Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Walking Dead: SoS

I am now writing a Walking Dead Fanfic. Hope you all enjoy it. I know it wasn't on the list, but those are still in the process of being finished in my head. This story is all but finished. Please remember to Read & Review.

The Walking Dead: Survival of Shane
Shane stood his ground as he aimed his gun at his best friend Rick Grimes. He aimed his gun at his head, looking into his friends' eyes as he did so.
After the dead came back to life and began to eat the living, Shane had taken Rick's wife, Lori, and his son, Carl, to what he believed was a safe place. Or at least safer.
Shane remembered the day he had tried to save Rick from the hospital; he had been shot and put into a coma by a bank robber about a month earlier, and hadn't woken up yet. Shane wanted to carry him out, but he didn't know if it would kill him to take him off of the machines.
Shane had looked out the door of Rick's room, and saw soldiers from the military shooting at people in patient gowns. The people weren't walkers, and didn't appear to have been bitten, so Shane had assumed that the military was ordered to kill anyone in hospitals, for fear of infection.
Not wanting to die himself, and he hid behind Ricks' bed only seconds before the same peope came to the room they were in. They didn't fire at Rick, and didn't notice Shane. They left without firing a single bullet; Shane assumed that they didn't want to waste the bullets on a comatose man, so they left him alone.
Once they left, Shane went back to trying to wake Rick. Seconds later, there was an explosion, and Rick's machines had gone off-line. Shane didn't know if Rick was dead or alive; he wanted to get him out of there, even if he was dead, but knew that if he tried, then he would die as well. He left his room, and blocked it the door with an empty gurney; he could only hope that Rick was alive and would wake-up soon.
Shane killed Randall, knowing he would have been a threat if he was allowed to live; he would have rejoined his old group, consisting of murderers and rapists, if he had the chance. He knew where their camp was; he was leading Shane there when he freed him, and that was what made Shane kill him.
Shane also killed Otis, a good man who wanted nothing but to help them, but only because it was either him or himself. Shane had told him to go ahead, but he wouldn't, not without Shane. Shane didn't want to kill him, but if he hadn't, then they both would have probably died. And if they died, then Carl died, and he wouldn't allow that. Not for anything.
Shane knew he was coming unhinged; that's why he wanted to leave after the CDC explosion. But with Carl's being shot, he couldn't; he could never forgive himself if he did. When he killed Otis, he shot him in the leg, so the walkers would be distracted with him. Shane screamed his apologizes, saying, "I"M SORRY! I"M SORRY!", over and over again, and when he got back to the farm, he shaved his head. He didn't want to look at that man in the mirror, and it was the only thing he could think of.
And now he was here, looking his best friend in the eyes with a gun aimed at his head. He had saved his life months before, and he now held a gun to his head. Rick wasn't built for the world they now lived in; he could kill another man, but only if they were an immediate threat, like the two from the bar.
"Don't do this brother!" Rick pleaded. "We can get through this. Just put the gun down." Rick had his gun on Shane, but slowly lowered it. He came closer to him, lowering the gun with one hand, and holding the other out.
Shane didn't know what to do; he wanted to make things right, but Rick made it hard. Shane began to lower his gun ever so slightly, then saw as Rick quickly reached for his knife. On instinct, Shane grabbed the knife and threw Rick to the ground. He aimed his gun at him, and looked him in the eye; he had tried to kill him.
Rick kicked the gun out of Shane's hand, then once in the stomach. Shane doubled over, and Rick kicked him in the face. Shane fell back to the ground, in a daze from the kick. Rick grabbed the gun Shane had on him, and aimed it at him.
He looked him in the eye. "You did this. I'm sorry!" His voice cracked with every word. "Good-bye Brother." This isn't what Shane wanted. Rick pulled the trigger, only to hear a click from the trigger. No bang.

How did you like it? The next chapter will feature the farm's destruction, but this time with Shane. Please Read & Review.

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