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Death Note Chapter Zero: Chapter Seven: A Second Kira?

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Chapter Seven: A Second Kira?
Taro walked to school, contemplating the loss of Naomi Misora, the F.B.I. agent he had given all of his information on Kira to; she had gone missing, disappearing the same day he had met her. He was afraid at first; Kira had, without a doubt, found Naomi, and murdered her. Taro was afraid that Kira would come for him next, but he never did. Taro was thankful.
Taro wondered if he should just quit, give up, get out of this while he still had his life. He wanted to atone for causing this whole Kira mess to begin with, but he was beginning to think that he was in way over his head. Taro arrived at his school, and tried to forget about The Kira Case, but it still bothered him.
Taro walked to the entrance of the school, his mind still on Kira. "Taro!" He heard someone yell. "Taro, over here!' He turned around to see Sayu Yagami hurrying towards him.
"Hey Sayu." Taro said. "I expected to see in class already."
"I decided to wait for you." Sayu told him, a blush on her face.
"Thanks." Taro said monotonously; he was too focused on Kira to notice her blush. "We should hurry; we're late enough as it is." The two hurried for their class, not wanting to be late.
Taro and Sayu ate in the schoolyard, eating their lunch. Sayu ate an apple while Taro merely played with his food. Sayu looked at him with worry. "You should eat your food, not play with it."
"Hmm?" Taro turned his head to his friend; he forgot she was there, and felt stupid for forgetting. "Sorry. My minds somewhere else right now."
"Well where is it?" Sayu asked. "You've been in a funk for weeks now. What's the matter? You can tell me."
"It's..." Taro trailed off; he didn't want to risk Sayu getting involved with Kira and Shinigami, but he had to say something. "It's my mother." Taro said, using his mother's recent heart attack as an excuse. It felt a little wrong, but it was better than the truth. "She nearly died a few weeks ago, and she still acts as if it never happened."
"You're Mom's not some old, defenseless lady, Taro." Sayu told him. "I've been to your house, remember? You're Mom's a tough lady." She then looked sad. "But I do understand what you mean; my Dad had a heart attack a few days ago, and I've been telling him to eat more healthy foods."
"Poor guy." Taro joked. "I know how bad it is when you nag; must be torture for him."
"Don't laugh." She laughed back, hitting him in the arm. "And I don't nag! And even if I am, I'm only doing it for his health." She stopped laughing. "He's leaving the hospital in a few days. After he catches Kira, I want him to be with us for a long time after."
Taro looked at Sayu immediately; why hadn't he thought of it earlier? He could tell Mr. Yagami! Surely the chief of the NPA would be in contact L! If not, then who would?
"I just hope it'll be soon; my Dad hasn't been home at all. I only see him so often now." She said with sorrow.
Taro then began to think of what he should do. Should he go today, tell Sayu's Dad everything? No. Sayu said that her Dad was rarely ever home now. Maybe give his information to Sayu? No, he couldn't do that either; Sayu might get curious and look at it, and he didn't want her to get involved. He wouldn't risk her life to catch Kira. Maybe...
Snapping out of his thoughts, Taro looked at the now angry Sayu; she wasn't easily angered, and seeing her in such a state scared Taro a little. "What was that for?" He asked, though he felt it would've been better if he hadn't said anything.
"Cause you're a jerk!" Sayu told him, grabbing her backpack and walking off in a fit. Taro could hear her mumbling something about littering and being an airhead.
'What was that?' Taro thought, rubbing his reddened cheek. 'And why was she mumbling about littering?' Taro winced in pain; Sayu was a lot stronger than he thought. Taro tried to talk to Sayu for the rest of the day, apologize for whatever it was he did to incur her wrath. But she always avoided him, giving him the cold shoulder.
After school ended, Sayu left in a hurry to her home, leaving Taro to walk to his house alone. He didn't like Sayu walking home alone, but she was far too angry to be near him. He hoped she would get over it soon.
Taro arrived at his house to see his mother sweeping. "Mom!" Taro yelled. "Don't worry, I'll do that!" Taro grabbed the broom and began to sweep; ever since her heart attack, Taro's been doing the house work, to make his mother more relaxed.
"Taro." She said with an exasperated sigh. "I'm not an invalid! I can sweep the front just fine." She didn't like being thought of as handicapped, especially by her son. She liked to work around the house; it kept her busy and kept the house nice and tidy, the way a home should be.
"I know Mom." Taro told her. "I just want to do this for you. You're my mother."
Taro's mother sighed; her son was a good person, and she knew it, but she didn't want him to take care of her; that was her job. "Okay." She said. "Finish up and you'll be done. Then come inside." She walked inside, leaving Taro to sweep.
