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Death Note: Chapter Zero. Chapter Fifteen: Blush.

Sorry it took longer than I said it would. I had writer's laziness, and didn't do anything for weeks. I went to Atlantic City on Sunday, maybe that got me writing. I don't know. Anyways, 4,504 words, not including this and the ending this thing. Author's Note I think. Anyways, enjoy chapter fifteen. I think you'll like it. Please leave a review; it's easier to write when I know someone is reading my work.

Chapter Fifteen: Blush
Light laughed an evil laugh, amazed at the name entry in the Death Note. Taro Kagami, The Boy who owned the Death Note before him, the child who had plagued him for months, was now dead. He couldn't believe that one of his enemies was so close to him. Light considered himself to be a very lucky person; killing the FBI agents, finding and killing Naomi Misora, another Death Note being given to another with his beliefs. It was almost too good to be true. And now, for Taro Kagami to not even realize who he was, to have never seen Ryuk ... it amazed him, it truly did.
"Are you sure?" Misa asked. "Maybe it's another boy I saw? I mean, maybe it's another Taro Kagami?" Misa hoped it was, but she didn't really believe it.
"No, I doubt it," Light told her smugly. He looked at Ryuk, who had been laughing the entire time. "Ryuk?"
"Yeah, it's him," Ryuk said. "I remember the first time I saw him, and he had killed those other kids; he thought the Death Note was just an ordinary diary! It was hilarious!"
"And I take it that's why you took it back?" Light asked. "Because you knew he wouldn't have the heart to use it?"
"Yeah. Oh well. I think I might actually miss him." Ryuk laughed again.
Light then thought of Taro and his connection to L; he wondered if he had ever come into contact with. He thought of his message to him, posing as Kira, and wondered what he could have sick. He knew it wasn't his true identity; he would have been too afraid of the real Kira intercepting it. 'He most likely said that he was the one killed Naomi Misora,' Light thought. 'That would have gotten his attention more than anything; not only that, but Kira would never reveal that to L, so it would tell him that someone else was after me.'
He was positive that L didn't know about Taro; if he did, he certainly would have been caught by now. He could suggest to Sayu a date on the beach, and he would die then. His sister would be upset for a while, but she'd get over it. Everything was perfect. "You did very good, Misa," Light praised. "And I think I know how to thank you."
Light leaned in closer to Misa, kissing her. He figured he should reward her somehow, and giving her himself seemed appropriate. Misa was frozen at first, until she relaxed, enjoying the kiss. Light felt Misa's tongue push on his lips, asking for entrance. He allowed her access, and he felt her tongue exploring his mouth. He enjoyed the pleasure it brought to him; just because he was close to becoming a god, didn't mean he didn't like sexual contact.
"Aw, looks like they love each other!" Light heard Ryuk say, amused at the sight of the two teenagers. "Maybe we should leave them alone."
"Yes, I think that would be appropriate," Rem said. Light couldn't hear them phasing through the walls, but knew that they left. He resumed his activities with Misa, becoming more into it as the seconds and minutes passed.
Light and Misa were on his bed, their shirts off when he heard a banging on the door. He quickly stopped what he was doing with Misa and went to the door. He could hear his sister yelling from behind the door. "LIGHT! LIGHT!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. "OPEN UP!"
Light opened the door quickly, expecting the worst, and Sayu ran in. She looked at her brother with a scared face. "Taro's in the hospital!" she breathed out. "We have to leave, NOW!"
"Your boyfriend?" Misa asked. Sayu looked at her, noticing she was missing her shirt, wearing only a black bra. Misa looked at herself, and quickly grabbed her shirt, putting it back on. "What's wrong?"
"I don't know!" Sayu said. "His mom heard his cell phone when I called, and she went in, and she found him on the ground!"
"Sayu, I've got the keys, let's go!" Light heard his mother say.
"Alright!" Sayu yelled back. She looked back to Light. "Come on! Get dressed so we can go!"
"Alright, alright," Light said, trying to calm his sister. "Go downstairs, I'll be down in thirty seconds."
Sayu ran out of Light's room, and hurried down the stairs, Light hearing her quickened steps as she went down. Light hurried getting dressed, mentally asking why Taro had died already. Why didn't the Death Note work? Did Misa screw things up? Having no time to berate his partner, Light hurried down the stairs and out the house, with Misa close behind.
Light hopped in the car, his mother and sister already inside. "What happened?" Light heard Ryuk ask. He sounded confused and excited, not sure what had happened. He ignored the Shinigami, focusing on his sister as she cried about Taro, hoping he would be okay.

