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Chapter Nine: Date.

                                  Chapter Nine: Date

  Light Yagami sat on his computer chair, contemplating The Boy. He wanted nothing more than to find him and kill him, but he didn't know where to start. The only thing he had to go on was the fact that The Boy ran off in a hurry after meeting Naomi Misora. Light could only guess that The Boy had some kind of emergency to attend to, though it would be impossible to find out just what that emergency would be.
  Light knew Ryuk had something to do with this, but he also knew that the damn Shinigami would never tell him anything. If he wanted information, he would have to go about it in a different way. "Ryuk," Light said, spinning around to look at the Shinigami. "Why were you laughing before, in L's apartment?"
  The Shinigami was eating one of his apples. "Because it was funny!" Ryuk spoke with his mouth full of crushed apple. "That same kid from before? What are the odds!"
  "Do you happen to know anything about The Boy?" Light asked politely. He needed to find this kid, and fast.
  "Maybe I do, maybe I don't."
  "I don't know why I bothered asking," Light said. He could try bribing the Shinigami with apples, something told him that wouldn't work. He then thought of something. "Ryuk, was I the first person you gave the Death Note to?"
  Ryuk stopped laughing, though his smile stayed on his face. Light could see a glint in the death god's eyes, and he knew he got his answer. Light clenched his hands into fists, then released them. He thought of what this meant.
  Light turned his chair around again to look at his computer. He turned it on, and began to type. If someone else had come across the Death Note, a child for instance, then there most likely would have been some kind of death. Light looked for instances in which people died of heart attacks, and found that several young students had died a month or so before Light had found the Death Note.
  "Several students in an elementary school have mysteriously died," Light read aloud. "Medical experts have determined that the deaths are from natural causes, though many speculate that the children were killed by environmental causes."
  "What a shame," Ryuk said, laughing.
  "I remember this," Light said. "The children came back to life shortly after their dying. They then died again. How is that possible?" Light tried to find out in which school the incident occured, but that information was never released.
  "Don't ask me."
  Light began to think. 'Could the Death Note have the ability to bring the dead back to life?' Light thought. "But how is that even possible? Could I use the Death Note to kill someone, then bring them back to life?'
  Light took the Death Note out of his drawer and started writing. He tried to think of a way that could kill a person, then bring them back. "I think I know what to do," Light said to himself. "I'll have someone die from suffocation, then have someone else save them using CPR. After that, I'll have them die in a car accident."
  "You sure that'll work?" Ryuk asked. He actually sounded like he didn't know if it would work.
  "It might," Light replied. "The thing is that I'll have to be there in order to confirm it."
  Light turned the television on, to look for a criminal he could experiment on.

  Taro sat in the school library, helping Sayu study. School had already ended, but Sayu convinced Taro to stay behind to help her study. Taro wondered why she didn't just ask her brother, Light; he was probably the smartest person in the country, if not the world, and had tutored her many times in the past.
  "Thanks for this Taro," Sayu said. "I really need to get this stuff."
  "I still don't understand why you didn't ask Light to help you," Taro said. "He's way smarter than I am. He could probably do a better job."
  "I know." Sayu blushed. "But I wanted you to help me."
  Taro looked at his watch. It was getting late, and he wanted to get home, so he could eat dinner. "We should probably go," he said. "It's almost five."
  "It is?" Sayu asked. She looked at her watch as well. She slapped her face sarcastically. "Oh no! It's almost dinner time!"
  "Yeah, so we should probably go." Taro stood up and started packing his books. Sayu packed her books as well. The two left the library.
  As the two of them walked in the halls of the school, Sayu began to slowly drift closer to Taro, though the adolescent didn't notice. "So, where do you wanna go?" Sayu asked.
  "Go?" Taro asked back. "Go where?"
  "To eat silly." Sayu leant on Taro's arm and grabbed his hand. "I wanna treat you; as a thanks for tutoring me." They neared the exit of the school.
  "Oh." Taro blushed; he wasn't used to being this close to Sayu. "Uh, sure. Why not."
  "Good!" Sayu ran for the exit, dragging Taro along with her. "I know the perfect place! It's near the arcade!"
  "Whoa! Slow down!"

