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Death Note: Chapter Zero. Chapter Sixteen: Confusing.

Chapter 17: Confusing

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Chapter Sixteen: Confusing
Light sat on his bed, thinking of what had occurred with Taro Kagami. Misa had written his name in the Death Note, and yet he did not die. Rem told him that people with strong enough willpower can actually negate the effects of a Death Note, though only in the way it influenced them; it would still kill them, only in the default way, a heart attack.
"Could it be a different Taro Kagami?" Light asked himself. "No, that's just stupid! Taro just so happens to go to a hospital soon after Misa writes his name down in the Death Note? No way that's a coincidence."
"Maybe it wasn't him?" Ryuk asked.
"It was him," Light told Ryuk. "
"Still," Light said, "it has to be him. I don't know!" Light clutched his head in hisn hands. "Could Misa have been right? Could the Death Note have actually malfunctioned?"
"I doubt it," Ryuk said. "I've never heard of a Death Note malfunctioning. Then again, you've done a lot of things with that book that I never thought were possible, so I guess it could just not work."
Light considered Ryuk's words, and factored them into his theories. It was true that the Death Note was an amazing tool, but that didn't mean that it couldn't be defective. Who's to say that all of them were made equally? The more he thought about it, the less likely he thought it to be true. Misa's Death Note would have malfunctioned before, when she performed her televised killings, not just now. He wondered if Misa and Rem had lied to him.
"Ryuk," Light said, "is there anything else I don't know about the Death Note? Maybe a loophole about owners killing each other with it?"
"You mean like you killing Misa?"
"Yes. It's the only thing I can come up with that would explain Taro's survival. He's still the technical owner of my Death Note, Misa confirmed it, as did Rem. I'm wondering if there's some rule about owners killing each other, just like the rule of not being able to their life-span."
"I don't know," Ryuk said, shrugging his shoulders. "Like I said, I didn't know much about until I met you. I only knew the basics; most of the Shinigami I know don't even know much about it. You can ask Rem when you see her, she seems to know a lot about it."
"I'll do that." Light laid on his bed, trying to think of something that could explain this. His thoughts went to the doctors, and wondered if they could have somehow saved him. Light stood up and went to his computer, sitting down in front of it and turning it on.
"What're you doing?" Ryuk asked with interest.
"I'm looking up a criminal for an experiment," Light explained. "I know the Death Note can kill someone, but I want to know if someone can be saved from it's effects."
"How do you mean?"
Light tried to think of a way to explain this to Ryuk. "Think of it like this; if I write down a person's name, and they die of a heart attack, as usual, can they be saved by a human?"
"You mean like that CPR thing?"
"Yes, exactly like that." He found a criminal and wrote his name down in the Death Note, as well as a simple, but detailed, death. "I'm wondering if after they die, can someone bring them back. After all, the Death Note would have already taken effect, so why not the possibility of them being brought back?"
"The Death Note gives the person whose name is written in it a massive heart attack, so it's unlikely they would live."
"Still, there's the possibility that the person could be saved. I mean, the Death Note only kills the person, it never explicitly says that they have to stay dead."
"I guess it's possible," Ryuk said. He bent down to look at Light. "This is really getting to you, huh?"
"Of course it's getting to me!" Light told the Shinigami loudly. "I thought I had a good grasp on the Death Note and it's powers. But now it's just getting more complicated." Light sighed angrily. "I swear, sometimes I wish I never found this stupid book; it's all so confusing!"
Ryuk laughed at Light's frustration.
"And then there's the whole business with the hospital," Light calmly. "You were in the hospital room with us when we went in to see Taro, so he should have seen you!"
"Well, he was dead for a little while," Ryuk reminded him. "And if someone who owns a Death Note is killed by someone, then ownership is transferred to them."
"So he wouldn't have been able to see you," Light finished. Light thought of this, and wondered if this could work to his advantage in any way; nothing came to mind. Light let out a calming breath. A thought then occurred to him. "Wait, since he can't see you anymore," Light said, getting off his computer chair, and sitting to his bed, "then he's lost all of his memories. Which means he can't say anything to L about you."
"Yeah," Ryuk confirmed, taking a bite out of an apple. "So?"
"When L finds Taro, then he wouldn't be able to say anything about the Death Note or the Shinigami. He's already using a lot of his resources on finding him, distracting him from Misa and me."
"What if he wrote something down?"
Light groaned in annoyance. He then thought of something. He smiled evilly. "I think I have an idea." He grabbed the Death Note, holding his pen above the book. Just as he was about to start writing, a knock came at his door.
"Light." It was his father. What could he want? "Please, let me in."
"Be right there," Light told him. He put his pen down, and put the Death Note in his desk. He then got up, walking to the door and opening it up to see his father. "What is Dad?"
His father entered his room and closed the door. "Ryuzaki has called for a meeting."
"A meeting?" Light asked, not surprised that L already knew about the incident involving Taro. "Is that about what happened to Taro?"
"Probably," his father told him. "I was thinking the same thing myself. He has asked that you come as well."
"Yeah, sure. No problem. Just give me a few minutes to get ready."
"Alright. I'll be waiting downstairs."
After his father finally left his room, Light paused to think of what to do. L had probably already sent someone to Taro's home, to search for anything related to Kira. Light needed to ensure that any evidence was destroyed. He wanted to kill Taro as well, but was worried about Misa's reaction. She was clearly distraught at the thought of killing a child, and he didn't want to anger her; she could kill him with ease, and he could do nothing about it.
Light took his Death Note out of his desk, and resumed writing what he had originally intended. He wrote so fast, he swore he could see smoke rising from the paper.

