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Death Note: Chapter Zero. Chapter Twelve: Sleep.

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Chapter Twelve: Sleep
Light Yagami walked to his house in anger late at night; he had accomplished nothing at Ao-Yama, finding nothing out about The Second Kira or, more importantly, The Boy. Only a day passed after his going to Ao-Yama, and The Second Kira, idiotically, sent a message to L already. The Second Kira stated how he had found Kira, essentially telling L that Kira was at Ao-Yama on the twenty second; the day his prime suspect was there.
Light made it to his house and entered. The lights were on, blinding him for a few a seconds, his eyes adjusting to the illumination. "Oh, Light, you're finally home."
Light saw his mother, Sachiko, holding a basket full of clothing; it seemed she had done the wash. "I wondered when you would be home."
"I was out with some friends, Mom," Light told her. "I told you, remember?"
"Yes, I remember, but I didn't expect back so late."
"Sorry. I didn't think I'd be out this late. I'm gonna go in my room; I wanna study a bit before I go to bed."
"Well, alright."
Light began his way upstairs. When he made it to the top of the stairs, he saw his sister getting out of her room; she was dressed in her pajamas, and seemed to be going to bed. She noticed him and smiled, running up to her older brother. "Light!" she yelled, hugging him around his waist. "I had the greatest day yesterday!" She released him and looked up at him.
"You did, huh?" Light asked. He went to his door and opened it. "Why don't you come on in, tell me about your little date." Though Light didn't really care, he figured he had to talk to her about her date, since she roped him into it.
"Sure!" Sayu said happily. She walked past Light, who closed the door after getting in himself. Light sat down at his desk, while Sayu sat on his bed.
"So, how'd it go?"
"It was great, Light! First we went to get something to eat; home fries at some cafe. We shared the plate, and we fed each other food!" She was very giddy.
"You fed each other?" Light asked. "That's a bit lovey dovey for my tastes."
"Well I enjoyed it," Sayu stressed. "It told everyone there that he was mine, and that they shouldn't try anything."
"Oh, so that's why girls do that," Light responded, though he already knew that. "A lot of the girls I dated used to that."
"So, anyway, then we went to the movies. He took me to see 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe', that new movie made by Americans."
"I remember reading that book when I was kid," Light told her. "It was good."
"And that's not the best part." Sayu looked at Light. "We kissed!"
"You kissed? That's nice."
"No, I mean we kissed; you know, made out!"
Light looked at her with some shock; he wasn't liking this. "You made out?!" Light asked a little loudly, standing upright, out of his chair. He looked around, trying to hear if either of parents were near his room. He didn't hear them. Dropping his voice to a whisper, he looked his sister in the eye. He grabbed Sayu's arms. He felt his heart racing. "Sayu, did he make you do anything else? Anything at all?"
Sayu looked scared. "N-no!" she stuttered. "Light, it wasn't him! I'm the one who started it, not him! I wanted to do it!"
Light wondered why he was so panicked about this; why should he care if his sister was sexually active? It's not like it mattered. But he couldn't help it. "What do you mean you started it?"
"I mean I'm the one who kissed him! He's not very smart when it comes to dating, so I thought I would start. I'm a little girl anymore Light; I'm a young woman."
"Right, a young woman." Light let go of his sister. He still didn't ike his sister doing things like this; Light was fourteen when he first made out with a girl; why should thirteen be any different? "I'm sorry, Sayu. It's just that ... you are my little sister, after all; I can't help but feel protective of you."
"I appreciate that Light, really do. But like I said, I'm a young woman now. Or at least I'm turning into one."
"You did say she would have been the instigator," Light heard from above. He had forgotten about Ryuk. "Remember?" Light had to stop himsef from telling the Shingami off.
"So, tell me more about your date," Light said, wishing to hear more about his sister's boyfriend, as well get Ryuk out of his mind. He didn't know why, but he felt strange again. "What'd you do after the movies?"