  Taro and Sayu arrived at the cafe near the arcade about ten minutes after they left school. They sat down at a table outside the building. A waitress came to greet them. "Hello," she said, "I'm Mai Tokiha, and I'll be waiting on you today."
  "Hi," Sayu said. "Could we get some menus please?"
  "Of course." The waitress handed them two menus. "Just wave your hand when you two cuties are ready!" Taro blushed. He noticed Sayu smile at Mai's words.
  After the waitress walked away to deal with other customers, Sayu opened her menu. "I heard they have great desserts here," she said. "What do you think we should get?"
  "I dunno," Taro replied. He opened his menu. He wasn't really big on sweets; he enjoyed the occassional chocolate bar, but that was about it. But he didn't want to disappoint Sayu. "The chocolate cake looks good."
  "Yeah." Sayu moved her chair closer to Taro. She looked at his menu, putting hers down on the table. "You wanna get that?"
  "It's a lot money," Taro said. "I don't wanna-"
  "No!" Sayu interrupted. "I'm buying two of them either way." She folded her arms.
  "Alright." Taro blushed again. "Two cakes then."
  Sayu waved for Mai, who came to their table. She ordered the cake, and the two waited for her come back. Taro's mind wandered as they waited. 'Is this a date?' Taro thought. 'How did this happen?'
  "Here comes Mai," Sayu said. Mai set the two plates on the table. "Thank you Mai."
  "No problem." Mai went to leave, but stopped and turned around to look at them. "You two enjoy your date!" She walked off.
  'Date?!?' Taro thought. 'I knew it! How did this happen?!? What do I do?!?'
  "Did you hear what she said?" Sayu asked. "She said we're on a date!"
  "I-I-I heard," Taro stuttered. He had to steel himself for what he was about to ask. "Sayu; is this date?"
  Sayu looked away. "If you want it to be," she finally said. "It's okay if you say no, I'll understand."
  "No, no. That's fine." Taro looked at Sayu, then around the area, trying to think of what to say. "If you don't mind, I don't mind."
  "Really?" Sayu asked. "I was hoping you'd say."
  "Did you plan this whole thing? Asking me to tutor you, waiting in school until late?"
  "Yeah, I did."
  "Good plan." Taro began eating his cake. He ate it slowly, taking glances at Sayu every few seconds, too nervous to say much. "You were right. This is great cake."
  Taro saw Mai handing an old man a box. The box had a picture of the same cake they were eating. 'Must be taking home for his grandkids.'  The old man then made his way to a limousine, and got in.
  Taro looked back to Sayu, when he felt himself being slightly pushed back. He felt Sayu's lips on his own. He blushed. Sayu leaned back into her chair, smiling at Taro. Taro was silent. "How was it?" Sayu asked.
  "Uhhh." Taro tried to form words, but failed to do so. "It was-"
  A chair falling to the floor near their table diverted Taro's attention. He looked behind him to see a man on the floor, clutching his throat. Taro ran to the man to help, though he didn't know how he could. He checked to see if the man was breathing, and saw that he wasn't. "Does anyone know CPR?!?" Taro yelled out.
  "I do!" Taro looked to see Mai Tokiha rushing toward them. "Stand back!" Taro stood, and watched as Mai breathed into the man's mouth, pushing into his chest every few seconds.
  Taro felt Sayu next to him, holding his arm; she was scared for the man. The two watched until the man started coughing. He jerked up, coughing. He looked at Mai, then began to run. "Wait!" Mai yelled. "Why are you running?!?" She chased after the man, running into the street.
  Taro watched in horror as the man and Mai were hit by a passing car. He couldn't even turn his head, though he felt Sayu do so. "Come on," Taro said, pulling on Sayu. "We gotta go."
  "But what about-"
  "We can't do anything!" Taro interrupted. "Let's just get you home."
  "Okay." The two walked off, heading Sayu's home.

