Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Death Note: Chapter Zero. Chapter Five: Light After Dark.

Chapter 5: Light and After Dark
Light sat in his room, on his computer chair, pondering what had happened earlier this day. He had only narrowly avoided having Shoko Maki, or rather Naomi Misora, expose him as Kira just hours ago. He wondered about what he would have done if he hadn't found out her name; he had thought of killing her with his bare hands, but that would leave a big mess. He couldn't afford it. He even thought of hiring someone. It would have been simple; have the person in question kill her, destroy the body, then kill the assassin with the Death Note.
But Light was a lucky person, and Naomi Misora wasn't. What were the chances of him running into her at that time? Zero to none, he'd say. But he had bigger things to worry about; Naomi Misora had mentioned how she had told her theory to some kid and she needed to find and eliminate him as quickly as possible. Light would have kept her alive in order to find the kid, but he had to eliminate Naomi as soon as possible. It was much too dangerous to keep her alive.
Light thought of the threat that a child would possess; how could a child be of any threat to him? Naomi had said that she believed that the kid probably had some random theory, and wanted to play hero, but what if the kid didn't? What if he knew something that could threaten him?
Light thought of anything that a child could know; perhaps the kid was a prodigy If so, the child could be a genius like L. If he was a prodigy, he might be able to find him. Light turned his computer on, and went to his usual website; he had to find this kid and eliminate him. 'I can't take any chances.' Light thought. 'I have to find this kid as soon as possible.'
Light looked out his window and saw how dark it was. He then looked at his clock; it was almost nine, and he had school in the morning, so he would have to work fast. Light reduced his list of suspects by using school records, location, age, and everything else he could think of. The list was short, and he tried to think of what to do. He could easily kill them all, but that might attract attention from L; several children dying or disappearing without a trace would certainly alert L.
"Ryuk." Light looked behind him to see the Shinigami devouring an apple. "What do you think about this situation?"
"Huh?" Ryuk threw the rest of the apple in his mouth and chewed it to bits. "Gee, Light, you never ask me help." He swallowed the bits of apple still in his mouth. "That woman must have gotten on your nerves, huh? What with this mystery kid and all." Ryuk laughed.
"Yeah. I'm not sure what kind of a threat a child may pose to me, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Even if the kid is just some attention seeking little brat, I still want to deal with it. Whether he's a real threat or a liar is of no consequence; both deserve to die."
"You should know by now that I'm not gonna help you." Ryuk picked up another apple from the bowl that Light placed for him; if he didn't feed him apples, Ryuk would bother him for them, and he didn't want the annoying Shinigami begging him for fruit. "I can tell this one's going to be nice and juicy!" He threw the whole apple in his mouth, and chewed it to nothing. "HA!" he said with a mouth full of apple. "KNEW IT!"
"Hhh." Light sighed. He knew Ryuk wouldn't be any help, even if he wanted to be of some. "I can't just kill a bunch of kids without being noticed by L. Perhaps I should keep investigating this, then decide later on what I should do. I'd just hate to leave a threat out there that I know nothing about."
Light swiveled in his chair around and stood up. He coudn't do anything about this mystery child until he found out more about them. With nothing else on his mind, Light switched off his light and went to his bed. He couldn't afford to lose sleep over a threat he couldn't even deal with at the moment. Light went to sleep thinking of this mystery child, and what kind of a threat he or she could make.
Ryuk looked at Light as he slept. Light seemed to be thinking even in his sleep. Ryuk laughed. He knew who this mystery child was. It was Taro Kagami, the original owner of the Death Note that Light now owned. Ryuk wondered about what Taro would do next; he saw him on the train when Light manipulated Raye Penber into writing on a page of the Death Note, and thought that he saw him. Apparently he hadn't seen him, and only noticed Penber.