"Oh, you know, just walked around and talked. We went to an arcade and played some games. 'House of the Dead', Skiball, 'Dance Revolution'; he's not very good at games. I beat him in everything we played!"
"Are you sure he didn't let you win?" Light laughed. "Cause, you know, you're not that good at games either!"
"Shut up!" Sayu laughed back, throwing Light's pillow at him; he caught it, and threw it back on his bed. "And yes, I'm sure he didn't let me win; you can't fake being that bad!"
Light laughed, as did Sayu. They sat in silence for a few seconds, until Sayu yawned, bringing her hand up to her mouth. "I'm gonna go to bed, Light; I've had an exhausting day. Good night."
"Good night, Sayu."
Light watched his little stand and walk to the door. She opened the door, then stopped and turned around. She looked at Light. "Thanks for being worried about me Light. You're the best big brother a girl could ask for!" She left Light's room, closing the door. Light once again felt that strange feeling, though he still couldn't place.
Light spun his chair around so he would face his desk. He took a text book out of the drawer in front of and laid it on the desk. He opened it, and began to read.
"Hey, Light," Ryuk said. "What was that about? You freaked out back there."
"It was a momentary lapse in composure; Sayu's my sister, so it's natural that I have a desire to protect her."
"Oh. I didn't think you could be so full of concern for someone."
"Listen, would you leave me alone; I've got to study."
"Alright, alright."
Light began reading the book in front of him. He was studying math.
Light heard a knocking on his door. "Light!" It was his mother. "Someone's here to see."
"What?" Light stood, went to the door, and opened it. He saw his mother standing in front of him. "Who's here?"
"A girl. You left a book at school, and she brought it back."
'A book?' Light thought. 'No way. Could it be?' He could hear Ryuk laughing behind him.

Misa Amane sat in her room looking at her Death Note. She wondered about the little boy, Taro Kagami, whose life-span she was unable to see. Could such a young boy be Kira? She looked behind to see Rem; the Shinigami seemed deep in thought. "Hey, Rem, what're you thinking so hard about?" she asked.
The Shinigami looked at Misa. "I am thinking about Kira. You said it was a little boy, correct? A child?"
"Yeah. I didn't think Kira would be so young. That totally ruins my plans to be his girlfriend!" The pop-star really wanted to be Kira's girlfriend. "I guess I could wait a few years, but I really wanted to be his girlfriend now!"
"Misa, there is something I must tell you."
"What is it Rem?" Misa wondered what Rem could possibly have to tell her.
"It is about this boy; he is not Kira."
Misa looked at her with confusion. "What do you mean? You said whosever life-span I couldn't see would be Kira."
"Yes, I did. However, the Shinigami who gave Kira his Death Note, Ryuk, I saw him at Ao-Yama. I followed him and asked him about Kira."
"Oh, so that's why you flew off!" Misa remembered the Shinigami flying off, telling her was going to look for Ryuk. "So what did he say?"
"I asked him why he was with the group of humans whose lief-spans were visible to you; he told me that someone else had come into possession of the Death Note before Kira himself. He also told me that person never officially gave up ownership of it, so that person would still be considered the owner."
"Wait, so the boy I saw at Ao-Yama, Taro Kagami, isn't Kira?"
"No. He is the original owner of the Death Note that Kira has. That is why you did not see the real Kira's life-span; because he is not the official owner."
"So, if Taro Kagami isn't Kira, then who is?" Misa asked.
"Ryuk told me his name was Light Yagami. He was with the group of humans that Ryuk was flying over."
"Light Yagami?" Misa repeated. She remembered seeing him pass; he was cute. "Yeah, I remember him!" She stood up and went to her computer. "Light Yagami was that really cute guy!"
Misa typed his name into the search engine, and was immediately met with a picture of the boy. She was right; he is cute. She clicked on a link and found herself reading about Light Yagami, the amazing student and occasional detective. "Wow," Misa said. "It says here he's goes to one of the best universities in Japan!" She continued reading, and came upon a segment about his tennis championship. "He was a tennis player! He's so cool!"