Misa entered the hospital behind The Yagami family; she had completely forgotten amidst her and Light's 'activities' that Light's family knew Taro Kagami. She had hoped it was just a boy with the same name, but it seemed she was wrong. She waited in the waiting room with Light, while Sayu and her mother went to speak to someone. The two of them sat in an isolated corner, where no one would hear them.
"What the hell is going on!?" Light asked furiously. "You wrote down that he would drown; why is he dying now?"
"I don't know!" Misa lied. "Maybe it broke or something?"
"That's stupid Misa!" Light yelled a little loudly. Some of the other people in the room looked them, but Light ignored them. "The Death Note doesn't just break! It's impossible!"
"Not necessarily," Rem said. Misa hoped Rem could come up with something to explain the death. "It is extremely rare, but there are some humans who possess an immense amount of willpower, and are actually able to defy the effects of the Death Note. They will still die of course, but not due to the causes written down by the user."
"Is that possible?" Light asked. "He's just a little kid; how could he have that much power!"
"Yes, it is possible. But like I said, it is extremely rare. I never thought a child would have such conviction, however. It is most interesting."
"Interesting indeed," Light said. Misa was afraid what this meant; was Light gonna be caught? Would she? She then remembered the plan from the beginning; that Rem would erase his name once they were out of Light's house, and bring Taro Kagami back to life. She would have to do it soon, or he might be dead forever!
Sayu and Mrs. Yagami came up to Light and Misa, alongside another woman, who looked like she had been crying heavily. "Light," Mrs. Yagami said, gesturing towards the woman, "Misa, this Kiyode Kagami, Taro's mother. Kiyode, this is my son and his girlfriend."
"Nice to meet you," Kiyode said in a raspy voice.
"I'm sorry to have to meet you under these circumstances," Light said sympathetically. He stood and offered the woman his seat. She took it graciously, sitting down slowly. "How is he? Did the doctors say anything?"
"They're not sure," Taro's mother said. "They think he had a heart attack, but they're not sure."
"Don't worry," Misa comforted, "I'm sure he'll be fine." 'I know he'll be,' Misa thought.
"I'm gonna go to the restroom," Sayu said sullenly. "I'll be back soon."
Sayu walked off slowly, leaving the others sight. Misa then thought of her and Rem's plan, and decided do it now. "I'll go with her," Misa said. "I think she could use somebody to talk to."
"Thank you, Misa," Light's mother said. "Light and I will stay with Mrs. Kagami."
"Alright." Misa followed Sayu's path, as did Rem. She found the women's restroom and entered it, finding Sayu slowly washing her hands. Misa wondered if she had even gone to the bathroom. "Need to talk?"
Sayu turned around, surprised to see Misa. "No, I'm fine," she said. "I just need a little time alone."
"Look, I know how you feel," Misa told her.
"No you don't!" Sayu told her, quickly turning around to look at Misa. "You have no idea how it feels to lose someone you love!"
"I do know," Misa said harshly. She couldn't help but get angry at the young girl; she didn't know what she had gone through, she had no right to say that. "Last year, I lost my parents. They were killed by an intruder, a dope-fiend who was looking to steal something to get his next fix. So don't yell at me, that I don't know how you feel!"
Sayu had a look of regret on her face, and looked at the ground in shame. "I'm sorry," she said. "It's just, I don't know what to do. I really do love him; I know I'm only a kid, but I know with all my heart that I love him. I just don't know what I would do if anything happened to him."
"It's okay," Misa said, walking up to Sayu and hugging her. She could feel Sayu's muffled cries on her shoulder. "I'm sure he'll be fine. Nothing bad ever happens to good people." Misa looked at the bathroom mirror, at Rem's reflection. She blinked her eyes, hoping Rem would understand the signal. Rem nodded her head, and took out her Death Note and Death Eraser. She proceeded to erase Taro's name, and Misa sighed in contentment.
"It is done," Rem said. "Taro Kagami should now be alive and well."
"That's good," Misa said.
"What?" Sayu asked. Misa mentally slapped herself for speaking out loud.
"I said, 'that's good. Let it all out'." She hoped she would accept the excuse.
"Thanks, Misa." Sayu let go of Misa and wiped her eyes with her sleeves. "Come on, let's get out of the bathroom."
"Yeah, let's go." Misa grabbed a hold of Sayu's, and walked her out of the restroom. "Let's go to the vending machines; you should probably eat something."
"Yeah, sure." Misa lead Sayu to the vending machines, happy to see that no one there. Misa put some money in the machines, getting two bags of chips and two bottles of sodas. She relished the taste of the food and drink; it was a rarity for her to get to eat junk foods, considering her career, and she wanted to savor the taste for as long as she could.
