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Death Note: Chapter Zero. Chapter Eight: Response.

Chapter Eight: Repsonse
Taro sat in his computer chair, rewatching the video of The Second Kira; everyone assumed that it was Kira himself, but Taro knew better. He had watched it several times in the three days since it's original airing, trying to think of something to do. He had finally come up with something, something that seemed like the best course of action. Perhaps the only course of action.
Taro went online to find out what he'd need to make a video; a microphone, a blank tape, and other things he could get at the local Radio Shack. He went to the store to buy the items he needed, spending most of the money he had saved up from his weekly allowance.
Taro listened to the video of The Second Kira on Youtube while roaming the internet, looking for voice filters; he had decided to send a message himself, to pose as Kira and get The Second Kira to expose themselves. He didn't know what he would say, but hoped that the words would come to him when he made he recorded the message. He wasn't sure it would work, but doing that was better than nothing.
Taro found several voice filters on the web, and settled on one that was similar to L's. He downloaded the software, then tried to find stylized english letters; he wanted to make the video spell out 'KIRA' with the same english style L used in his video. He finally found them.
Taro set up his new microphone, and began to make his recording. "Hello," Taro spoke into the microphone. "This is Kira. The true Kira." Taro played the recorded sentence back, checking to see if the voice filter worked.
Taro was happy to hear the filtered voice. He stopped the recording, and went to his bed. He wanted to write out a script for his message, make sure he said the right things; he couldn't reveal too much, for fear of Kira going on the run with The Notebook, but he had to say something that told L he was real. He began to write.
L slowly chewed on his marshmallows, putting one in his mouth at a time. He was once again watching the video surveillance footage from Raye Penber's death and Naomi Misora's last known appearance. The Boy had something to do with Kira, of that he was certain. It was just a matter of how.
Chief Yagami had brought the records of every school in the area of both of the train station and police station near where Naomi was last seen. He went through every single one of them, but saw nothing new.
"Ryuzaki." L looked to the door to find Chief Yagami standing at the door. "We're here. I've brought Light, like you've asked." L put another marshmallow in his mouth.
"Good," he said. "Light, I've brought you here to watch something." He shut the televisions with The Boy in the off; he didn't want Light to know about The Boy, not yet. "Come, sit down." He guided him to a television that contained a copy of The Second Kira's video.
"Alright." Light sat down. L picked up the remote for the television in front of Light and handed it to him. "Go ahead and turn it on."
Light pushed the button on the remote, turning the television on. The message from The Second Kira played on the screen. L watched Light as he watched it, looking for any suspicious change in his demeanor. After watching the video, Light stood up.
"What do you think Light?" his father asked. "Is it really from Kira?"
Light looked at his father. "I don't think so," Light said. "This message doesn't sound at all like the Kira we've been dealing with so far. Not only that, but the victims weren't criminals, merely people who voiced their opinion against Kira. I think that there's a second Kira out there, one more powerful than the original one."
"What makes you say that?" Matsuda asked. "What makes you think this Kira is even stronger?"
"Well," Light said, "this Kira was able to kill that detective. But how could he have known his name? I believe that this Kira is able to kill without knowing his victim's name, unlike the original, who needs both a name and face."
"That's exactly right Light," L told. "We also believe that there is a second Kira, and that he is even more powerful than the first one."
"Wait." Light looked at L. "Does this mean it was just another test? Which means you still think I'm Kira."
"No." L turned around. He walked to his table of sweets and ate a chocolate piece. He spoke with his mouth full. "And yes. You see, if we had told you right off the bat, then your conclusion would have been pointless." He swallowed . "However, since you came to the same conclusion by yourself, then it is far more likely that we are correct about their being a second Kira."
"Ryuzaki," Chief Yagami said, "does this mean you still suspect that Light is Kira?"
"Yes, I do. However, I shall remind you that the probability is only five percent."
L looked back to Light. He had debated over whether or not he should let Light watch the videos with The Mysterious Boy; he was positive that Light was Kira, and that Kira most likely knew about the boy. He then decided on what to do.
"Light, I would like you to watch another video."