"Misa, what do you plan on doing?" Rem asked her. "What about this Taro Kagami?"
"I'll deal with him later," she told the Shinigami. "For now, I want to find where Light Yagami lives." Misa looked up Light some more, and soon found his address.
"Alright! I found it! He lives pretty close! All I have to do is take a bus and I can walk to his house!"
"Misa, are you sure about this? This Light Yagami may not be as good as you think he is."
"Oh, relax Rem!" The excited girl swiveled her chair around to look at Rem. "If he's dangerous, then I can easily deal with him! And besides, I know in my heart that Kira would never hurt me."
Misa stood and ran to her bed. She grabbed the equipment she used to make her message to Kira and began to make another. She wondered how Kira would deal with the boy, Taro; surely he wouldn't kill a child.

Taro opened his front door and entered his house, keeping the door open for his mother. After his date ended, his mother picked him and Sayu up, dropping Sayu off at her house. She kept asking about how the date went, if he acted like a gentleman the entire time. He said he was.
"I'm going to my room," Taro told his mother.
"Alright," she replied. "Make sure you take a shower before going to bed."
"Alright, I will." Taro walked up the stairs, sniffing his armpits as he did so; he did smell pretty bad. Taro went to his door and opened it, walking into his dark room.
Taro walked to his computer and turned it on. He took his flash-drive off his neck and plugged it into the computer; while he had not found anything concrete, he did want to document his visit to Ao-Yama. He typed about his date with Sayu as well.
Taro remembered back in The Note Blue when he looked around for the The Second Kira. He had seen a woman with short black hair and glasses. He began typing, trying to remember everything he could about the woman. He remembered she was reading a book, or at least appeared to be.
"There was something off about that girl," Taro said to himself. "I don't think she was reading that book at all; I think she was holding it." Taro wished he could have spent a longer time in The Note Blue, but he had to get back to Sayu. "Next time I'll plan ahead more thoroughly."
Taro sat and thought of the woman he saw; he tried to think of something to do to try and find her, but he couldn't think of anything. Taro saved everything on his flash-drive and took it out. He put the piece of technology back around and thought hard of what he could do now.
"Taro!" A knock at his door brought him out of his thoughts. "You have to take a shower now!"
"Alright Mom!" Taro called back. He got up from his seat and walked to the door. He opened to see his mother, her lifted to knock again. "I'll go now."
"Thank you." She walked to the stairs. "And don't forget to wash your hair! You have a girlfriend now; you have to nice hair if you want to keep her!"
"Mom!" Taro moaned. He could hear her laughing. He sighed.
Taro walked to the bathroom to take his shower. He looked at himself in the mirror; he realized he had his flash-drive around his neck, and removed it. He put it in the medicine cabinet to avoid it getting wet.
Taro unclothed and jumped in the shower. The water was cold at first, then warmed. He wondered what he could about The Second Kira, as well as Kira himself. Could he send another message? Say he knows who The Second Kira is? He was positive that the woman in black was The Second Kira; something about her just uneased him.
Taro washed his hair like his mother said, reading the label as 'Green Apple'; he wondered if Sayu would really care if his hair smelled like a fruit, but he knew girls were picky about those kind of things, so he figured he should do it.
After his shower, Taro dried off with a blue towel. He retrieved his flashdrive from the medicine cabinet and walked to his room. He was tired after the day's activities, and he wanted to go to sleep as soon as possible.
Taro went to his room and put his flash-drive in his computer desk drawer, then lay on his bed. His eyes were heavy, and he felt them closing. As he fell asleep, Taro hoped he would have a peaceful night's sleep, as opposed to his usual nights. He hoped he would dream of Sayu.

L sat on his couch in his new apartment, watching the survellience tapes from Ao-Yama; he had twice as many cameras installed at each of the locations The Second Kira mentioned in their journal entry, not wishing to miss anything. It was only six in the morning, so the other members of the task force hadn't come in yet; they usually came in at seven, eight at the latest.