Ryuk left Light's house and flew around the human realm; nothing exciting happened when Light was asleep, and he hated waiting for him to wake up. He flew around, stopping to watch the occasional human commiting a crime, wondering if Light, Kira, would kill them in the morning.
He kept flying, spending the next couple of hours looking for something interesting. Watching humans killing each other wasn't much fun unless their was a reason behind it. He flew past a house that gave him a feeling of deja vu. Ignoring this, he continued his flight, but still wondered what felt so familiar about that house.
The Shinigami flew for the next hour until he came across a woman, some blonde girl, whose life span, he noticed, was shortening to zero. It was about two in the morning, so Ryuk was sure that she would be mugged, being killed in the process. The girl had less than an hour of life, and Ryuk, curious, followed her. He also wanted to see her name and face; he couldn't see her name he was so far away. He wanted to see how she would die, and wanted to know her name; not because he cared, but because he was bored. He flew to her, taking his time; she had a good ten minutes until she died.
He flew over the girl until he abruptly stopped; he knew where he had seen that house before. That was Taro's house. Ryuk laughed, and doubled back to where Taro lives. He wondered how Taro would react to seeing him again.
Ryuk flew to Taro's house, and entered by going through his wall. He expected to see a sleeping Taro, but saw instead an empty bed. 'Where is he?' Ryuk thought. He searched the house, looking for anything that would tell him where Taro went. He found nothing, not even his mother. He wondered where he was. He waited to see if Taro would come back, but when he saw the sunlight through the window, he flew off. He didn't want Light to know that he left for the night; not because he cared, but because he didn't want him to know about Taro. If Light knew about Taro, then there would be less fun.
Not finding anything, he decided to leave. Ryuk flew off, heading back to Lights', but first headed for where the girl was. He wondered how she died; sickness, murder, accident. He made it to where she was, and flew around, trying to find her body. He saw a body on the ground, and flew to it. He instead saw a man, on the ground, dead. The man had a knife in his hands, and Ryuk was confused as to what had happened. Though he wondered what occured, he left the body, hurrying to Lights' house before he awoke.
Light awoke as the sunlight entered his room; his thoughts were immediately on the mystery kid who Naomi Misora had mentioned. He wondered what he could do, but with it being first thing in the morning, he did not feel up to thinking too hard. He stood up to see Ryuk devouring an apple.
After Ryuk swallowed the rest of his apple, Light got out of bed. He walked his closet to get changed into his school clothes. As he was changing, Ryuk asked him questions about what he would do about the mystery kid.
"I can't think of anything right now. Maybe when I wake up I can think of something to."
"Well, you might wanna think about it soon," Ryuk said. He laughed in a way that told Light that the Shinigami knew something.
"Do you know something about this kid?" Light asked.
"Why would ask something like that?" Ryuk asked.
"Because whenever you laugh like that, you usually know something I don't; and most of the time it's extremely important!"
"Maybe I do, maybe I don't." Ryuk laughed. "Either way, I'm not saying anything."
"Hhh," Light sighed. "I'm not even going to bother. I won't let you annoy me anymore than you already do." Light tied his tie into place and grabbed his bag; he had to be at school, and he didn't like being late.


  1. Not bad. Light's getting antsy, and Ryuk knows exactly who he's looking for. And then we have Misa 's (I assume) cameo. It was funny, I actually didn't realize it until I was writing this.

    If I might make a suggestion, remember to split the chapter up into paragraphs: it makes it easier to read. Check the rest of the guidelines, too

    1. I do seperate them into paragraphs. For some reason it came out like this. I'll try and fix it.

    2. It's always good to Preview the posts before publishing. That always works for me.

      Also, I've found that, for some reason, copying and pasting in Google Chrome does weird things on this site. If you use Chrome, it might also have something to do with that.

    3. It says "There was an error in this gadget". I'm using Mozilla Firefox, and it worked every other time. I'm guessing the gadget thing is the problem. If you want to read a paragraphed version, you can find it on Fanfiction.Net.