Light looked surprised. "Another one?"
"Yes." L sat back down in his seat and pressed the button on his intercom. "Watari," he said, "I want you bring in the videos of Raye Penber and Miss Naomi Misora." He released the button.
"Right away, Ryuzaki."
A few minutes later, Watari came in with some videos. "Here you are, Ryuzaki." He handed the videos to L.
"Thank you, Watari." L put the videos in the televisions, and started the one with Penber. "Light, I'd like you to watch these videos. There's something very interesting I want you to see."
Light watched the video with his murder of Raye Penber. He had made it so that each and every agent of the F.B.I. would die in a way that seemed suspicious, to avoid L narrowing down the list of suspects, but he clearly didn't do it perfectly. He watched as Raye Penber pulled himself to the train, pointed at a figure. There was even a shadow there. Light's shadow.
What Light hadn't realized during the murder was a boy following Raye as well. He hadn't noticed him; he was too preoccupied with Penber to think of looking for anyone else following him, let alone a child.
"I can't believe it," Light said. "How did this kid know Penber?"
"He didn't," L said. "He just bumped into him and noticed something was off. But the next video will shock you even more."
Light watched the video from a convenience store camera. He thought that all the surveillence footage from that day would be taped over, deleted, gone for good. But he didn't expect an Obsessive Compulsive store owner hoarding every surveillence video his camera recorded. He watched the video, only barely seeing Naomi Misora, talking with someone. A boy.
'IT'S THAT KID SHE MET!' he thought. 'I have to kill him as soon as possible! I was hoping he was just some stupid kid, that I could just ignore him! But I can't take that chance now!' Light saw the boy running away in the other direction not soon after. He seemed distressed.
Light looked at L. He had to remain calm, act as if he hadn't seen that boy. L didn't have proof that Light knew Naomi Misora, and he didn't want to alert to him that he knew her. "Ryuzaki, I didn't see anything. What exactly is on this tape?"
"I'm surprised you didn't notice," L said, though he highly doubted that. He grabbed the remote and rewound the tape. He played it a few seconds before the boy and Naomi Misora first showed up, then paused it once they were clear enough to make out. He pointed at them. "You can see that same boy from the subway when Penber died."
Light shook internally. "Ryuzaki, you can't tell that just from this. You didn't even get a look at his face from the subway cameras."
"Maybe not," L said, "however, the woman he is with was an F.B.I. agent by the name of Naomi Misora. I had the pleasure of working with her a few years ago, and she was a very competent investigator."
"And you think that the boy and the woman, this Naomi Misora, were working together?"
"Yes. However I find it much more likely that they just happened to bump into each other on the way to the police station in that area."
Light looked at the television. 'I have to find this kid and kill him!' he thought. Light then heard Ryuk break out in laughter. Light had to use everything in his power to hold back demanding Ryuk for an answer. For now, he focused on L.
"Light." Light looked back to L. "I want you to help us in finding this second Kira, and I think I have just the idea to do so."
"Ryuzaki, you have an idea?" Chief Yagami asked.
"Yes." He looked to the rest of the task force. "I believe that this second Kira worships the real Kira, and will do anything he says. So, I want to send a message of our own, from our own Kira."
"You want to send a message to stop the second Kira from killing," Light said. "That's brilliant Ryuzaki!"
"Yes." L turned to Light. "And Light, I would like for you to play the part of Kira."
"What? Me?"
"Yes. I can't think of anybody better than you to play Kira."
"Well ... alright."
"Good. And can you make a script for us to play on the evening news? I would like to send our message as soon as possible."
"Yeah, sure." Light sat back down and grabbed a pen and paper. "I'll get right on it."
Taro walked to the mail dropbox and dropped his item in. He used a dropbox far away from his house, to avoid being tracked down, though he doubted it would work. He hoped that his message would reach L, that he would get a chance to meet with him and reveal everything he knew about Kira and the Death Note.
Taro returned to his house and went up to his room. He turned the television onto the news; he watched only the news, never any of his old shows. He shot up when he saw three men sitting at a desk. "We interrupt this broadcast for a special announcement; Kira has sent out a message that he would like for us to show."
