Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Forces are Growing!

Congratulations to The Fanfic Skeptic's first new writer, Ama Marie, who writes some great South Park fics over on! Hopefully, more of her work will soon be available here as well.

In addition, it is only fitting that we support those who write good fanfiction who are not members of this site. This list will no doubt expand, but for now, please welcome our newest friends, whose work will be found under the "See Also" list on the right.

South Park Unleashed is a series of South Park stories that form their own continuity, and are some of the most solid SP works that I've seen on, using clever references and constructing high quality stories in a way that any true fan of the show just has to enjoy. The head writer of SPU, John-SP150 (or simply John) recently left to post his stories on his own site, having gotten fed up with the general stupidity of the SP fandom in general. And even though I've decided to stay and fight on itself, I really can't blame him. John is a personal friend of Ama, and definitely an inspiration for me. he deserves our continued support and the knowledge that he is not alone.

Chuck Sonnenburg, more well known as SF Debris, is a snarky internet reveiwer who covers general science fiction shows and movies in The Opinionated Guides. If you're a fan of Star Trek, his reviews are some of the best stuff you'll find on the web; both hilarious and intellectual. Chuck, however, has also written a fanfiction story called The Unity Saga, which is THE best Star Trek/Star Wars crossover you will ever see! It is epic! And at 240 chapters, there is plenty of it! Now, Chuck is much more famous than me, and certainly doesn't need my help to advertise his site. Still, in this time of war, defenders of good fanfiction need to support each other.

The time has come! Rise up, writers, and take back our fandoms from the slash writers!

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