Tuesday, December 25, 2012

South Park

South Park Unleashed
South Park Unleashed is written by a group of fanfic writers that include our own Ama, and her friend John, who is renowned throughout the South Park fandom (well, he is to me, anyway). It is a series of short multi-chapter stories that keep their own running continuity, some of which has diverged from that of the show.

The creators of this series is pretty much the reason I've become the fanfiction writer that I am (and yes, Ama and John, and anyone else who deserves credit for this series, I do mean that). It was these stories that really drew me into the South Park fandom and my early fanfic ventures.

The episodes in this series include:

John has recently announced that he will not be writing any more of SPU, not even on his own site. While I hope he changes his mind (though, admittedly, I've been a bad fan and haven't checked SPU out in awhile), I do understand his reasoning, and I intend to support him in whatever decision he makes.

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  1. I hope he does. Because if not, I will go insane. "Rich Boy, Poor Boy" was my absolute favorite story.