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The Walking Dead: Survival of Shane. Chapter 1: Fires of Earth.

Here's Chapter One of SoS! It was much longer, but I decided to cut it into two different chapters. This one ends halfway through the attack on the farm. Read & Review please! It was fun writing this, it really was.

Chapter One: Fires of Earth
Rick looked stupified; he had just fought his best friend, each trying to kill the other, and he had one. He held the gun Shane aimed at his head just moments before, and pulled the trigger; but he only heard a click. No bang. No gunshot. No bullet. He looked at Shane, expecting him to make his move, thinking that the he would take advantage of this moment. But he only looked at him.
This wasn't what Shane had wanted. Rick looked at him, expecting to see terror, anger grief, something in his friends eyes; but he saw only disappointment. Shane wasn't scared, and neither did he flinch. At all. "Dad?" Rick heard someone yell, though he couldn't register who, at least not immediately. "Shane? What's going on?"
Rick finally registered the voice, recognizing it as being his son's. "Dad?" Carl yelled. Rick wondered if he had just seen everything that happened between him and Shane. "Is something wrong?" Rick saw his son running towards them.
"It's nothing Carl!" Rick yelled. "Just go back to the farm!" He walked to his son haggerdly, stumbling slightly from his brief fight with Shane.
Shane stood up, and walked after Rick. "It's nothing to worry about, Little Man!" Shane yelled to Carl. "Me and your old man just had small disagreement over how we should handle this Randall situation!"
Rick looked back Shane; why was he so calm? They had just tried to kill each other, and he was so calm. Rick looked back at his son, then noticed his terrified expression; thinking Shane was about to do something, he turned around, only to see Shane limping over to them. With a walker right behind him.
He saw Shane put his hands up. "Hey, whoa now Carl. We were just having a little fight; put the gun down." Rick then heard a gunshot that made his ears ring. He saw the walker's head bounce back from the bullet that was fired, and fall to the ground, dead. Shane dodged to his left to avoid the bullet, performing a combat roll, though he wouldn't have needed to; the shot was dead on, having hit the walker right in the forehead.
Rick looked back to see his son, holding a smoking gun; not only had Carl just killed his first walker, with a perfect shot no less, but he had saved Shane as well. Carl ran to his father. "Dad!" He cried, "you can't be fighting Shane; that walker would've gotten you both if I hadn't shown up!"
"I'm sorry Carl." Rick pondered what had just happened; his fight with Shane, Carl saving their lives, and his failed attempt at killing Shane. "It was just a small fight. It won't happen again."
"Nice shot Little Man!" Rick looked over to see Shane looking at the dead Walker, his face in an expression of awe. He walked over to inspect it, holding his knife just in case. "Right in the forehead! You're a goddamn crack-shot!" He kicked the Walker, releasing some anger unto the undead creature.
"What were you guys fighting about?" Carl asked. "Must've been bad to make you not realize a Walker was near you."
Rick looked back at Shane, who looked back at him; they didn't know how they were supposed to explain what had happened, how they had almost fought to the death. "We were arguing over what to do with Randall." Rick told his son. "We-"
"I killed him." Shane interrupted. "That's why we were fighting Carl; your old man wanted to let him go, and I didn't."
"Oh." Carl looked unfazed; he didn't understand that Shane had murdered him earlier, that he hadn't escaped. "Well, he did attack you. I would've done the same thing."
Rick looked at Shane; he didn't want to lie to his son, and he didn't want Shane's murder to go unnoticed. Shane knew what Rick wanted, and looked at Carl. "It's not like that." Shane said. "I-"
A loud crunching sound was coming from behind the three of them. They instinctively went for their guns, and began to walk toward the sound, momentarily forgetting about their conversation. They walked to the top of the hill, their facing twisting into terror as an army of the undead coming their way. "Holy shit." Shane whispered under his breath. They began to run.
Rick, Shane, and Carl began to make a beeline for the farm, to warn the others of the impending army of Walkers. Carl was moving slower than the adults. Rick looked back, and was about to grab Carl to carry him, when he saw Shane do so before him. He watched as Shane grabbed his son and ran as fast as he could to the farm.