L plugged in the flash-drive Taro Kagami had given him, and was looking through the contents. He was impressed by how meticulous the boy had been in organizing everything. He read about what had happened with the other children, and how he had accidentally killed them. He couldn't wait to actually see this Death Note.
The door behind L slammed open, shocking the pale detective. He looked back to see Watari. "L, Taro Kagami's had a heart attack!"
L bolted up at the news Watari had just given him, his back uncharacteristically unslouched. "What do you mean Taro Kagami had a heart attack?!"
"The boy is fine," Watari told him, trying to calm him down. "He was admitted to the hospital, and he has since been stable."
L paced around his room. Taro had a heart attack? "How did he survive?"
"I'm afraid they don't know," Watari told, walking up to the detective and setting him down on the couch. "They said he just came back. I'm afraid that's all I know."
L thought of this new event, and wondered if it was Kira's doing. He knew Kira wouldn't be afraid of killing a child, but why bring him back? Did he have a Death Eraser? 'No, Taro has the Death Eraser,' L thought. 'Unless the Shinigami had another one and gave it to Light.'
Watari held a chocolate bar to L. "What are you going to do, Ryuzaki?"
L absentmindedly took the candy bar. He didn't know what to do. If Light knew Taro was the boy, then he would have just killed him, right? Unless Taro had something Light needed... He would have to speak to Taro as soon as possible. "Watari, I need you to drive me to the hospital where Taro Kagami is. I have to make sure he is okay!"
"Of course." L stood from the couch, dropping the candy bar on the floor.
Driving up to the hospital, Watari stopped the limo and exited the car. L looked through the window; the entrance had been cleared beforehand by some associates, as per the norm. "Thank you, Watari," L told him as he stepped out of the limo. "The way to Taro Kagami's room is clear?"
"Yes, Ryuzaki. Our doctors are keeping an eye on him now."
"And his mother?"
"We had our doctor insist she go home and get some clothes for her son. She was hard to convince, but she eventually agreed."
"That's good." L walked into the hospital, his bare-feet cold against the ground. The security cameras had been disabled as well, preventing him from being recorded. He quickly made his way up to Taro's room, wondering what had happened.
L walked into Taro's room, finding the boy laying in his bed, watching television. "Hello, Taro," L said.
Taro looked at him, then shut off the television. "I remember you; you're that guy from school."
L was shocked at his words. How could he forget him? "Yes," L said slowly, "we met after your last class ended. Tell me, do you remember what we had talked about?"
Taro's eyes squinted a little in confusion. He looked as if he was about to speak, raising his hand up, then stopping. "I-I know it was something important," Taro told him. "What was it? Why can't I remember?"
"Taro, I am L, the detective working on The Kira Case," L informed. "You do not remember this?"
"Kira Investigation?" Taro repeated. "You're joking, right? What would I know about-" Taro suddenly grabbed his head, as if in pain. "What would I know about Kira?"
"Are you in pain?"
"Just a headache. But seriously, what did we talk about?" Taro closed his eyes in pain again.
"You really don't remember," L said, mostly to himself. "This is certainly interesting."
"What are you talking about?"
"Taro, you had a heart attack, you're aware of this, correct?"
"Yeah. The doctors said it was a freak accident."
"I don't think it was a 'freak accident'," L told him. "I believe that Kira just attempted to take your life, and that you somehow survived."
"Why would Kira want me dead?" Taro asked, confusion and seriousness in his voice. "I'm just a kid."
"No, you're not. You have been following The Kira Case ever since it started. You sent me messages, to tell me that you existed."
"I'm sorry, I don't remember any of this," Taro told him. He still held his head in his hands. "Please go, I need to get some sleep."
"What about Shinigami?" L asked. "Do you remember anything about them?"
"Shinigami?" Taro looked at him as if he were crazy. "Shinigami don't exist mister."
L went to remove the lanyard Taro had given him, the one with the flash-drive on it, to try and jog his memory, but found it gone. He had forgotten to take it out of his computer when they left for the hospital.
L was about to ask him more questions, when he saw Taro's face; he was clearly a little afraid. Deciding it would be best to back off, L stopped himself. "Alright, I am going to go. However, I will return tomorrow. Oh, and please don't tell anyone I visited you."
"Why?" Taro asked suspiciously.
"Because, if you do, I will retract my offer to let you join Wammy's House." L hoped he at least remembered his offer.
"What? But-"
"I know you could use the money for your mother, but my identity must be protected at all costs. So please, refrain from telling anyone of our meeting."
Taro growled a little. "Fine," Taro told him. "I won't tell anyone."
"Good. Goodnight, Taro Kagami."
"Goodnight, L."
L walked back to his limo, trying to figure out what had happened to Taro Kagami. Could Light have killed him, then resurrected him with a Death Eraser? Taro had told him about it, and how it could revive people, so it seemed plausible. But why take the risk?
He then thought of Taro's sudden amnesia. Was it genuine? Was he faking it? Light could have easily acquired a Death Eraser, and temporarily killed Taro as a threat. But he seriously doubted he would let him live; he'd be too much of a threat.
L's thoughts went back to the amnesia; how did he forget everything? He seemed to remember them meeting, but nothing about Kira. Nothing about Shinigami. Nothing about the Death Note. Nothing involving The Kira Investigation. But how? This was all so very confusing.
He needed help, and he needed it now. "Watari," L spoke loudly, "please contact Chief Yagami and the others; we need to meet tonight."
"Right away, Ryuzaki."
L pondered about bringing Light as well. He obviously knew that Taro was The Boy, but did he know that they had met? Either way, he could use this to his advantage. "And please have Light Yagami come as well."
"Of course."