L stood and ejected the tapes he was watching after they ended. He knew he'd find Taro Kagami on the tapes eventually; it was only a matter of time. He put in the next set of tapes, then sat back down. This videos he was now watching were of a movie theatre. He watched several videos at once, able to keep up with the extra work and concentration it required.
An hour passed when L saw a little boy enter the movie theatre with a little girl; it was Taro Kagami and Sayu Yagami. Taro seemed jittery, as opposed to Sayu, who was nothing but bubbly and happy. "I was wondering when you'd show up," L muttered.
L followed Taro's movements, making sure he never lost sight of him. He saw Sayu kiss him for a long time, with Taro clearly in shock; he wasn't expecting that. "Hmmm," L hummed.
About an hour later, he saw Taro look at his watch, then bolt up. L noticed the time stamp on the television; it was near noon. "Noon. That's the time The Second Kira specified he would be in Ao-Yama. Is Taro Kagami going to look for him?"
L watched as Taro talked to Sayu, seemingly in a hurry. Taro hurried out of the theatre, and L watched as he ran outside the building. Where was he going?
"Ryuzaki." L looked to his intercom. "Chief Yagami and the others are here. Shall I send them up?"
"Yes, thank you Watari." L paused the tape and shut the television off; if Light was Kira, then he didn't want him seeing Taro with his sister at Ao-Yama.
"Ryuzaki!" L heard a knocking at the door. It was Chief Yagami. "We're here. Please, let us in."
L walked to the door and opened it. Everyone was there; including Light. "You're later than I thought you'd be," L said. "No matter. Let's get started." L walked to his seat and sat down, as did the others.
They discussed the events of Ao-Yama on the twenty-second, as well as the events on the twentieth. Nothing interesting or prudent happened, which saddened L; he had hoped something, anything, would happen.
"Ryuzaki." L turned around to look at his computer, which had Watari's 'W' on the screen. "The Second Kira sent another message to Sakura TV. We managed to intercept it."
"A message?" L asked. His thoughts went to Light; only a day passed since Ao-Yama, and The Second Kira already sends a message? This couldn't be a coincidence.
"I'm sending it to you now." L stood up and went to his computer. He played the video The Second Kira had sent.
"I am glad to say that I have found Kira," the filtered voice said.
"What?" the others said.
"Kira, I will follow your orders like I promised." L listened to the video as it progressed.
After the message ended, they began to talk about it. "This isn't good," Aizawa said. "If the two Kiras have met each other, then who knows what'll happen."
"Yes," The Chief said, "we'll have to assume that the two Kiras have already met and cooperating with each other."
"I don't believe that's the case," L said.
"What do you mean, Ryuzaki?" Matsuda asked. "The Second Kira just told us he found Kira."
"Precisely. The Second Kira merely found Kira; he said nothing about meeting him. I believe the two Kiras haven't met yet."
"So what should we do Ryuzaki?" The Chief asked.
"Well," L said, picking up a chocolate and throwing it in his mouth, "considering how things are going, we should probably send a message to The Second Kira as police, and try to convice him to make a deal with us."
"What kind of a deal?" Matsuda asked.
"Immunity to all his crimes thus far."
"You think he'll take the deal?" The Chief asked.
"I doubt it," L said. "But it's worth a shot."
The day continued rather uneventfully; more criminals died, but nothing connected to Light, as usual. L avoided mentioning the tapes to the others, fearful that Light would see and recognize Taro Kagami. When asked about the tapes, he merely lied and told them they weren't delivered yet.
When it became dark, L felt his body begin to sag; he didn't sleep the night before, and it was finally catching up to him. "Ryuzaki," Aizawa said, "it's getting late, and we have to get home to our families. I haven't seen my daughter in days."
"Yes, I think it is time we ended for today; I myself am getting a bit tired." L blinked to keep himself awake. He had never been this tired before in his life. "You can all leave now. I wish to go to sleep." L stood and walked over to the couch; he sat down in his usual position, and closed his eyes.