  Light watched the scene play out just as he hoped from across the street. Mai Tokiha, a twenty three year old woman arrested several times for prostitution, would witness a man, Yuuichi Tate, arrested, but never convicted for, several sexual assaults, fall to his death. Mai Tokiha would then perform CPR on Tate, reviving him. However, after his revival Tate runs, afraid of being identified by someone. Mai would then chase after him, trying to help. When in the street, they would both be hit by a car, killing them both.
  'It seems like my theory was correct,' Light thought to himself. 'An interesting feat of the Death Note. Quite entertaining actually.' Light thought of his sister being there. He wondered why she was there with that boy from school, but quickly put the pieces together. 'Seems like my little sister has a boyfriend.'
  Light began to walk home, and wondered how he should handle his sister's reaction; he didn't want her to see that, but he didn't know she was going to be there. But it didn't matter. He got what he wanted, and that's all he really cared about.
  Light arrived home in time to see Taro and Sayu talking. "I'm going on ahead to your room, Light," Ryuk said. "See ya there!"
  Light remembered Ryuk laughing when the car hit those two. The Shinigami was actually surprised by the Death Note's power, as was light. Light neared the pre-teens, and noticed his sister was crying. "I've never seen anything like that ever happen!" Light heard Sayu sob. "How does something like that happen?"
  "I don't know," Taro said. "Just think about our next date, okay?" Light picked up on this. He wondered how this would pan out, and decided stop and listen.
  "Second?" Sayu said. "You mean you wanna go out again?" She smiled.
  "Yeah. And next time, I'll pay."
  "Okay. Oh no, I forgot to pay for the cake!"
  "Don't worry about that," Taro told her, rubbing her arm. "I think they'll understand."
  Taro tilted his head to Sayu's, kissing her. He pulled away to look at her. "I'll see you tomorrow. I gotta get home, my mom's probably worried sick."
  "Alright," Sayu said with a small smile. "See you tomorrow."
  Light watched Taro as he left, looking back Sayu every few moments. Light waited for Sayu to enter the house, then followed her in. He went to the kitchen to grab some apples for Ryuk, then went upstairs to his room, and locked the door.
  "Was that your sister's boyfriend?" Ryuk asked as soon as Light sat down.
  "Apparently so." Light turned on his television set, and took out the Death Note. He waited for the names and faces of criminals to show up, and would write their names when he saw them.
  "You're not mad?" Ryuk asked, taking a bite out of one of his apples. "What if that kid's trying to take advantage of your sister?"
  "I doubt it. Sayu's known Taro since they were little, and if anything, she would be the instigator."
  "It means that she'd be the one to start it. She's been trying to get his attention for months now, so I highly doubt he's a danger to anyone."
  "Well, if you say so."

  L sat in his new apartment, waiting for Chief Yagami to show up. L had Watari call Chief Yagami so he could talk to him about The Boy, but more importantly, about Sayu Yagami. The door opened, and L saw Watari come in. He had a box with him. "Is that the cake from that cafe?!?" he asked excitedly. He had heard very good things about the chocolate cake in this cafe, and had asked Watari to get him a full box.
  "Yes," Watari answered. "I asked for the freshest one they had, just like you requested."
  "Thank you, Watari." L watched with a slight drool as Watari opened the box, took out the cake, and cut a large piece for L. He put the cake on a plate and stuck a fork in it. L immediately took a bite, and realized the rumors were spot on.
  A little while after being given the cake, Chief Yagami came into the apartment. "Ryuzaki, I'm here," he said. Hat down across from L. "What is it you wanted to talk to me so ugently about?"
  "Mister Yagami," L said, putting his almost finished cake on the table. "Watari found something very interesting yesterday." L picked up a file that was on the table at his side. He gave it Chief Yagami.
  "What is this?" he asked. He looked over the file; it's contents were of a class of junior high school students. "Is this about The Boy?"
  "Partly." L picked his cake up, and finished it. "First, I would like you to read the next page."
  Chief Yagami flipped the page. He read the page over, and a shocked look replaced his previous one. "I remember this!" he said loudly. "Two of my detectives tried to get me to investigate this, but I thought it was a hoax!"
  "I don't believe it was hoax. I believe that someone else had Kira's power before Kira himself. I also believe that this person was a child in the class of the victims."
  "Why do you say that?"
  "Because the victims were known for being bullies. I suspect that the original owner of Kira's power unintentionally killed these boys, and somehow reversed the effect."
  Chief Yagami looked at L, as he finally realized something. "Ryuzaki, why aren't the others here?"
  L grabbed another file. "Because of this." L handed him the file.
  Chief Yagami opened it, and shock came across his face. "Sayu," he muttered. "That's right, Sayu was in the same class as those children. I remember she asked to stay home because she was afraid there was something in the school that made them die."
  "Yes. I believe I don't have to tell you how odd it is that both of your children seem to have a connection to this case."
  "You can't possibly think that Sayu has something to do with this! She's only thirteen for heaven's sake!"
  "Children can kill too, Mister Yagami. I decided to inform you because she is daughter. I wish to keep this information to the three of us. Don't tell anyone, not even Light."
  "You still suspect him?"
  "Yes, I do." L stood up, and walked to the row of televisions. He picked up the remote for one of them, and turned it on. The phone began to ring; L saw Watari answer it. "Mister Yagami, the chances of your daughter knowing The Boy are very high. Can you get me the names of her friends?"
  "I suppose I-"
  "Ryuzaki!" L turned to Watari. "Two videos were delivered to Sakura TV; both say they are from Kira."
  "Two?" L asked. 'Could the real Kira have sent a message of his own?', L thought. It didn't make sense for The Second KIra to send two different tapes. "Watari, get those tapes! And call the others, tell them to get here now!"
  "Right away, Ryuzaki."

