Monday, September 3, 2012

About Us

Are you one of the people who watched the show Firefly when it first aired on TV? You look at how good the show is, look at the rest of television in general, and think, "How is there so much garbage that stays on TV for years, while this only lasts 14 episodes?"

I admit, I did not watch Firefly back then, but that's kind of how I feel about fanfiction in general. It can be so good (and some of it definitely is), but so much of it is just such a waste.

And so, like a hoarder, I gather the good fanfiction all in one place, and that place is here.

How did this site get started? 

I started writing fanfiction in the summer of 2011, for South Park. I started with Gen Fics (which I still keep to, mostly), and I eventually branched out into various other fandoms. However, it wasn't until I got near the end of writing "Dude, This is Pretty F***ed Up Right Here" that I realized what the point of that story really was: basically, that slash pairings were more or less crap. And in the South Park fandom, there are a lot of them. A LOT of them.

To say that there is about 10 slash stories for every non-pairing story would not be an unfair claim, and when you include all pairings in the mix, the ratio becomes even wider. This focus on pairings would be somewhat forgivable if they made the stories good. But (and this is where I become a bit more biased) they usually don't. Even the non-slash pairings tend to just skip romance and cut straight to the smut, the erotica, and the kind of stuff that just leaves me a little disturbed. And when you've disturbed someone who writes fanfiction for South Park, you've probably gone too far.

It was also around this time that a certain individual (known as John, John-SP150, or Jvm, depending on what site you find him on) left over his frustration with this issue. He was mostly a Gen Fic writer who had been writing for the South Park fandom for about 4 years, and had gotten sick of the slash pairing writers. And honestly, I really couldn't blame him. He was one of the most prominent writers for the fandom at one point, and so his departure was a real wake-up call.

And so I thought, "wouldn't it be great if there were a place where someone could read non-pairing fics without having to sift through about a billion pairing fics?"

I already had a blog for my fanfiction, as well as some of my other stuff throughout the interwebs. I decided to make it solely a fanfiction site. Then (so I wouldn't have a site advertising good fanfiction that only had my stuff on it :) ), I invited other writers to come and join me in my endeavor to spread good fanfiction to the internet. Ama Marie (NoseBridgePinch of South Park fandom fame, and a good friend of John) was the first to join and soon, others followed.

A Word on Pairings vs. Romance

While I encourage all writers to "unleash their imagination," as puts it, this is a Gen Fic site. The only steadfast rule here is that pairings are not allowed.

Let's be clear on one thing: you are not required to hate pairings to enjoy this site. If you enjoy reading pairing stories, good for you, and I mean that. However, you will not find any such stories here, nor should you try to submit them. There are plenty of other sources for pairing stories elsewhere on the internet.

In the interest of being clear, allow me to explain what I mean by "pairing." To say one doesn't like pairings does not constitute a bias against romance, as they are not really the same thing. Romance is a tool, which is used for the purpose of developing a story's characters or its plot; it is a means, and not an end. Pairings, in contrast, are an end unto themselves.

To illustrate, let's use three very well-known franchises that have become very popular in recent years: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Twilight.

Harry's relationship with Cho Chang, his later relationship with Ginny, and Ron's relationship with Hermione all serve to develop their characters. In Harry's case, it often leads either to a state of bliss from which he can retreat and take a break from saving the world or to an arrangement that is complicated by his role as the savior, both of which give us more insight into who he is as a person. In Ron and Hermione's case, the rocky friendship turned belligerent sexual tension forces them to make choices that again show us who they are, even if the choices they make aren't the "right" ones. This is romance to develop the characters.

In The Hunger Games, the love triangle between Gale, Katniss, and Peeta aggravates the volatile situation the world is facing. There would still be a story if they all managed to keep their personal issues out of the picture, but the fact that it is part of the picture makes everything much more difficult. This is romance to develop the plot.

In Twilight, however, there really wouldn't be a story if it weren't for the relationship between Bella and Edward. If Bella were not involved, Edward would have no real conflict with the villains. If Edward were not involved in the plot, then Bella would either not be in contact with the villains or else unable to foil them. This is romance to ultimately serve no purpose other than itself. This is the fault that pairings seem to have.

In any of these examples, you can argue to what extent they are true (to what extent Harry's relationship with Ginny really develops his character, and so forth). But the concept is still there.

With this difference in mind, romance is allowed on this site. My story My Name is Kenny has a romantic subplot, for example, but it is meant to develop Kenny's character, not to exist for its own sake. When asking yourself if your story is a pairing story, just think about it this way: if your story is about (for example) Han and Leia working undercover to smuggle goods to a rebel cell on an Empire-controlled world (during which they start to acknowledge their feelings for each other), that's romance. If your story is about Han and Leia becoming romantically involved (while on a top-secret mission), that leans into pairing territory. If your writing the story specifically for the romantic element, this may not the place to publish it.

If not, we'd love to have you write for us. And if you're here to read, just pick a story and enjoy.


  1. You are such a nerd, therefore you are awesome XD

    God I have such a disgusting can of worms with Stendy, since the relationship on the show ruined both characters in the fandom. Stan is now a pussy and Wendy is now a possessive bitch no one looks at either below the surface for other stuff they've done in the universe. (Stan especially)

    What's even worse is in the first season Kyle and Wendy were the same character and fandom wise Style is so goddamn prominent. On a site I find even more evil than, John got into a huge flame war over Kyle and Wendy being the same and slash fangirls disagreeing. He flipped at deleted everything (including in FFnet page, even if I begged him not to)

    Stan and Wendy are each other's downfall.

    1. I guess that's the real root of disagreements between pairing writers: focus on one bit of evidence while ignoring all others, rather than viewing the characters and the franchise as a whole.

    2. Stan doesn't get it as bad. Sadly he's treated pretty well in slash, his best friend taking it one step further into romance, blah blah. Fucking Wendy and her jealous tenancies when she thinks she's losing Stan fucked her over in the fandom.

      They should just be far apart and broken up so they can have adventures where they can shine on their own (basically John's reasoning for Stan dumping Wendy in his SPU series) so that everyone's happy.

      but of course we know no one ever will be happy. :P Says me the Stendy writer and you the Candy writer.

      I really wish I knew more about Death Note or Harry Potter so I can offer insane fan theories on other stuff featured on this site.