Friday, October 5, 2012

Death Note: Chapter Zero. Chapter Two: Apples are Best when Juicy.

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                           Chapter Two: Apples Are Best When Juicy

  Taro looked at the world around him; people were neat, orderly, almost robotic. Everyone seemed to always have a smile on their face. Some were genuine, but most of them were forced. Taro saw a figure on a high building, sitting on a throne, though he didn't know how he could see from where he was on the street. The figure had several people around him, most of whom were bowing and praising him. Taro could hear them chanting. "Kira, The Saviour. Kira, The God." Over and over again they chanted the same thing.
  Taro walked slowly to the building. Kira. The God of The New World. He sat on his throne watching the smiling masses. Taro saw him move, as he looked down at the masses. Someone, Taro didn't know who, stopped moving. The person just stood there, doing nothing. Taro looked back to Kira, and froze when he saw him writing in a black notebook. Taro looked back the person who stopped. The man had a forced smile on him, but it slowly faded to a frown, then to a warm smile. Taro knew what was happening; he was ending his suffering. Taro saw him collapse to the ground, holding his chest.
  Taro bolted for Kira's throne. He pushed past the guards, who were also smiling eerie, forced smiles. They didn't try to stop him, they just let him pass. Taro reached Kira's throne and stared at him with cold eyes. "Kira!" He yelled. "You bastard!! That person did nothing to oppose you! Why did you kill him?!!?"
  Kira didn't answer. He merely looked at Taro. He grabbed a pen, and Taro rushed to him, tackling him to the ground, knocking over his throne. Taro still could not see the man's face; it shrouded in shadow that seemed to move. Taro began hitting him, never stopping for a second. Only when the shadows faded away did Taro stop. He stared Kira. He stared at himself. He was Kira. Taro Kagami was Kira, God of The New World. Taro felt someone tap his shoulder; he looked to see who it was, and saw none other than Ryuk. He smiled at Taro. He smiled at Kira.
  Taro awoke in a cold sweat. His dream wasn't comforting to say the least. He looked at his clock. It was almost seven o'clock. He stood up and shut off his alarm clock before it could blaring. He had to be in school at eight; he had forgotten about school, he was so caught up in the whole Kira situation. He got dressed and went downstairs, where his mother was cooking over the stove.
  "Taro, you're up already?" She said surprisingly. "You're never up this early." Taro could smell bacon and eggs being cooked on the pan his mother using.
  "Yeah." Taro sat down at the table. His mother put a plate of what she was cooking in front of him. "I fell asleep pretty early." He didn't like lying to his mother, but he didn't want to worry her with the knowledge that he had a nightmare about him being Kira. That would probably worry any parent.
  Taro looked at the food in front of him; he picked at it with a fork, distracted with his thoughts. 'How can I help catch Kira?', he thought. 'Kira's obviously gonna follow the investigation. If he finds out I know about the Death Note, he'll kill me on the spot.'
  "Taro, honey, I know you have more time until you leave for school than you usually do," Taro Mother told him, "but if you play around with your food, you'll still late." Taro was one of those kids who tended to sleep in and get to school late. Taro was one of those below average students who was where he was in school because he was lazy.
  "Sorry Mom." Taro stuck the fork into the egg on his plate, and put it in his mouth. The egg was delicious, though Taro couldn't enjoy it. He finished the plate, and went back to his room to retrieve his schoolbag. He went back downstairs and bid his mother good-bye. He walked to school as he always did, for once getting there early; though he doubted that he could pay attention.