Taro watched as the pale, hollow eyed, man left, backing out of his room with caution. He didn't like being threatened. He wondered who the man was, and why he presented himself as L.
Taro thought about the man's words, and wondered if there was some truth to them. He didn't want to admit it, but it felt to him as if the man were being honest. Did he forget something? Was it possible? The young boy groaned in pained, grabbing his head once again. Whenever he thought of the man, the supposed L, his head began to hurt.
"He's right," Taro said aloud. "I think I know something. But what?"
"Mr. Kagami?" Taro lifted his head to see one of his doctors. "How are you feeling? You're instruments showed you were in distress."
"The instruments?" Taro looked at the machines he was hooked up to. "Oh, those. Yeah, I guess I was little freaked out."
"Yes, being alone in a hospital can do that."
"No, I meant-" Taro stopped. He wasn't meant to tell anyone of the man's visit. Did that include the doctors?
"What did you mean, Taro?" the doctor asked with concern. "Is something wrong?"
"No," Taro said quickly, "I just meant that I'm freaked out over this whole thing. I mean, having a heart attack is pretty scary. And even being dead? That's pretty difficult to deal with."
"Yes, I can see your point." The doctor looked at him with focused eyes. "You're grabbing your head; does it hurt?"
"Just a headache," Taro answered. "Nothing I can't handle."
"Hmm. I'll order some bloodtests, just to be sure it's only a headache. After your ordeal, I don't want to take any chances."
"Thanks doc." Taro lied back down, resting his head on the pillow. "I'm gonna go to sleep now, if you don't mind."
"Well, you should've been asleep an hour ago, so I guess that's a good idea. Goodnight, Mr. Kagami."
"Goodnight." The doctor shut the lights off and walked out of the room, leaving Taro alone in the darkened room, the only light coming from the moon and the television. Taro felt his eyes grow heavy, and as he drifted to sleep, he contemplated L's, if that's who he was, words. Something told him he did know something about Kira. But what could he possibly know?
As he fell asleep, thinking about the confusing day he had, he felt another headache surfacing. This was all so very confusing.

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