Thursday, April 19, 2012

"My Name is Kenny" Chapter 7: The Girl

South Park fanfiction. 
Rated T for swearing, violence, and some sexual themes.

I had come back to life by Monday morning. As I left for school, I checked to see if anyone had called me about yesterday's broadcast. Nope.

I had hoped that maybe my little stunt would have jogged a few memories. But it was starting to look like either no one knew, or no one had the sense to tell me they knew.

School was miserable like always, but today seemed even worse, possibly just because I was in a bad mood. I finally managed to get through the day. The guys didn't seem to have any plans for the day, so I just started to walk home. I had gotten about two blocks when-

-POW! I got kicked from behind. I fell down to the ground, the wind knocked out of me.

"Get him!" someone yelled. In my dazed state, I couldn't tell who it was.

Immediately more blows followed. There had to be about three people kicking and punching me. Can you imagine? Some gang beating up a poor kid in the middle of the street? Where were my friends when I needed them? Or Officer Barbrady, for that matter?

The blows stopped, and I lay beaten and bruised on the sidewalk for a moment. Then two rough pairs of hands grabbed my shoulders and heaved me to my feet. I looked up through my half closed eyes and saw a tall boy with black hair, a blue chullo, and narrowed eyes. Craig Tucker. Instead of flipping me off, like he usually did, he was cracking his knuckles.

Behind him, I could see Jimmy Valmer standing behind him, leaning on his crutches. He didn't really look mad at me, like Craig did; his unfocused eyes were staring at me like they had never seen me before. I started putting two and two together; glancing from side to side, I confirmed that it was Clyde Donovan and Token Black that were holding my arms. Guess Craig's gang was all here (except for Tweek, but he's not really the aggressive type).

I looked back at Craig. "Seriously, dude?" I said, spitting out blood. "What the fuck?"

Craig cocked his fist and punched me right in the face. I could feel my nose break. "My cousin, that's what, you fucking bastard!"

His cousin…Red. Oh, now I get it. Man, if she was getting Craig to beat me up, then this whole situation with her had really gotten out of hand. I had always managed to stay on Craig's good side, but it wasn't that hard, since he rarely got angry about anything.

But he was mad now. I really couldn't blame him; if I really had raped his cousin (or even tried to), then I would deserve every bit of this beating. It's probably how I would react if the situation were reversed. The only problem is that that wasn't what happened.

"Look Craig, I can explain-" I started, but he interrupted me with another blow to the face.

"There's nothing to explain! Red told me that you tried to rape her! We all knew that you were a fucked up pervert, Kenny, but I didn't think you stooped that low."

I personally didn't think HE would stoop low enough to do a gang bang. I mean, he and Token were both assholes, but this was pretty bad, even for them. Even more surprising was that Clyde was involved, since he was usually pretty nice (but then again, he was a wimp, so he could have been roped into this easily). And Jimmy…I guess he wasn't personally beating me, but he was still just standing there, letting it happen.

He kept on beating me, blow after blow. I tried breaking free of his two thugs, but to no avail; Clyde's grip weakened slightly, but I had no chance of getting away from Token: that guy was a wall of muscle.

Finally, Jimmy yelled, "S-stop it, Cr-craig! He's had en-en eeh (come on, Jimmy, get it out) enough!"

"Almost," Craig sneered. "Give me your crutch, Jimmy."

Jimmy realized what he meant about the same time I did. "N-n-n-no!"

Craig snatched one of his crutches, throwing Jimmy off balance. Even Token and Clyde looked shocked by what Craig was going to do, and they let go of me. I tried to run, but I collapsed in pain before I had taken two steps. Craig calmly walked over to me and dealt me eight or nine crushing blows with the crutch. By the time he was finished, I was just a bloody mass of meat lying on the concrete. Craig handed Jimmy back his crutch, and leaned over me, his usually emotionless voice filled with menace:

"If you ever touch my cousin, I'll kill you." Yes, please do. And not so painfully next time.

Craig walked away, and motioned for the others to follow him. I lay there for a moment, gasping for breath. When Craig and his gang were gone, I slowly reached into my pocket for my gun, determined not to lie in pain any longer than I had to. This wasn't easy, since it felt like my arm was broken.

Finally, I managed to pull my gun out and bring it to my head. As I was pulling the trigger, I noticed that there was someone watching me from across the street. It was a girl about my age, with blue eyes and curly blonde hair, and wearing a pink coat that she clutched at like she was extremely cold. She was staring at me with a look of amazement, not like she had just seen a beating, but like she had just met a celebrity. Who was she? I had the vague feeling that I had seen her before, but I couldn't remember what her name was.

Then everything went dark.

I woke up almost immediately. That was probably the shortest rebirth I had had in a while. Add that to the most painful beating I had had in a long while, and this day pretty much evened out.


My mom was yelling at me. Oh, shit! I had forgotten that she had to give birth to me every time I died. And I had just committed suicide twice in the past two days; I needed to keep an eye on that. I got up, and called out, "What is it, Mom?"

"There's someone here to see you."

Who could that be? Hopefully, it was Stan or Kyle, or even Eric, asking me to come over to their house. I needed to take my mind off things, and there was nothing that playing some video games with friends couldn't help.

And hopefully it's not Craig.

I walked to the front door and opened it. Then I gasped.

It was the girl.

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