  L and the rest of the task force sat in the apartment, about to watch the first video. Light was there as well. "Why would The Second Kira send two different messages?" Light asked.
  "Could the second tape be from the real Kira?" Matsuda asked. "If so, he might reveal to The Second Kira that we lied to them!"
  "If it is Kira, then we simply won't air the message," L told him. "No point in telling The Second Kira we lied to them.
  "But what if Kira retaliates?" Aizawa asked.
  "We'll have to take that risk. Now, Watari, play the first tape."
  The first tape played. L watched it with extreme interest; it wasn't from The Second Kira, but from the 'real' Kira. The 'KIRA' displayed on the screen had the same style as L's. "I am Kira," the voice spoke. L noticed the voice filter was similar to his own. "I have sent this message to inform this impostor, this second Kira, to stop their killings. You are taking the lives of innocent people, though who do not go against me."
  "Interesting," L said. "Seems THIS Kira wants to stop The Second Kira as well."
  "I wish to say one more thing, though I wish only for L to view this last part."
  "What?" Light said. "Only L?"
  "Should we go, Ryuzaki?" Matsuda asked.
  "Hmm." L paused the video; why would this Kira want him to see something alone? L didn't believe for one second that this message was from Kira. If anything, it was sent by someone who wanted to prevent The Second Kira from killing anyone else. "I'll watch it by myself. If I think it is relevant to The Kira Case, then I will allow you to watch it as well."
  "Light," L said, "this message does not sound like Kira, or The Second Kira. Chances are, this person is just an impostor, who is trying to prevent The Second Kira from killing any more people."
  "You mean someone's trying to prevent more death's?" Matsuda asked.
  "Yes." L aimed the remote at the television, then looked back to the others. "Now, if you don't mind, I would like to view this last part by myself."
  "Understood, Ryuzaki," Chief Yagami said. "We'll leave so you can watch it."
  "But Dad!" Light argued.
  "NO! We are leaving Light, right now." He headed for the door, as did the others. Light looked back to L. He made a face, then walked out with the others. L pushed the button on his intercom.
  "Watari, I want you to take the others to a different room so I can watch the rest of this video in private."
  "Understood," Watari replied through the intercom. "I'll inform you when they are in another room."
  L waited until the intercom came on. "They are in another room. You may proceed, Ryuzaki."
  "Thank you, Watari."
  L turned back to the television and played it. It was silent for a few seconds until the voice came back on. "L, I hope you are alone, if not, then fine."
  "What do you want me to hear?" L said aloud.
  "I realize that you may think I am an ordinary citizen, one who is opposing Kira. In order to make it clear that I am Kira, I will tell you the name of one of the people that opposed my will, one that only Kira would know. The F.B.I. agent known as Naomi Misora.
  L's eyes widened in shock. Only three people outside the task force knew about Naomi Misora; the one who called the tip in, Kira, and The Boy. 'This video is not from the real Kira. If Light is Kira, then he definitely wouldn't have sent this. Does this mean that The Boy has sent his own message to try and stop Kira?'
  "I am only telling you this in order to confirm my being Kira. Good-bye." The video went black, and L just stared at it. L bit his thumb nail. 'If this message IS from Kira, then why he tell me about Naomi Misora? If Light is Kira, then he wouldn't want me seeing this message. He was very angry when I told him to leave; he must think it's from The Boy as well. But why would The Boy ask for only me to view this? Could The Boy think that Kira is close to me?' L got to his feet. Could The Boy be trying to contact L? If so, then that meant that Kira didn't find him yet, assuming he knew about him at all. 'This message MUST be from The Boy. It's the only thing that makes sense. The Boy must be afraid to come right out for fear of being killed by Kira.'
  L looked at the door. He wondered if he should show the others, but feared for The Boy's life; he was positive Light was Kira, and informing him of The Boy's existence was enough of a risk to the child. 'I can't show this to the others, especially Light; if I'm right, and Light IS Kira, then he may be able to find The Boy first.' L ejected the video and looked at it. L put the video back in it's case, and pressed the button to his intercom. "Watari," he said," please inform the others that they may come back in."
  "Right away, Ryuzaki."
  L waited for the others to return. While he was waiting, he grabbed a piece of cake from the box Watari had left on the table. He took a bite of the cake.