"Misa, I'm sorry about before," Sayu said suddenly. Misa looked at her with a confused look.
"What for?" she asked.
"About interrupting you and Light," Sayu said with a blush. Misa blushed at the mention of their being caught. "I didn't realize you were doing ... that."
"Oh, no, it's fine. It was an emergency after all. And besides, it's not like you actually caught us doing anything pervy."
"Still, I didn't mean to see you guys topless." They stood in silence for while, until Sayu asked Misa something very personal. "Was that your first time?"
"What?!" Misa asked in embarrassment. "Why would you ask that? Why would you want to know that?"
"I'm just wondering. I mean, it's interesting to know, you know?"
Misa blushed heavily, but understood the girls curiosity; she herself would ask her friends if they had been with any guys, and try to squeeze them for any juicy details. "Yes, that would have been my first time," Misa said shyly, the blush on her face getting deeper. "But I can wait a little longer. I can wait forever if Light wants me to."
They stood in silence a little longer, when Misa spoke up. "We should head back; they might think we fell in the toilets or something!"
"Yeah, good idea." The two of the threw away the empty bags and bottles, and walked off. When the two of them found the others, they saw a doctor standing next to them. Taro's mother smiled and hugged the doctor.
"Please, take me to him!" she said loudly. "I have to see him!"
"Of course," the doctor told her. "Come, I'll take you to him." Taro's mother followed the doctor, and disappeared behind an electronically locked door.
"What happened?" Sayu asked with hope in her voice. "Is Taro okay?"
"The doctor said he just woke-up when they were prepping him for surgery," Light said in disbelief. "It's a miracle!"
"Oh, thank god!" Sayu sighed. "I was afraid he would die."
"The doctor said they're going to keep him over night," Mrs. Yagami told her. "They want to be sure whatever happened doesn't happen again."
"What did happen?" Sayu asked.
"They're not sure," Light said. "They didn't want to make any assumptions." Misa was glad that Taro Kagami was alive and well, but was still worried about what would happen with Light; he would know that something was wrong, and would probably find out what had happened. She hoped that he didn't know anything about the Death Eraser.

L sat in his limousine, anticipating his meeting with Taro Kagami. He wondered if Light would be exposed, if he was truly Kira. He was positive he was, but he truly hoped he was wrong; he didn't want someone so talented, so brilliant, to be a crazy serial killer with a god-complex.
His thoughts ventured to Taro Kagami, the young boy who so selflessly put his life on the line to stop a murderer, who did such a good job at getting L to find him. It truly amazed him at how brilliant the young boy had been. He wondered if he would accept his offer to join Wammy's House Institute; he had sent Roger, one of Watari's most trusted friends, to the Kagami household in order to offer Taro a place in the school/orphanage. He hoped he would accept; Taro was exceptionally bright, and clearly had good morals. He could easily become one of the candidates to become his successor.
"Watari," L said to the old man, who was driving to their current headquarters, "I would like to stop for some ice-cream. Please stop somewhere."
"Of course, Ryuzaki." The old man played with the GPS, and put in the coordinates for an ice-cream shop. L waited in silence until they arrived. "What would you like, Ryuzaki?"
"I would like-" L stopped mid-sentence. He thought of Taro, and how independent he had been throughout The Kira Investigation, doing things himself. It occurred to L that he had never actually gotten his own ice-cream, nor his own cake, candy, or anything that he had wanted. Watari always went for him.
"Actually, I think I'll go myself."
"Are you sure?" Watari asked. "What if someone sees you? Takes a picture?"
"I will take the risk," L said, opening the door beside. "Besides, I think I should start doing things for myself."
"If that is what you want, Ryuzaki." L exited the limousine and walked into the ice-cream. He waited in line, which wasn't too long, having only two people in front of him. He looked around and noticed that most of the customers were college students. He didn't recognize any of them, as he had hardly ever gone to school. He hoped no one would recognize him.
L walked up to the man behind the counter after the people in front of him went to their tables. The man was old and bald, his skin wrinkled with age. L wondered if the man was simply an employee, or if he was in fact the jolly owner. "Hello, what would you like?"
"I would like a double sundae, please. With extra strawberries," L told the man. The old man sighed and walked off. L watched him make the sundae, and he was positive that the man wasn't the jolly old owner, but rather a simple, grumpy old man. The old man placed the sundae on the counter, stabbed a spoon in it, and pushed a few buttons on the cash register.