When they reached the edge of the farm, they saw hundreds of Walkers all around the property. Shane put Carl on the ground, letting him stand up; they would need all the man power they had to get to the others. They ran for the house, killing Walkers that came near them, either with a gun or a knife, and evaded others. Rick saw Carl shoot Walkers dead, most with only one shot, but became worried; he wasn't conserving his ammo, killing any Walker he came near rather than evade them.
The house blocked by several dozen Walkers, they ran for the barn, where Hershel had kept the Walkers before. They ran in and shut the barn doors. "How the hell did this happen?" Rick asked. "How did we not notice this?" Shane grabbed a beam of wood and placed it on the metal carriers, locking them in.
"Our idiotic fighting, that's how!" Shane yelled at him. Rick shot him a glare; Shane had acted as if the fight was both fault, which they both knew was a lie. Ignoring Rick's glare, Shane went for the ladder, grabbing it and picking it up so they could climb to the upper level of the barn. "Carl," Shane said, holding his hand out, "come on, you first."
Carl went for the ladder, but was stopped by Rick. "Wait!" He said. "I have an idea." Rick grabbed a can of gasoline that they kept in the barn and started to splash it around the barn. "Carl." He said while splashing it on the door to the barn. When finished with the gasoline, he took a lighter out of his pocket and threw it to Carl. "You and Shane go up. I'm gonna open the barn door, and when I tell you to, you throw the lighter."
"What?" Carl said. "What if-"
"No!" Rick yelled at him. "Just do it!" Doing as his father told him, Carl went as fast as he could up the ladder as he could, followed by Shane.
Shane understood why Rick gave Carl the lighter; he didn't want him to burn him to death, making some stupid excuse for doing so. The two stood there, watching as Rick reloaded his gun, making sure he had bullets in case the Walkers got near him. He went for the plank of wood and, without hesitating for a single moment, pulled it up. He ran as fast as he could for the ladder as the Walkers fell into the barn, holstering his gun.
Rick climbed the ladder as quickly as he could; he didn't think the Walkers would pile into the barn and fall, giving him plenty of time to get to the ladder. The ladder then began to move. Rick looked down to see three Walkers at the bottom, each trying to use the ladder. The ladder fell in the struggle, and Rick nearly went with it, having grabbed the edge of the second level before he fell, though only with his fingers. He struggled not to fall.
"Dad!" Carl yelled. He ran for his father, but Shane grabbed him back. "Dad!"
"Carl!" Rick yelled. He could feel the Walkers grabbing at his feet; he knew that they would pull him down soon, and he knew that Carl wasn't strong enough to pull him up. If anything, he would be pulled down with him. "Run Carl! Go!"
"NO!" Carl screamed. "Shane, we have to help him! PLEASE!"
Shane looked at Rick as he tried to think of what to do; he was afraid to try and pull him up, for fear that they would both be eaten by Walkers, but he was even more afraid of leaving Carl alone. He didn't think anymore. Shane grabbed Carl, who screamed at the top of his lungs, fighting the man who had been a second father to him. However, Carl stopped screaming once he noticed that he was bringing him to his father.
Shane grabbed Rick's arms, trying to pull him up, but some Walkers were holding onto his feet, making him to heavy to lift. "You gotta shoot the Walkers!" Shane yelled at Carl. "NOW!" Carl looked at Shane, then his Dad, who he saw to have a look of disbelief on his face.
He aimed his gun at the Walkers, firing a shot into the one holding Rick's right leg, killing it. He aimed for the other Walker, only to hear a clicking sound; the gun was empty. Shane pulled Rick up, groaning from the strain of picking up both Rick and the Walker. Carl got down on his stomach and grabbed his father's gun. He aimed at the other Walker and shot it dead. Shane pulled once again, getting Rick up. The two looked at each other, Rick with confusion, Shane with empathy.
"We gotta go." Rick said, still looking at Shane. "Now." They began to walk out, when Shane noticed the lighter on the floor, open and out. He stopped to pick it up, making Rick and Carl stop as well. He ignited the flame, and looked at Rick. He held the lighter out to him. Rick took the lighter and walked to the edge of the platform; he saw the Walkers with their hands in the air, trying to grab at them. He dropped the lighter setting the gas aflame. The three of them then ran for the exit as flames engulfed the barn, setting fire to every single Walker in it.

How was it? I'm trying to make it complicated. I know some of you may be asking; "What about Rick? Is he gonna be as hardened as he is in the show?" Well, to tell you the truth, I don't know myself. Maybe, maybe not. Please remember to Read & Review!

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  1. I don't watch The Walking Dead, but I'm trying to follow along as best as I can. Not bad so far.