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Death Note: Chapter Zero.

Hello people who are reading this. My name is TOkun92, and I am here to present you my first Death Note Fanfic. I have another one in my head, but I'm leaving that one for later. I got the idea for this one when I found Marcus Absent's Death Note Fanfic, "The Secret Rule". I recommend reading it. I am a beginning writer, and it took me about three weeks to write and post this first chapter. Not out of writers block, but out of the Big G.L. (General Laziness). I'm hoping that by publishing this then I will be more motivated to write the rest of the story. I will post new chapters when I am at least two chapters ahead. For example, I already have Chapter 1, and am currently writing Chapter 2. Please don't forget to read and review. If you don't, then I'll write your names in my Death Note.
Death Note: Chapter Zero

Taro Kagami looked at the book he had in his hands. It was a special notebook, but not in a good way. It was a notebook of death. The Death Note. A tool used by the Shinigami, Gods of Death, to take human lives to extend their own. Taro found this horrid book one day by chance; he thought it was an ordinary book, and decided to use it as a journal.
He wrote about how he was bullied by some classmates, and the next day, he found out that they had all died. Some detectives had questioned him on the deaths, deducing that these deaths couldn't have an accident or coincidence. A Shinigami by the name Ryuk had come to Taro, and told him of the Death Notes abilities. Ryuk gave Taro the Death Eraser, which could reverse the effects of the Death Note, bringing whoever it killed back to life. Taro used it to resurrect the people he killed, and he thought his ordeal was over.
When the detectives that questioned him are killed, as well the bullies from before, Taro realizes that there was a second Death Note. He confronted his friend Miura, who had also come across a Death Note, and saved everyone who he killed with the Death Eraser. In order to prove to the detectives that the Death Note was real, he volunteered to be killed and brought back with the Death Eraser. Miura apologized for the deaths, saying that he was desperate. Miura's Death Note is destroyed by the detectives, and it was believed that the threat was gone for good. But Taro never destroyed his, nor did he ever tell anyone of it's existence.
Taro recalled all of the events that took place. He couldn't believe that a book caused so much trouble. "Aren't you going to use it?" Taro looked behind him. Ryuk was laying on his bed eating an apple. He seemed to have an addiction to them. "It's getting boring just watching you stare at it."
"I'm not a murderer." Taro looked Ryuk in the eye. He really didn't want to, but he wanted to get his point across. He knew what he was going to do with it. Finally. "I'm gonna destroy it." He picked the book up and searched his computer drawing for a lighter or matches.
"WHAT?!" Ryuk yelled. He seemed a little scared, and that scared Taro in return. "You can't do that! I'll die if you do!" He stood up and looked at Taro, as if begging him to spare him.
"What do you mean you'll die?" Taro asked him. "You didn't die when the other book was burned."
"I know! I won't right away, but I will eventually! Shinigami survive by killing humans with that book. If you destroy it, I'm a goner!" Ryuk honestly seemed scared. Taro didn't want to run the risk of anyone else dying, but he couldn't exactly let Ryuk die. "Why not just give it back?" The way he said that last part made Taro feel worried for the Shinigami; he truly sounded afraid.
Taro sighed. He couldn't very well let Ryuk die. "Okay. Here." He held the book out to Ryuk, who grabbed it and sighed with a great relief. Taro began to reach for the Death Eraser. "I suppose you'll want-"
"No, no," Ryuk said quickly. "You keep that. I'm not gonna use it. Think of it as a thank you." Ryuk spread his wings, and as he took off for The Shinigami Realm, he gave Taro a quick nod. "Thanks again. Hope we see each other again!" With that, he flew off, heading back to his realm.
Taro couldn't help but hope that they would one day meet again. He actually liked Ryuk, despite what he did. He did help save all of the people he killed, so he couldn't be too bad. He held the Death Eraser in his hand. He actually liked it. 'I think I'll put in my safe box,', he thought.
Taro went to his bed and pulled a safe box from underneath it. He opened it, and looked at his collection of priceless possessions; his oldest action figure, which once belonged to his father. His collection of American State Quarters, which he kept in a ziplock bag. Several other things riddled the box. He put the eraser in the box, putting it underneath his quarter collection.
Taro walked to his window, where he could still see Ryuk as flew to his home. He kept watching until Ryuk disappeared, whether into a portal or just out of sight, Taro didn't know. He looked at his clock; it was almost 5 pm. He went to his school bag and took out his notebook, a regular, non lethal one, and began his homework.
Ryuk couldn't believe his luck. Both rotten and good. His second Death Note was destroyed by those detectives. He got that one from The Shinigami King, having tricked him into giving him a second one. He wanted to have some fun; he thought he could give the second Death Note to a human and see something interesting for once. He had dropped his original one after he gave Taro the second one. That human, Miura, picked it up. And that one got destroyed. If it wasn't more Miura being a softy, he probably would've burned his Death Note.
"What am I gonna do now?" Ryuk asked himself. "I doubt the old man will give me another Death Note. He might kill me if he finds out I tricked him." Ryuk neared the protal to his realm, and flew into it. He saw his home once again; bleek, decaying, rotten. Boring.
He flew for some time. He passed a cave where he saw a Shinigami whose name he couldn't remember. He looked like a puppet, short and purple. He was looking into a window to the Human World. He ignored the Shinigami, and went about his thoughts. "I could give mine up, but then it might be destroyed when all the fun ends." Ryuk tried to think of something. He didn't want to die. But he couldn't stand this boredom any longer; he needed some excitement!
Ryuk a Shinigami sleeping on the barren floor. He got closer and recognized the Shinigami as Sidoh. Ryuk remembered Sidoh losing his Death Note several times, and was unable to get a second one from the old man. It was luck that he found it every time. Even if it was a few decades.
When he lost it for good, and the old man wouldn't give him another, seeing as how often he would lose his, he was given another Death Note by a Shinigami named Rem, who had recieved one from The Shinigami King upon asking. Rem was one of the only female Shinigami left. Rem had been known for being soft, never killing a person with her Death Note if they were good people.
Ryuk looked at Sidoh sleeping. He had his Death Note several feet away from him. 'I could take his,' Ryuk thought. Sidoh would never think it had been stolen; he probably would have assumed he had lost it again. Ryuk saw his chance, and swiped his book. Ryuk went to the portal he was at before, and dropped the book.
He decided to wait a while this time before showing up; if he showed up to quickly, the person may freak out. While waiting, Ryuk remembered the detectives from before; they would know that a Death Note was responsible for everything once it was used. There would be no fun. Ryuk took out his own notebook, and wrote down the names of everyone who had been involved in the whole, killing every single one with disease or an accident. All except one. Taro.
Ryuk let Taro keep The Death Eraser as a thank you for giving him back his Death Note. He felt that killing him would have been kind of wrong; after all, he basically saved him. He remembered a human phrase, 'It would be a dick move.'. And he thought of another thing; Taro would probably get involved. It would be more fun for him. Everything seemed to be going good.
Ryuk couldn't wait to go back. Just the thought of something exciting happening was almost to much to bear. But he knew it would be worth it. He heard of Death Notes being dropped in the Human World before, but that was centuries ago, when the humans weren't as civilized as they are now. Back then, it was chaos. Now it was all about order. He couldn't wait to see it.
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