"That's $10.50," the man said. L reached into his pocket and realized that he didn't have any money; Watari always bought everything for him, so he didn't think to carry it on him. "I said that's $10.50."
"I seem to have no money on me," L said plainly. "If you would wait just a minute-"
"I've got it," L heard someone, a woman, from behind say. He looked behind him to see a young woman holding a purse. The woman took out her wallet and gave the man $11.00. When she received her change, she put it in the tip jar. "There you go."
L looked at the woman, then the sundae, then back at the woman. "Um, thank you," L said. "But I have money in my car."
"It's no problem." The woman picked up the sundae and grabbed L's hand, dragging him to a table where a bespectacled girl sat, reading a book that L noticed as being 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'.
'What's happening?' L thought.
"Sit," the woman told him. He did as she told, a little scared at what was happening. What was happening? "Hey, Kiyoko, looked who I found!"
The glasses wearing girl looked up from behind her book, and blushed, her face in shock. She lost her grip on her book and it dropped on the table. She looked from L to the woman, the blush on her face getting redder and larger with each passing second.
L looked at his sundae in the other girl's hands, and quickly took it from her. "I don't know what's going on," L said, taking the spoon from the ice-cream, and eating a spoonful. "She just paid for my ice-cream and dragged me here."
The glasses wearing girl, Kyoko, picked up her book and opened it, holding it up to her face, blocking it from view. "Put the book down!" her friend said fiercely, grabbing the book and putting it in her purse. "You're talking to him whether you like it or not!" The girl sat down, looking expectantly at Kyoko.
Kyoko looked from left to right until she finally spoke. "You're Hideki Ryuuga," she said nervously. "From To-Oh Academy."
"Yes. Yes, I am," L said, using a phrase from one of his favorite shows. "And you're Kyoko, from To-Oh Academy."
She looked at him with a smile. "You know my name?"
"Yes. Your friend just said it." L was still trying to figure out what was happening, but nothing came to mind. "And I got To-Oh Academy from your saying I go there."
"Oh, yeah." She seemed even more embarrassed now. "So, how come you're not at school? I never see you around."
"I have work to do," L told her. "I go when I can."
"You hang around Light Yagami, right?" Kyoko asked. "The other freshman representative?"
"Yes, I have spoken to him on occasion. How did you know?"
"I saw you talking to him. I also saw your tennis game. You were really good!"
"Thank you. Although you should know that I lost."
"You still did incredible! And besides, you were playing Light Yagami; he was a junior champion, so it's not very surprising." Kyoko brought her hand to her mouth, thinking she had insulted him. "I'm sorry!"
"For what?" L asked, not understanding why she was apologizing. "It's the truth. I have nothing to be ashamed of."
"Sorry," she said again. "I mean .. sorry!"
"I'm just gonna say that it's alright." L took another spoonful of ice-cream into his mouth. They sat in silence, L not sure of what to do, and Kyoko too shy to speak. Kyoko's friend, whose name L didn't know yet, spoke up.
"So anyway, you should totally come to my party next week!" the girl said.
"Akiko!" Kyoko whined. "What are you doing?"
"Quiet!" her friend, Akiko, told her. She looked back at L. "Anyways, you should totally come. It's next week, nine days to be exact. Just be there by six p.m.; you'll have fun."
"A party," L repeated. He still didn't fully understand what was happening; he got that they, or at the very least, Akiko, were trying to befriend him, but it seemed different. More personal. "I've never been to a party."
"That's good!" Akiko told him. "Neither has Kyoko! You can go together!"
"AKIKO!" Kyoko whined loudly. "Stop!"
It was then that L caught on as to what Akiko was doing. He felt himself blush a little as he said, "You mean a date?"
"Yes, I mean a date," Akiko told him. "It'll be nice. You can have a few drinks, dance; it'll be fun!"
L looked at his ice-cream; nothing like this had ever happened to him before, so he didn't know how to proceed. Just then, a voice spoke out to him. "Ryuuga."L turned around to see Watari standing behind him. "I believe it's time we leave."
"Oh. Of course." L stood, leaving the ice-cream on the table. Watari went to pick it up, but L stopped him. "No need, leave it." Watari was shocked at L's words, and left the sundae on the table.
As the two began to leave, Akiko ran up them. "Hold on!" she said, blocking the door. She took a pen and paper out of her purse and wrote something on it. She handed it to L. "This is Kyoko's number. Just call her if you decide on coming or not."
L reached out and took the piece of paper. He looked at the number with a little fear, then nodded his head. He kept his head down as Akiko got out of their way, walking back to Kyoko and their table. L looked back and saw Kyoko with her head on her arms, her face on the table. He then left the shop, and went to the limousine.