He could hear the others moving. "Is he asleep already?" he heard Matsuda whisper.
"Let's just leave him alone," The Chief whispered back. "He's been working non-stop since the day he started this case. Let's just leave quietly."
L's hearing began to go as he heard the door open and close. He then footsteps coming near him, and he soon felt a blanket being thrown on him. "Good night, Ryuzaki," L heard someone say. It sounded like The Chief.
Left alone in the apartment, L began to fall asleep. As he fell asleep, he thought of Taro Kagami; he had wanted to wait until the end of the month to confront him, but with The Second Kira finding the first Kira, he didn't want to take the chance. "I'll meet you tomorrow," L muttered, his voice a droll as he fell asleep. "Taro Kagami." He fell asleep.

Light walked to the door as his mother and sister watched. He saw a girl, about his age, standing in front of the door. She had long blonde hair, and seemed to be dressed like a goth. Light closed the door to avoid his family from overhearing anything.
"Hello," the girl said. "My name is .. Misa Amane. Nice to meet you." She bowed her head.
"Hello," Light said back. "My mother said you had something that belongs to me?"
"Yes." The girl, Misa, reached into her purse and pulled out a black book. Light looked at it with shock. Though it wasn't in any human language, he knew what the book read; Death Note.
Light reached out and touched the book. After touching it, he looked up to see a large, white humanoid creature with purple tipped tendrils for hair. A Shinigami. Light let go of the book, then looked at Misa. "Why don't you come inside?" he said.
"Oh, um, thank you." Light opened the door and gestured for Misa to enter. Light followed her in, closing the door behind him.
He saw his mother and sister looking at him with surprise. "What?" he asked. "I already told you about her." Luckily he had lead them to believe he had a girlfriend, so he could that as a cover. "Mom, she came a long way to return my book; could you make us some tea?"
"Uh, sure." His mother turned around and headed for the kitchen to start a pot of tea. Sayu just looked at him as he walked up the stairs.
Light guided Misa to his room, opening the door for her. After they went in, Light grabbed his computer and rolled it to Misa. "Have a seat," he said.
"Thank you." Misa sat down, and Light sat across from her, sitting on his bed.
After a moment of silence, Light finally spoke. "So," he said, "how did you find me?"
Misa's eyes lit up. "Oh, I knew it was you!" she said. "Rem was right about you!'
"Rem? Is that the name of the Shinigami with you?" Light looked at the white Shinigami.
"Yes, my name is Rem." The Shinigami, which Light guessed to be female, was looking at him with wary eyes.
"So you told her about Ryuk. But how did you-" Light stopped talking when he remembered Ryuk flying off. He looked at the dark Shinigami, who began laughing; he must have figured out that Light knew about his telling Rem. "You told her?"
"She made me tell her," the Shinigami said nonchalantly. "What can I say?"
Light looked at Misa, deciding to deal with Ryuk's lies later. Misa told Light about how she came across her Death Note; a Shinigami had fallen in love with her, and saved her by killing her attacker. However, the Shinigami died as a result. Light was intrigued with this new information, and wondered if he could use it later.
They then talked about The Kira Investigation, about L's suspecting Light, and about how to deal with him.
"Wow," Misa said, "L is really that close to you? Everyone thinks he's an idiot who's gotten nowhere! He must be really good if he already suspects you."
"He's better." Light thought. "L's far more intelligent than anyone I've ever met; he's honestly a challenge to me."
"Wow. It's a good thing I sent you that message then, huh?" Misa said. "All you have to do is bring me to L and I can learn his name."
"It's not that simple," Light said. "He already knows that you can kill people without knowing their names, so he's not gonna let anyone except for the task force members near him."
"Oh. Bummer."
"Not only that, but I may have use for L; there's someone I need to find, someone who knows about the Death Note and the existence of Shinigami."
"Huh? What do you mean?" Misa asked. "Who else knows?"
