Monday, June 25, 2012

Blog Overhaul

For all my readers (few though you may be), I want you to know that I'm in the process of shifting its blog's focus to fanfiction. All of my non-fanfiction works will still be here, but I'm mostly working on fanfiction now, and so the blog is going to reflect that.

Furthermore, since it is turning into a site primarily for fanfiction, I may soon be inviting other fanfiction writers to publish their works on this site, in an attempt to promote certain kinds of stories and storytelling. If you're interested, please either comment or await further information.


  1. Well I assume I'm the first to take the bait. Though I'll only offer my one shot and my only completed story for posting. It'll be nice to see my silly little fan writings reach other people.

    1. Well, do you want me to add you as an author so you can post the stories yourself, or do you want to just send me the story by email, and I'll post it under "Guest Stories?"