As they started to drive, L stared at the piece of paper. It read, 'Kyoko', and then her number. He wasn't sure what was happening.
"What will you do, Ryuzaki?" Watari asked.
"I don't know," L told him. "I've never had this happen to me before."
"Well, if you want my advice, I'd say call her after you catch Kira." L had forgotten about The Kira Investigation, he was so focused on Kyoko and his situation. "If I do say so myself, that young lady seemed quite smitten with you."
L blushed.

Taro woke up in a hospital bed, jerking up from his revival, all of sudden full of life once again. It felt like a sudden pull of life, painful, but an immense relief. He remembered the Darkness he had seen during his death, and hoped to god that it was just his imagination.
He immediately saw a bright light upon waking up, and saw several doctors over him in white smocks. He could hear the beating of a heart monitor, telling him he was alive. The doctors were obviously shocked; some cursed in surprise, some thanked god, and one even fainted. Taro struggled to get up, but was forced down by the doctors. "Calm down, Taro!" one of them yelled. "It's alright, we're not gonna hurt you!"
Taro stopped struggling, and looked around him. He tried to ask, but found that he couldn't speak; he had a tube shoved down his throat, which Taro guessed was used to keep him breathing. He brought his hands to his mouth, trying to pull it out, but was stopped by the doctors. They proceeded to remove it for him, allowing him to breath normally. "What happened?" Taro asked. "Where's my mom?" His voice was raspy, his throat dry, and it hurt to speak, but did so anyway.
"Your mother's fine," the doctor said slowly. Taro figured he was the head physician. "She's in the waiting room. We'll bring her in shortly. For now, you have to rest."
Taro lied down on the bed, which he found was in fact a gurney, and rested his head on the pillow.
Taro was brought to a personal room, where the doctors asked him questions. What happened? Did he eat anything funny? Did he use any drugs? Did he have a preexisting medical condition? He answered them all with the same word. No. He didn't know what happened, and he didn't really care; he just wanted to go home.
He was left alone in the room with a nurse, just in case he crashed. His mother eventually came in, crying and running to him the moment she saw him, hugging him tightly. The nurse told her not to hug him so tightly, as they didn't know what had happened yet.
"Oh, my baby boy, I was so scared!" his mother cried. "Thank God you're alright."
"I'm fine, Mom, really."
"You nearly died!" she told him. Your phone was ringing, and you didn't answer it, so I went to your room, and there you were! On the floor, not breathing!"
"I'm sorry I worried you so much," Taro apologized.
"Don't apologize honey! I'm just glad you're okay."
Taro and his mother talked for a while, until the doctor asked her leave, so he could do some tests and ask more questions.
After the questions, Taro was visited by his mother and the Yagami family, everyone except for Sayu's father. Light looked at Taro with questioning eyes.
"I'm so glad you're okay!" Sayu said, hugging him gently. "I thought we lost you!"
"Yeah, well, I'm hard to get rid of." He looked at Light, who had a look of confusion on him. "What's the matter Light? You seem confused." Light perked up at Taro's words, and Taro noticed that his ears perked up as well, as if he heard something.
"I'm fine," Light said with a smile. "I'm just surprised at what happened, is all."
"Yeah, you and me both." Taro smiled, and let out a little laugh. He felt an odd sensation, as if someone was watching him, trying to speak to him. But he disregarded it; it was probably just his imagination.
"I'll come visit you everyday," Sayu told him. "I'll bake you some get-well cookies, too! Chocolate-Chip!"
Taro blushed. "That'd be nice," he said. As they talked, the doctor came back in.
"I'm sorry," the doctor told them, "but I don't want my patient getting too excited, so I'll have to ask you all to leave."
Taro's mother was about to speak when the doctor held up his hand to stop her. "Don't worry, you can stay, Mrs. Kagami. I think it would be for the better."
"Thanks, doc," Taro said. He looked at Sayu. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow, Sayu."
"Yeah." Sayu kissed him on the cheek. "See you tomorrow." Taro smiled.
After the Yagami family left, Taro's mother pinched her son's cheek. "Oh, you and your girlfriend are so cute!"
"MOM!" Taro whined. He blushed.

And that's the end of chapter fifteen. How'd you like it? I always wanted to add Kyoko, the girl who has a crush on L. I don't know why. Anyways, what's wrong with Taro? He seems to be acting strange. Did anyone else notice that? I did. Maybe because I'm the one who wrote it? Nah, that can't be it. Anyways, please remember to leave a review. It helps with the creative process.

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