Light looked to his side. "You see, there's a kid out there who owned the Death Note I have before me; I don't know how he still has his memories, but I suppose it's possible that he wrote the information down, or perhaps recorded himself a message, just in case he lost his memories. But that doesn't seem likely."
"Wait, a kid?" Misa repeated. "You mean the boy?"
Light looked at Misa, shocked she knew about The Boy. "You know about him?"
"Yeah. I saw him at Ao-yama, in The Note Blue. He ran inside, then left a few minutes later."
Light thought of this boy she had seen. If this WAS The Boy, then all he had to do was have Misa write his name down and he would have dealt with him! Light thought of a fitting death for the little brat, then realized something. "Wait," Light said. "How do you know this kid? How do you know he's The Boy I'm talking about?"
"Because I didn't see his life-span," Misa told him. "If you have Shinigami Eyes, then you can see everyone's name and life-span. But you can only see the name of another Death Note owner, not his life-span."
"What?" He looked at Ryuk.
"Hey, I only learned about it a couple days ago!" he said. "Rem's the one who told me."
Light took a deep breath. He thought of The Boy, and how he could not have the Death Note and still retain his memories. "Rem." Light looked at the white, skeletal Shinigami. "Is there any way a person could officially own a Death Note, but not actually have it on them?"
"Yes, of course. The Death Note will be officially disowned by the owner if they do not come into contact with it after 490 days. Until that time passes, it is still considered theirs; therefore, they would be the official owner, even if they do not have it on them."
Light thought of this. 'That must be how The Boy kept his memories; he must've never officially given up ownership of the Death Note, merely lost it. Either that, or Ryuk simply took it.' Light thought more about this. The more he thought of it, the more sense it made to him.
"Alright Misa, here's what I need you to do," Light said slowly. "I need you to write that kids name in your Death Note, and make him destroy anything related to the existence of Shinigami and the Death Note. Can you do that?"

Misa looked at Light Yagami, Kira, with shock; he had just asked her if she could murder a child, a little boy, just to hide who he is. "You have to make sure he dies in an accident; otherwise, L will notice his death and investigate." She was speechless; could Kira, the person who killed the man who killed her parents, really consider killing a little boy? "So L won't catch on, I'll kill a few more children, to help cover his death. Alright?"
Misa began to shake a little. He said he would even more children. She didn't mind killing adults, those who stood against Kira. But a child? He was just a little boy.
"Are you sure?" Misa asked. "I mean, he's just a little kid. Surely he can't be that big of a problem."
Light looked angry. "He's a threat that has to be eliminated," Light said calmly, though Misa could feel the anger he was holding back. "He knows about the Death Note, he knows about Ryuk. If L were to ever find him, then he would be able to see Ryuk and point me out; are you willing to let that happen?"
Misa thought about what Light said; she didn't want him going to prison, but to a kill a little boy? She wasn't sure. "Can I think about it?" she asked. "It's not a very easy decision."
"I don't think you realize your position here," Light threateningly. He held up Misa's Death Note, as well as his own. "I have both Death Notes now, so I can easily kill you. I can even make you write his name down for me, then it would be a matter of days until I find him myself."
"I will not let that happen!" Light looked up at the white Shinigami. Her eyes glowed from the angle Light was sitting. "Light Yagami, if you do anything that results in this girl's death, then the first thing I will do is write YOUR name in my Death Note."
"What?" Light asked, fear and surprise in his voice.
"But Rem," Misa said, scared for the Shinigami, "if you do that, you'll die, won't you?"
"Yes. However, I am willing to accept that fate if it means saving you, Misa. I will not let any harm come to you."
Light thought of his new predicament; not only would he have to avoid detection from the police, but he would also have to protect her. He looked back at Misa. "Will you please consider my request?" he asked politely. "Think of it like this; in a few years, this kid'll be an adult, right?"
"Yeah." Misa wondered where he was going with this.