  Light and the others walked in the hallway until Watari stopped them. "Ryuzaki wishes for me to take you to another room so he can have some privacy." Light and the others followed him.
  As they were walking, Light spotted a bathroom door. He had an idea. "May I use the restroom real quick?" Light asked.
  "Of course," Watari told him. "We'll wait here until you're done."
  "Thank you." Light opened the door and went in. He looked under the stalls to make sure he was alone, and was glad that he was. He then looked in the mirror to see how he looked. He saw Ryuk behind, laughing.
  "Mad you can't watch the movie, huh?" the Shinigami said. "I guess you're still a little too young to watch that kind of stuff." Ryuk laughed even harder.
  "Ryuk," Light whispered. He didn't want the others overhearing him, and with the echoing effect of bathrooms, that possibility was increased drastically. "I want you to go and watch the video with L. Tell me what that fake Kira says."
  "Nuh-uh," Ryuk said. "I told you before Light; I'm not helping you or L. You'll just have to wait."
  Light curled his hands into fists in anger. He wanted to yell at the damned Shinigami, but he had to maintain his composure. "I'll tell you what. I'll-" Light stopped talking when he heard the bathroom door beginning to open. He turned around to see Matsuda. 'Goddamnit Matsuda!' Light thought. Light internally breathed a deep breath.
  "Hey Light," Matsuda said. "Figured I go too."
  "I didn't have to go, I just wanted to take a look at myself," Light said. He straightened himself out.
  Light looked at Ryuk as while Matsuda did his business. After Matsuda finished, he went next to Light by the sink, and started to wash his hands. "I've been drinking nothing but coffee for the past few weeks," Matsuda said. "Too many fluids."
  "I prefer tea myself," Light said, looking at Ryuk's reflection; he hoped the Shinigami would realize that he was bribing him with apples. "Coffee makes me too jittery."
  "Yeah, I remember the Chief saying how you prefer tea."
  "Tea helps keep me calm," Light said with a smile. "I'll drink coffee when I have to pull of an all nighter." Light washed his hands, and left the bathroom as Matsuda smiled at the joke. Light looked to Ryuk, who seemed to not have taken the hint.
  "Sorry, but no deal," Ryuk told him. "This is getting way to good!" Light scowled inwardly. They resumed their walk for another room.

