Monday, September 24, 2012

Death Note: Chapter Zero. Chapter 1.

  Hello. I'm TOkun92. Despite what I said in the prologue, I do not own a Death Note. So don't worry if you give a bad review. Also, I don't own the Death Note show or the manga. I've never read the manga, and I never intend to.

Chapter 1: Kira
  Taro was mortified when he returned to school to hear that Miura had been hit by a car and killed on impact. He felt bad for him; he had only just gotten everything together in his life. But he was shocked when the bullies from before were all killed as well, dying from using drugs. Only when he was watching the news did he realize none of these were natural deaths; it was Ryuk. The news reporter told of how two well decorated, and well respected, detectives recently died; one from lung cancer, due to his constant smoking of cigarettes, and the other of suicide, which was assumed to be from job related stress.

  Taro wondered when he would die; it was only a matter of time. He figured that Ryuk was scared that the existence of Shinigami may be dangerous for him. He waited. An waited. When a month passed by without incident, he was starting to think that the recent deaths really were just bad luck; those bullies were avid drug users, and Miura was rather clumsy. As for the detectives, well, they both looked haggered and haunted from their jobs, and he remembered seeing the one constantly smoking a cigarette.

  But his hopes were dashed away in an instant. A month after all the deaths, people started to die of heart attacks all over the globe. Taro knew what it was; another Death Note was dropped into the Human World.

  "Ryuk!" Taro spoke through clenched teeth, seething with anger. "You bastard!" Taro sat at his desk in his room, his elbows on the desk, his hands gripping his head. His computer monitor had a website on it; 'The Legend of Kira, The Saviour'. He couldn't believe he had given that book back to Ryuk. He should have destroyed it, but he didn't want Ryuk to die. If he did, he wouldn't be any better than a murderer.

  Taro's attention was diverted to his television, which showed an American man speaking to the viewers. A translator was speaking in Japanese, though Taro didn't need it; he could speak fluent english. The man, Lind L. Taylor, told of the countless recent deaths of criminals all around the world. Taro hoped Kira wasn't the type to become corrupted with power and think of himself as God.

  Lind L. Taylor continued to speak. "What you're doing right now, is evil." Taro felt sick to his stomach. Hopefully Kira wouldn't take it too personally. The man smiled after stating Kira's evil heart. He continued to talk, but after less than a minute of saying the word 'evil', the man clutched his chest and died on the spot. It seemed Kira was the type to think of himself as God.

 Taro was surprised when an old english 'L' appeared on the screen. A voice spoke to out to Kira, telling him Lind L. Taylor was a death row inmate, who was scheduled to die today. Taro was impressed to say the least; not only had L proved Kira to be real, but he also correctly predicted that Kira would kill whoever opposed him, no matter who they were.

  L went on to explain that he knew was in the Kanto region of Japan. Taro was surprised to hear that; he lived in the Kanto region. That meant that Kira was near him. Ryuk didn't even leave the region where Taro lived. "I've gotta do something about this.' Taro thought. 'This is all my fault.'

  Taro shut his television off and sat down at his desk. He had to find Kira and the notebook before anyone else was killed. Taro then remembered that he still had the Death Eraser. "That must be it." Taro said. "Ryuk wanted all of this. He wants me to get involved. He knew I would." Taro laid back into the seat, looking at the ceiling. He sighed. He didn't want to think about it, but if he did get involved, it was highly likely that he would die. Even if he didn't get involved, the guilt would eat away at him.

  "I have to stop this," he said. "This is all my fault." He sat straight and typed away at his computer; he tried to remember all of the rules that were written in the death note. He remembered the forty second rule, and the rule where you can write down how people can die. He typed in all he could remember, everything about the existence of Shinigami, the Death Note and the Death Eraser, and even what happened when he had it.

  By the time he finished typing it was night. Taro looked at his clock; it almost ten o'clock. He saved all he had typed onto a flash-drive as well as his desktop, then went straight for his bed. If he really was going to catch Kira, then he would have to stay well rested. He closed his eyes and let himself fall into his dreams; tonight would probably be the last night he could fall asleep as easily as he was now.

Hello to my faithful readers (Assuming I have them. Which I hope I do.). It took me a a while to write this one. It seems I was right about me actually writing more if I posted this now. I mean then. Please remember to comment; it inspires me to actually write, and not just sit around thinking of it in my head. If you have any suggestions, I welcome them. Please remember that all comments are welcome, whether you hate my writing or love it. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Also, I found out that if you put a tootsie-roll in ice-cream, even if said ice-cream is kind of melted, then the tootsie-roll will be slightly crunchy. I figured I would add that.
  One other thing; the lack of dialogue is due to my not wanting to copy everything L said. I'm sure you can understand. Also, I did originally write the chapter like that, but then I reformatted my computer, and I forgot to save it on my flashdrive. Stupid me.


  1. I'm not sure whether you plan on having the story diverge from the anime/manga or not, but it would be interesting to see Taro join the Task Force when he's still young, as opposed to what I did.

    1. I'm actually going in that direction. I just can't think of how Taro can join without immediately seeing Ryuk and outing Light as Kira. I've got a few ideas, but they all have some flaws.

    2. I look forward to seeing what you come out with.

  2. You know, between the two of us, newcomers might be tempted to think Taro is actually IN the manga :D

    1. Yeah, you're right. I should clarify that.