"Did they get my message already?" Taro asked aloud. "No, they couldn't've, I only dropped it off today."
"We would like to inform you all that we have the permission of the police to air this message. Now we will play the message."
Taro watched the television; a stylized 'KIRA' came onto the screen. "Greetings," the voice spoke. "I am Kira. The TRUE Kira. The one aired on Sakura TV several days ago was a fake, an impostor. I have chosen to be lenient with this imposter for now because I believe they wish to help in the creation of The New World."
"You've gotta be kidding me," Taro said. "This is not good."
"However," the voice continued," I must express that the taking of innocent lives is against my will. If this second Kira wishes to truly help in the creation of The New World, then I must tell them to await orders from me."
The message ended, and Taro went to his computer. He didn't know what he could do, except for put this new information into his flashdrive.
L sat on his couch, looking over the student files from an elementary school. He wished that there was something he could do to narrow down the search, but nothing came to him. He was do entranced by his investigation, he let his ice-cream melt on the table.
The others had left after they watched their message, back to their homes and families.
"Ryuzaki." L looked behind him to see Watari, standing in the doorway with a file. He seemed tired. "I have found something interesting that I think is pertinent to The Kira Case."
"What is it Watari?" L asked. He read through the files as Watari talked.
"It came from one of the schools we got the files from."
"Is it The Boy?" L asked.
"No. It's something else. It seems that several students died of unexplained heart attacks, before Kira began his killings."
L dropped the file he had in his hands. He jumped over the couch and grabbed the file from Watari's hands. "Really? Why was I not informed about this?"
"Because the children came back to life soon after."
"They what?" L began to shake. He was rarely ever afraid, and this Kira business was one of those rare time. But resurrection scared him even more. "How is that possible?"
"No one knows." Watari looked at L. "It seems that two detectives noticed this, and believed that something was wrong. They were both killed as well, after going to the school where the victims went."
"Which school?"
"Yatabi Elementary." Watari walked over to L. He flipped through the pages, then pointed at one particular sentence; it read 'Class 2-B'. "This was the class the victims went to."
"Where are these detectives now?"
"They died. As well as all of the previous victims. However, I did manage to find a journal kept by the lead detective. He wrote that the victims were all bullies, and that the killer was most likely a child they bullied."
"Watari, get me the files from this date from the school. That Boy must be one of the students from class 2-B."
"I believe you have them already." Watari walked to table where stacks of folders lay. He rummaged through them, looking for Yatabi Elementary. "Here we are." Watari pulled out a file. He handed it to L.
L opened the folder immediately. He looked at the names of the children in the class, hoping one would shoot out at him. He noticed two marks next to the deceased children's names, indicating their passing. L shrugged this off, until he noticed another mark next another child's name. "Miura Asahi," L read aloud. "There's a mark indicating his death, just like the other children. But there is only mark next to his name, not two. Watari, you said the children died, came back, then died again, correct?"
"Yes Ryuzaki." Watari was cleaning up L's melted ice-cream, amazed he had let it melt like that.
"That would explain there being two marks next to their name, but then why would there only be one mark next to this child's name?" L looked through the rest of the students, then stopped on another name. "Sayu Yagami? Light's sister?"
"Ryuzaki." L looked to see Watari on the computer. "I looked up this Miura Asahi in the school's database. It seems that his mother had complained several times for him being bullied. He died soon after the resurrections."
"How did he die?"
"Car accident was the official determination."
L read over the surviving students, though he focused mainly on Sayu Yagami. What were the chances that Light's sister, his prime suspect, was in the class of several students who died of mysterious heart attacks? "Watari, do not inform the others about this new development. We will only inform Chief Yagami about this, no one else."
"Understood Ryuzaki," Watari told him. "I will gather everything I can about the other students who were in this class."
"Thank you Watari." L could feel in his gut that The Boy was in this list of students, he had to be. He looked at the names of the boys; if Sayu was in this class, then it was a safe bet that The Boy was a friend of hers. "Watari, I also want you to find out which of students were friends with Sayu Yagami. More specifically, the boys."

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