  Taro sat in class, trying to keep his attention on the teacher. Taro tried to remember everything Ryuk had told him about the Death Note; although he spent all of yesterday typing all he could remember, he tried to think if he missed anything. Each class passed by without incident. Taro never really had any friends to begin with, so he didn't get distracted from his goal.
  In his last class, Math, Taro thought back to when Miura had killed those five bullies and the detectives. He wondered if they all ended up where he did. Taro didn't like to think about; he expected Heaven or Hell, but it was just .... nothing. He didn't like it. 'Does that mean God doesn't exist?' Taro thought. 'Is there no after-life?'
  "Hey, Taro." Taro looked to his left, and he saw Sayu Yagami, standing next to him. "Class is over. We can leave."
  "Oh." Taro stood up quickly; he had a little crush on her, and he didn't want her to think that he was so absent minded that he didn't even notice the end of school bell ringing.       
  "Yeah, uh, thanks." Taro rubbed the back of his head nervously. "Come on, I'll walk you home." Taro and Sayu had been in the same classes ever since they were nine, usually being the only ones they knew in the whole class. As a result, they became good friends.

  The two walked out of the school and headed for Sayu's home. The two talked about the new subject in math, quadratic equations. "I don't get that stuff." Sayu said. "This is all too confusing."
  "Seems like everyone gets it but us. Why don't you ask your brother? He's supposed to be a genius, right?" Taro never actually went to Sayu's house, so he never had a chance to get to know her family. He did, however, know that Light Yagami, her older brother, was a genius; she always boasted about having a genius for a brother.
  "I already asked him." Sayu looked at Taro as they neared her house. "He's a good tutor, but it's still a little confusing." Taro kept his face foward, too nervous to look at her. Sayu frowned, and looked foward. "I'm getting a good hand on it though," she said with a sad tone.
  "That's good." Taro knew she would get it eventually; she's smart, like her brother. "Maybe you could tutor me when you master it," laughed.
  The two came to Sayu's house, and Taro saw Light Yagami opening their gate. Sayu ran up to him. "Light!" She yelled. Light looked back the two teens, and gave them a wave. Taro ran to catch up with her. Taro saw Light had his suitcase in his right hand and a big bag of apples in the other. "Wow, you sure have a craving Light. How many apples do eat?"
  "Huh?" Light looked at the apples. "I like the taste and they're good for you. You should both think about eating more apples." Light put his suitcase down and took two apples out of his bag. He handed one to each of them. "Here. Eat up. They're nice an juicy."
  "Thank you," the two said in unison. They took the apples, and Taro immediately took a bite. He hadn't eaten lunch, so he was hungry for anything. "Wow. It is juicy." Taro took another bite, and soon finished off the apple. "That was satisfting."
  "Wow," Sayu said, "I forgot you didn't have lunch before." Sayu heard Taro's stomach growl, though he tried to regress it.
  "Is that so?" Light said. "Here, have another. I have plenty." He handed Taro another apple.
  "Thank you, Light." Taro pocketed the other apple, deciding to eat it when he got home. "Well, I'd better get going. With this whole Kira thing going on, my mother's been really worried. Wants me home straight away."
  "I don't blame her," Light said. "This Kira thing is pretty serious. But you should be safe as long as you don't kill anyone!" Light said jokingly.
  "Bye Taro!" Sayu said enthusiastically. "See you in school next week!" Taro walked off waving.
  "See ya!" Taro yelled. He hurried home as to not worry his mother.

  Taro made it home before an hour passed after walking Sayu home. He opened the door and saw his mother cleaning the kitchen. "Mom," Taro yelled. "I'm home."
  "Oh, hi honey. You go up to your room, I'm just getting finished cleaning up. Dinner'll be ready at seven. We're having your favorite; spaghetti and meatballs!"
  "Sounds great Mom!" Taro yelled back. Taro walked up the stairs and went to his room. He pulled his flashdrive from out of his computer desk and inserted it into his computer. School was almost over, so Taro could focus more on Kira than if this were any other time. He opened the file containing all of the information regarding the Death Note, and continued his work. He wanted to make sure he had a record of everything, just in case something happened him. After today, Taro could focus all of his efforts on Kira himself.


  1. And Ryuk was all like "Hey! You were going to give me those apples!"

    1. Poor Taro; he was so close to catching Kira. The ironic thing? He doesn't go into the house because he wants to catch Kira. I love screwing him over.