"So, don't think of it as killing a child. Think of it as eliminating a future threat to The New World. Our world." Misa looked up at him. Was he saying what she thought he was saying?
"You mean we can be together?"
"Yes, Misa. We can be together. However, that can only happen if you do as I ask. So," he looked her deep in the eyes; "can you do it?"
Misa thought of this. Was he right? Was this child, this young boy, just a future threat? It made sense to kill him. But he was still just a little boy.
"I would if I could," Misa replied. "But to be honest, I don't remember his name."
"What?" Light said, once again holding back his anger. "How could you forget?"
"Well, I was so shocked that he was kid that, I didn't really get good look at his name; I'm sorry."
After a few moments of silence, Light spoke up. "It's alright Misa," Light said softly. "It's just an honest mistake. However, you need to promise me, that if you ever see him again, you'll remember his name. Alright?"
Misa looked at Light. "Alright, Light. I'll remember next time."
"Good." Misa then felt Light's lips on her own. He was kissing her! Misa closed her eyes, enjoying the kiss. Light was a really good kisser. A few seconds later, she felt him pull him away. "Thank you, Misa."
Misa just looked at him. She had never been kissed by anyone like that before. He really did love her. A knock at Light's door shocked her out of his stupor. "Light!" a woman said. It was his mother. "It's getting late, and I don't want your friend here too late. Especially a girl!"
"Alright, Mom!" Light replied, turning his head to the door. He looked back at Misa. "You should go," Light said, letting her go.
"Yeah, alright," Misa said stupidly. "Sure." She clumsily walked to Lights door.
As she walked to the bus stop, Misa thought of the little boy she had seen. Taro Kagami. That was his name. Misa lied to Light; she not only remembered his name, but his face as well. She could do as Light wanted right now. But she wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do.
"Rem." she asked sullenly. "What should I do? I want to help Light, I really do, but can I really kill that boy? I mean, he's just a little kid."
"Misa, I know you want to help Light Yagami, but to kill a child is a taboo in your world. To kill a child is taboo even in The Shinigami Realm; The Shinigami King even made a rule for such a reason; the Death Note cannot affect those under 790 days old. While there is no punishment for killing children above that age, it is still frowned upon by some Shinigami."
"Would you hate me if I did it?" Misa asked. "If I killed a child?"
Misa waited for the Shinigami to answer. It took her a while to respond, but when she did, it didn't comfort the pop-star in the slightest. "I will always love you, Misa. However, I would not approve of you killing a child. I will not stop you if you choose to do so, but I will advise against it."
Misa stopped walking. She wanted to find a way out of this. "Why did I have to say I knew that kid, anyway?" Misa said angrily. "Everything would've been fine if I had just kept my stupid mouth shut!"
Misa could feel tears running down her face. The Shinigami stopped flying, and Misa could here her landing in front of her. "Misa, look at what Light Yagami has done to you," she said. "He has asked you to kill a child, someone you do not wish to kill. Is he really worth it?"
Misa thought of Rem's words. Light wanted to make the perfect world, free of sin, filled only with people who deserved to live. But was it worth killing a child?
"I have to think about this," Misa said through her tears. "I have to think about this." She resumed her walk to her home.
Misa walked in silence until she reached her home. She opened her door and went straight to her bed, lying down on the comfy bed. She thought of what she should do; should she kill Taro Kagami, a child, a future threat, just so The New World could be made? In a few years he would be an adult, but right now, he was a child.
Not bothering to change into her night clothing, Misa began to lower her eyes. She could feel herself beginning to fall asleep. She wondered what she would end up doing as she finally fell asleep.

I figured that Misa would have something against killing children, so I thought this was a good twist. Not much of Taro in this chapter, but whatever. I also figured that Shinigami would have some kind of taboo things, such as killing children, so I added that in. Remember to leave a Review!

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  1. Well, Light is right about Taro being a threat to him. And Misa's hesitation could certainly change things down the road. She might not be so follow Light so blindly, now: who knows how that could end up?

    Keep up the good work!