After sweeping the front, Taro went to his room. He turned his television on to Sakura TV; he hated Sakura TV, especially the host, Hitoshi Demigawa, but Sakura TV thrived on The Kira Killings, and was a good source of information on Kira murders. Grabbing his safe box from under his bed, Taro opened it. He looked though his collection of items, looking for his flash-drive. He found it and picked it up. When he was about to close the safe box, he noticed an eraser. The Death Eraser. He picked it up and inspected it; he had forgotten about entirely.
Taro closed the safe and put it back under his bed. He then went to his desk, turning his computer on. He plugged the flashdrive in and typed his thoughts about telling Sayu's father, Chief Soichuro Yagami, everything about The Kira Case.
Taro worked for hours, trying to think of some way to get his information to Chief Yagami; he was afraid to just go to The Yagami Household for fear of Kira's finding them. Taro looked at his computer, thinking, when he heard a distorted voice, one similar to L, sound from his left.
Taro turned his chair to look at his television, and paled when he saw a white screen with four letters on it. 'KIRA'. "No way." Taro muttered, terrified. "Why would Kira address people?"
The voice on the screen spoke through a filter, masking the voice. "Turn to channel to Taito TV." The voice said. Taro changed the channel to see a man, who vehemently opposed The Kira Killings, and called him a monster for murdering so many people, dead. Taro noticed that the person was not like Kira at all; Kira would go after criminals and people directly opposed him, not people who voiced their opinions.
The voice said that if you were against Kira, then you should not voice your opinions, for fear of inspiring others to go up against Kira. As the broadcast went on, Taro began to think. Could Ryuk have dropped another Death Note? He did last time, so what was stopping him now?
Taro switched the television back to Sakura TV. The voice told the viewers to switch to channel 24, but Taro did not; he didn't want to see another person die. "TARO!" Someone yelled from downstairs. It was his mother. "Come down here! Hurry!"
Taro ran for his mother, thinking the worst, but instead saw her in the living room, watching the news. It wasn't Sakura TV, but a different station. A reporter, some woman with glasses, was standing outside the Sakura TV Building, reporting on the events that just transpired.
Taro walked to his mother; she had a terrified look, and was shaking horribly. Taro looked at the television, and saw a man with short hair approach the building. He tried to open the door, but it wouldn't open. The man took out a gun, then collapsed to the ground.
"No way." Taro muttered. "He died." He didn't understand; how had Kira killed him? 'How did Kira do that?' Taro thought. 'Ryuk said you need a name and a face to use The Death Note! How could Kira have known that guy's name?' Taro watched as a pair of police officers appeared to help the man who collapsed. They soon died as well.
Not long after, a police van crashed into the building. "Oh thank god." Taro breathed. Taro heard his television upstairs go out. 'They must have stopped the broadcast!' Nothing more happened for a short while, until a small army of people, most likely police officers, appeared and blocked the front entrance from view. Everyone was clad head to toe in armor, and wore a tinted visor to hide their faces.
'They must be hiding the person who drove into the building.' Taro thought. 'Thank god for whoever that was.'
The television went black. Taro looked to see his mother holding the remote. "Why you shut it off?" Taro asked, though he already knew the answer.
"I'm finished watching it." She answered. "I don't want you watching something like that."
"But-" Taro started.
"No buts!" She cut him off. "Now go upstairs and go to bed. You have school in the morning."
"Alright." Taro said, deciding not to fight his mother on this. He headed upstairs.
Taro lay in his bed wondering about the Kira broadcast. He didn't believe for a moment that this 'Kira' was the real one. What worried Taro was the possibility of a second Death Note. What if other Shinigami had decided to give their Death Notes away? If so, then the world would become a very dangerous place to live.
As Taro began to fall asleep, he realized something. This new Kira sounded like they not only worshiped the real Kira, but was also in love with Kira. "Great." Taro muttered, placing his arm over his eyes. "A Kira groupie."

How was it? I like the end; "Great. A Kira groupie." I love it. Next chapter will have Taro coming up with a great idea, one that is more direct in opposing Kira and helping L. Remember to Read & Review please.


  1. I don't kind of looks like Taro figured out there was a second Kira too quickly. He may know more about the Death Note, but he's not the master detective that L is.

    On the flip side, can't wait to see what Taro has in mind for next time :)

    1. I figure Taro's smart enough to figure that out. I'm sure you'll love the next chapter.

  2. And yes, the "Kira groupie" line was pretty funny.