  Light waited in another room with the others while L watched the message alone. He wanted to watch it as well, but he wasn't able to convince the others to challenge L. "What do is on the tape that Kira wants only L to hear, Chief?" Matsuda asked.
  "I don't know." The Chief looked far off in his own world, too deep in thought to register much.
  "What if he doesn't show us?" Light asked. "What if the information is important, and L doesn't share it with us?"
  "You've gotta refer to him as Ryuzaki, Light," Mogi told him. "It's too dangerous to call him L."
  "Whatever. But my point still stands; what if he doesn't share the information with us?"
  Light's father looked at him. "Then we'll accept it. Ryuzaki hasn't steered us wrong yet, and if he doesn't tell us, then he will have a good reason not to. We have to trust him, Light. He's gotten us this far already."
  Light turned around. "Fine," he said. "But I still don't like it." Light sat down on a couch, trying to cancel out the sound of Ryuk's laughter.
  They waited in silence until Watari came back. "Ryuzaki has asked for you to return to his room. Please follow me." Light and the others followed the old man back to L's apartment.
  Light entered the room after the others. He saw Ryuzaki holding the other video that was sent to them. "I'm sorry about that," L said. "But I wanted to be safe."
  "Ryuzaki," Chief Yagami said, "are you going to show what's on the tape or not?"
  "I have decided not to. I am aware you all may have reservations about this, but I feel this information is a little too sensitive." L put the second video in, and aimed the remote at the television to play it. Before he pushed the button, he looked at the others. "I also decided that we should not air this video. We have already released our own message from our invented Kira, and I wouldn't want The Second Kira to become aware of that."
  "If you think that's the way we should go, then we'll follow your orders," Chief Yagami said. "Now can you please play the second message?"
  "Of course." L played the video, and sat on chair.
  Light watched the video with disgust. This idiot fell for L's trick, and said that they would obey their every order. "I don't think you have The Eyes," the voice said. "But don't worry; I would never do anything to harm you."
  'That idiot!' Light thought. 'What is he thinking, mentioning Shinigami Eyes in a public message like this!!' Light was worried that this fool would reveal too much.
  "I wish to meet you," the voice continued. "When we meet, we can confirm each other's identities by showing our Shinigami to each other."
  "Shinigami?!!?" everyone said loudly.
  'He's a liability!' Light thought. 'If I don't do something about him soon!!'
  "AAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Light looked at L; he threw his hands in the air, screaming very loudly. Light watched as the great detective fell off his chair and to the floor. L sat on the floor, staring at the television with great fear. "Sh-Sh-Shinigami? Am I really supposed to believe-that Shinigami exist?"
  "Don't be stupid!" Light told him. "Of course Shinigami don't exist!"
  "He's right, Ryuzaki," Aizawa agreed. "Shinigami can't be real!"
  "Maybe so," L replied. "But I remember Kira making those prisoner's write something suggesting the existence of Shinigami."
  "Maybe the two Kira's have already met," Matsuda said, "and have already decided to use the word 'Shinigami' as a way to communicate with each other?"
  "I don't think so," Light said. "If they already met, then The Second Kira would have no reason to send this message. I think that they are using the word 'Shinigami' as way to describe their killing power."
  "I think you're right, Light," L said, standing up and picking up his chair. He put his chair back where it was, and hopped backed into his seat. "We'll air this message, as well as the journal entries we received."
  "What do the entries say?" Matsuda asked.
  L picked up the paper that was sent along with the message. He had already gone through it, and handed it to Matsuda.
 Matsuda read over the paper. "It's obvious that the entry on the thirty-first is meant for Kira," Matsuda said, reading the paper. "'Confirmed our Shinigami at the stadium today'," he read aloud. He handed the paper to Chief Yagami.
  "It's a little too obvious, don't you think Matsuda?" L asked. "Obviously no one would go to the stadium that day, especially Kira. The stadium would be completely empty."
  "I guess this Second Kira isn't that smart," Aizawa commented.
  "Maybe. But maybe not." L stood and took the paper from Chief Yagami. He looked at it. "Maybe The Second Kira has sent a special code for the real Kira, one that only they can recognize."
  "Ryuzaki, let me take a look," Light said. L handed the paper to him, and he read it over. He noticed the entry for the thirty-first; it was blatantly obvious it was for him. Light then looked at the entry for the twenty-eighth. 'Shared notebooks with my friend in Ao-Yama,' Light read in his mind. 'Maybe this guy is smarter than I gave him credit for.'
  Light looked at L. "We'll place extra security camera's in all the places the journal entry has on it. I want some of you to go to these places on the days specified as well. Chances are The Second Kira will be at one of these places."
  "I'll go to Ao-Yama," Light volunteered. "I'll fit in better than everyone else seeing as I'm a teenager."
  "I'll go too," Matsuda said. "I can fit in better than the rest of you, and I don't want Light going alone."
  "Very well then." L sat back down. He took a forkful of his cake and held it in the air. "Here's hoping we find The Second Kira." He put the fork in his mouth.


  1. Sorry I didn't get around to reviewing and spreading this sooner. I've not been in a fanfiction mood lately.

    Things are definitely heating up even further in this chapter. This conflict could come to a head as quickly as Aoyama, if this keeps up. Well done, indeed.

    Also, I want to say kudos on having a very believable TaroxSayu thing going on. That's also the direction I chose with The Secret Rule, and it's been one of the biggest topucs of complaint thus far. Romantic stuff is not my normal style. But you've definitely made this whole thing work.

    Honestly, in the state I'm in now, I think just the fact that you've been getting chapters out consistently is worthy of praise.

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