guessed was in mid twenties, picked up a cup with steam rising from it. He took a quick gulp, and dropped the cup in pain, the contents of the cup spilling all over his computer. The man began to panic as he grabbed some napkins and started wiping down the computer.
Taro looked away from him, deducing he wasn't involved either, seeing as he was so worked up. He guessed the man was a student who was working too hard.
With four people done, Taro looked to the last three. One person, a waitress, was knocked off Taro's list, seeing as she would be back and forth all over the place. That left two. One was man reading a newspaper next to the entrance. Taro thought he could be the one, but the man was paying no attention to anybody.
Taro then looked at the last person; a black haired woman reading a book. The woman had glasses on, and she appeared to be alone. There was only one cup on her table. She looked as though she was dressed for work. He didn't know what it was, but something seemed off about her. Could The Second Kira be a woman? It made sense to Taro; The Second Kira's messages have sounded like they were from some groupie, an obsessed fan. A girl made sense.
Taro took his hands out of his pockets when he felt a vibration in his pants. His phone. He took his phone out of his pocket and looked to see who was calling. It was Sayu. 'Crap, Sayu!' Taro thought. Taro left The Note Blue as quickly as he came, and ran for the movie theatre. He didn't want to ruin his date with Sayu, even if it was about The Kira Case; he wouldn't be able to do anything about the woman, assuming she was The Second Kira to begin with.
Taro made it into the movie theatre, running passed the ticket guy. The ticket guy stopped him, and asked if he had a ticket. Taro showed him his ticket, showing he had already paid. Taro went to the bathroom before returning to the theatre and Sayu; he washed his hands in the sink in order to make it look like he really was in the bathroom. After leaving the bathroom, Taro then ran for the theatre where Sayu was supposed to be.
Taro stopped at the door to the room and composed himself; he didn't want to look sweaty and out of breath. After he caught his breath, Taro walked back in. He saw Sayu in the same spot as before, leaning her head against wall. Taro could tell she was annoyed. He went up to her.
"Hey," Taro said. "I'm back."
"What took so long?" Sayu asked. "It's been fifteen minutes."
'Fifteen minutes?' Taro thought. He hadn't realized he was gone for that long. "Uh, sorry. I don't those home fries agreed with me." He sat down next to her.
"You washed your hands, right?"
"Yeah. See?" He held out his hands to show they were damp. "Used soap and everything."
"Good. Now come here." Sayu grabbed Taro and pulled him into another kiss, surprising the young boy. He returned the kiss after getting over the initial shock. Taro decided then and there that he would leave The Kira Case alone for the day; he wanted to spend the rest of the day with Sayu. His girlfriend.

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  1. *gulp* Well, Misa thinking that Taro is Kira will cause all kinds of problems for him, won't it? It also means that if Light does meet up with Misa eventually, it won't take long at all to figure out that Taro is The Boy.

    Definitely a nice twist with the Misa still being able to see Light's lifespan since he's not the owner yet. I wonder where that could lead.

    Still doing a good job with the romance aspect, although in my opinion, describing the make-out session (in particular, using the word "tongue") is one of those things that leans on shipping territory. Just my thought.